Pomelo. Fruit for pleasure and weight loss

Everyone is well aware of the beneficial properties of citrus fruits. Why is it useful to drink fresh orange juice in the morning , and how many of us also know how to lose weight quickly with acidic fruits. But on the shelves there are more and more types of exotic fruits, what are their benefits we will try to figure out. One of the most noteworthy “new products” is the pomelo.

Pomelo - a fruit, usually pear-shaped. The size is often larger than a grapefruit, but in some cases its weight can reach a kilogram. The color is usually pale green, yellow or bright orange. The pulp can be green, yellow, red and even white. Tastes more like an orange. The peel of the fetus is quite thick, but it is not difficult to remove it. You can easily distinguish a good fruit by its smell. Focus on rich aroma.

The birthplace of this fruit is China. They began to grow it back in 100 BC To this day, this fruit is considered in the heavenly symbol of prosperity and prosperity. Pomelo also plays a great cultural value. In China, it is customary to give the fruit of a pomelo in the New Year, and in Thailand they are brought as a gift to spirits during religious cults and rituals.

The main cultivation sites are located in Thailand, Taiwan, India, southern Japan, Vietnam, Israel, the Tahiti islands and California. The largest customers of this fruit are Europeans. After all, it is actively used in cooking. This is an ingredient for salads, and filling for a pie, an addition to fish and meat, and much more. Unlike its relatives, pomelo is a fruit that can be stored for a month at normal room temperature.

Quite often in the summer in Europe they buy pomelo fruit . The benefits of its pulp and juice are undeniable. It satisfies even the most intense thirst for a long time, and this citrus is also chosen to improve the general condition of the body. Pomelo is a fruit with a high content of ascorbic acid, essential oils, trace elements, antioxidants and vitamin A. In addition, its use cleanses blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and restores the balance of vitamins. Therefore, pomelo is recommended for use in hypertensive patients.

It is also worth highlighting that pomelo - a fairly dietary fruit. He really can contribute to weight loss. The fetus contains a lipolytic enzyme that accelerates the process of protein breakdown. In addition, because of the “meatiness” of the lobules, the feeling of hunger is quenched for a long time - only because of this it is already worth buying a broom. Fruit, the calorie content of which is only 29-30 kcal per 100 grams of pulp, is perfect for mono-diet. But no more than three days. By the way, grapefruit has the same indicators, but, nevertheless, it has less advantages. It is inconvenient to clean. To get to the pulp, you have to pretty mess around. And the taste of grapefruit is significantly different from pomelo. The fruit, whose caloric value does not differ at all from the bitter colleague, and the sweetness is similar to something in between between an orange and a clementine, in theory, should have gained great popularity, but this has not yet happened. Grapefruit was brought to our country much earlier. So it turned out, as in the expression: "Who first got up, that and ..." counters.

In supermarkets it is not difficult to purchase pomelo fruit. The benefits of these fruits are obvious, the benefits too. In essence, you are buying grapefruit with the virtues of an orange. Moreover, peeling these fruits is incredibly simple, literally in two movements. This fruit, which is important for eastern cultures, will still take its place “under the sun” and will cease to be a rare and exotic fruit “for weight loss”. Of course, the choice of fruits is a purely individual matter, and sometimes it also happens: what is useful is liked the least. In the case of a pomelo, such a course of events is absolutely ruled out!

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