The story of Ekaterina Murashova "Class correction": a summary and the main idea of ​​the work

Psychologist and author of books for teens Ekaterina Murashova writes on the most difficult topics. Piercingly, frankly, sometimes cruelly, but always sincerely she talks about today's realities. One of these was the story of Katerina Murashova "Class correction." A summary of the work is in this article.

summary class correction

about the author

Ekaterina Murashova was born in Leningrad in February 1962. After school I entered the Leningrad University at the Faculty of Biology. Ten years later she graduated from the psychological faculty of her native university. She started writing at school. The first story, The Talisman, was published in 1989 in the collection Friendship. Ekaterina Vadimovna - winner of several literary prizes. Now she works as a family psychologist, teaches at the university and gives lectures.

Seventh "E"

We will begin to convey the retelling of the summary of the “Correction Class” with an introduction to the school where Anton is studying, on whose behalf the narrative is being conducted. The school has fifteen hundred students and three hundred teachers. Parallels “A” and “B” are gymnasium, children of sponsors study in them. In classes "B" and "G" - normal children. In "D" gathered children from dysfunctional families and those who are registered in the police room. Anton and his friends are in seventh grade “E”, from which the path to normal schools is closed.

At one of the lessons, a wheelchair rolled into the class, and Klavdia Nikolaevna introduced a new student - Yura Malkova. Pasha Zorin not only offered to sit at the same desk with him, but also helped the newcomer settle down, which is completely different from him. The class treated Yura with understanding, but the next day there was an embarrassment. At a break, a second-grader “ashnik” ran up to Yuri’s stroller and said that he couldn’t give money yet, since he wasn’t with him, but he would treat him with an apple. Yura took it calmly, joked, and he and Vadik broke up as friends.

correction class book summary

Dating evening

We continue the retelling of the summary of the “Correction Class” by Anton’s story about a new one. Yura is a good guy, and if not for the wheelchair, the girls would have been successful. He knew how to make jokes even on himself. I never despaired, just shrugged and started all over again. In addition, it was noticeable that the seventh grade program was easy for him. The new one quickly became friends with classmates, Zorin rolled his stroller and was like a personal bodyguard. It seems that he liked it, and the teachers approved the noble Pashkin impulse. Yura could walk with crutches, but he was so twitching and swaying that it was painful to look at him. Of course, he immediately began to mimic. But he treated this with humor and behaved confidently.

A week later, Yura called the whole correction class to his party. The chapter summary, unfortunately, cannot convey how classmates accepted his invitation. They didn’t even let any of them into decent houses. Anton read the rules of etiquette and came a little later, the rest walked around the apartment, as if in a museum. For many of them, bed linens and wallpaper on the walls were unusual. Mishanya mixed up a large mirror with a door and turned the hanger upside down. Everyone together rushed to look for his glasses in a heap of clothes, since without them he could not see anything. Yura promised to tell Anton about what helps him to “stay afloat”.

Another world

A new geography teacher has come to the correction class. The summary does not convey all that the teacher experienced. Obviously, he was not warned which students he would have to deal with. And Anton could not remember exactly how many teachers escaped from them. After school, Jura told Anton that today is the time to find out where he draws strength. They went behind the garages and lit a fire. Anton woke up with his face on the grass, although it was November on the street. I looked around - a forest, glade, birds sing, Yura collects strawberries. Most important: he walks smoothly, without stumbling, without crutches. Anton asked: “Is this a parallel world?” To which Yura said that he did not even know how he got here.

Murashova correction class summary


On Tuesday, everyone asked Mitka where Vitka had gone, but he was silent. It turned out that Mitya’s mother had disappeared somewhere again, and Vitka was nursing a seven-month-old Milka, the youngest of all his many brothers and sisters. The next day, Mishanya was brought to school by a kangaroo, in which babies are carried. Pantelei - a huge backpack with baby food. Vitka appeared at school, but Lenka disappeared. Everything became clear to Anton: the girls agreed to babysit in turn.

The summary of the “Correction Class” will be continued by Anton’s story about their classmate Tarakan. His father got drunk and threw a knife at his mother. The cockroach intervened, and he got a lot from his father - the whole blue-yellow guy got to the hospital. When the guys left him, Anton suggested that Yura go “there” - to a parallel world. “It would be nice to have our whole class here,” thought Anton. Meanwhile, the geographer Sergei Anatolyevich tried to convince the head teacher Elizaveta Petrovna that these children must be taken to museums and theaters, despite the fact that this is a correction class. The chapter summary of the book cannot convey everything that they talked about. But the essence is this: to the statement of the geographer that this is unfair and all the children are the same, the head teacher claimed that they are an antisocial and also dangerous phenomenon for the prestige of their gymnasium.

Katerina Murashova correction class summary

Society cast

Marinka and Anton witnessed a conversation between the geographer and Claudia Ivanovna. Sergei Anatolyevich convinced her that she, as a class teacher, should fight to ensure that their class was not disbanded. Where will these children go? It is unfair to throw them on the street. To which Claudia retorted that the whole world is so arranged - divided into successful and unfortunate, rich and poor, smart and stupid. And school is just a cast of society. What else can the summary of the book “Correction Class” tell?

Soon Anton witnessed an unpleasant scene. "Ashnikov" was taken on an excursion to the Hermitage. Vadik ran to Yura and said that they had a lot of empty seats in the bus, and let him go with them. To which teacher Vadik simply became terrified and constantly looked back at her worried parents. In addition, the tour is paid, but Yurka has no money, why did he need this Hermitage so much? Second-grader Danil joined Vadik, then another child. Parents had to give in to their children. Money was helped to Yura by the nearby classmates, and under the disapproving glances of mothers Yurkin, the stroller was loaded into a sightseeing bus.

summary chapter correction class

Stesha is in trouble

Almost the entire class is flu. Yura was also sick, only he, besides the flu, had some kind of heart problem. Anton went to visit him. They watched the film, talked, but parted as if they were saying goodbye forever. On the way home, Anton caught up with Lenka and reported that Stesha was missing. They saw Yurkina a carriage on which Vadik stood. It was he who said that the “desks” of Dimur and Tabaki led somewhere to Stesha, and Vadik followed them to the house.

Anton reported all his classmates and told everyone to run to this house and make a noise. Even a brief summary of the book “Correction Class” demonstrates how the guys went together to help Stesha who was in trouble. Lenka learned that the tenth grader Kondratyev lives in this house, his father is a famous person in the city, a big shot. Before she could finish, a police car drove up to the house, and they began to push everyone indiscriminately into it. Anton's face was broken, but he noticed Yura - he had suspiciously blue lips. Sergey Anatolyevich, who came running, ran and shouted: “What are you doing? These are children! ”

We conclude the summary of Murashova’s novel “Correction Class” with the story that the entire seventh “E” gathered under the windows of Yurina’s apartment. His parents went out and thanked the guys for not forgetting their only son. They said that they should not blame themselves for that evening: Yura was sick since childhood. Sooner or later this was to happen. Yura’s mother cried, and all the girls cried with her. Then Vitka took off the belts of the kengurushnik in which Milka was sleeping. Mitka took his sister in his arms and handed it to Yurkina’s mother. Vitka said that the girl is well developed by age, only the weight is small. Her name is Lyudmila, besides her, there are six more children left, and their mother never returned. The woman pressed the baby to her chest so tightly that, it seemed, not even riot police could take it away.

correction class chapter summary

Analysis of the work

The story has 28 chapters in which the author gradually reveals the stories of his heroes. Some of them have a dysfunctional family, some of them are mentally disabled, some are physically unhealthy. Misfortunes, illnesses, family “hell” made these children social outcasts. "Well-fed and successful" call them "dysfunctional children." But mutual assistance and responsiveness are not alien to them. They are all different: Anton studied in the gymnasium class, the undisputed leader. But the parents of his healthy classmates did not want a child suffering from “fits of uncontrolled emotions” to study next to their children. He was transferred to a correctional class.

Yura was born with cerebral palsy in an intelligent loving family. He studied at home, when he was able to walk a little, went to school to communicate with peers.

Stesha grew up in a military family, an amazingly beautiful girl experienced extreme stress due to her parents' divorce and became isolated, lost contact with reality.

Nobody was engaged in Mitkin's upbringing. Mentally inferior, he also drank from an early age. Only Vika Slutskaya, or Vitka, as everyone called her because Mitka always loomed behind her, could take him into his hands. She does not even have documents, it is only known that her parents died, lived with her older sister, and when she got married, she drove Vitka out into the street.

Mishanya is from a good family, but sees almost nothing and does not hear.

Ekaterina Murashova

In the correction class appeared Jura, who knows how to escape from hopelessness and suffering in another world. He takes his classmates to where they become completely different. They return to the beauty, health and care of loved ones, which many of them did not have. But the main thing is that self-esteem returns to them, without which it is impossible for children to live. There is only one conclusion from this sad story: the whole society needs correction. The author, through sympathy for the heroes of the book, urges the reader to mercy.


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