Cuticle remover: which is better? How to remove a cuticle without circumcision

Each woman wants to have well-groomed hands and nails. A beautiful manicure can be done at home. Currently on sale you can find a variety of products for the care of nails and hands. Unedged manicure is especially popular among women. Which cuticle remover is better to choose? This is what we want to talk about in our article.

Modern means

The cuticle on the nails makes your hands groomed and untidy. It is very difficult to use nippers or scissors to cut it yourself. In addition, such a procedure is traumatic. A poorly treated wound can turn into an abscess and a source of infection. Therefore, recently, women prefer unedged manicure. It is done much faster and at the same time has no unpleasant consequences.

Which cuticle remover is best for home use? Global cosmetic brands are trying to solve this issue by releasing oils, gels, removers, which allow you to painlessly, quickly and efficiently remove excess skin areas.

How to remove a cuticle

The essence of cuticle remover without cutting is that, under the influence of the chemical composition, the coarsened areas of the skin around the nails are softened. After that, it is removed with a spatula.

Of course, such a composition can be prepared independently if desired, but not all ladies decide on such experiments. Moreover, it is not difficult to purchase a ready-made product. The advantage of unedged manicure is the speed and ease of execution. There is no need to pre-make hot baths. In addition, after processing the cuticle with the compounds, it grows much more slowly.

Rule for using funds

Any professional nail cuticle remover (or remover) has instructions for use. Compliance with simple rules will allow you to get the desired result. Before purchasing the product, check its expiration date. It contains highly active substances that, if stored improperly, can cause skin burns.

Before using the funds, you must:

  1. Remove residual nail polish.
  2. To give the desired shape to the nails.
  3. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. If desired, you can make strengthening baths with salt.
  4. Check out a new tool. To do this, apply it on only one finger. This will help identify allergies. You can use the substance only if there is no reaction on the skin.
  5. The product is applied to a dry cuticle using a brush or applicator.
  6. Do not take breaks between applying the substance to different fingers.
  7. The substance must be kept on hand for the amount of time specified in the instructions.
  8. Push the softened cuticle with a pusher.
  9. Wipe the remnants of the product with a napkin.
  10. Wash your hands well.
  11. Treat the cuticle with vitamin oil, in the hands with a moisturizer.

Cosmetic products for unedged manicure can be used no more than once a week. If you are the owner of sensitive skin, then you can use toxic substances no more than once every two weeks.

Cuticle gel

Many women are wondering: "Which cuticle remover is best used at home?" Modern cosmetology offers removers, oil and gel. Most often, users choose all kinds of cuticle gels, because they are quite effective, convenient to use and quickly act. After application to the skin, they begin to work quickly. In just a few minutes, the cuticle can be completely painlessly removed, and the remaining substance removed with napkins or washed hands. It is worth noting that gels can be selected depending on the type of skin. They can have a strong effect or medium. Also, different cosmetics provide for different exposure times on the hands.

How to cut a cuticle

In the modern market there are a variety of cuticle removers. Which gel is better to use? It is very difficult to give a definite answer to this question. Having tried several products, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of each of them, stopping your choice on the best option for you. Among the most popular products are products of brands Domix, Milv Goodbye, Sally Hansen.

Sally hansen

If you do not know how to remove the cuticle, it is better to use the tool Sally Hansen. It differs from others in its composition. The gel contains anti-inflammatory components, alkalis and moisturizing ingredients. The tool relates to high-speed.

Pencil Cuticle Oil

It must be kept on the skin for no more than a minute. The gel of this brand is most often chosen by the owners of a rigid and dry cuticle, which was previously removed only by circumcision. The tool begins to act within 15 seconds after application. Therefore, at this moment, you can begin to move the cuticle. After the product is washed off under warm running water, and the hands are lubricated with a nourishing cream.

Milv Goodbye Cuticles

How to remove a cuticle for owners of sensitive skin? In this case, you can recommend using the cosmetic product Milv Goodbye Cuticles. Hypoallergenic agent quickly softens and dissolves keratinized skin areas. The gel simultaneously moisturizes and softens the skin, so the cuticle can be moved back after twenty seconds.

Pencil Cuticle Oil

This tool has a gel shape. It is completely odorless and has a water base with the addition of glycerin. The composition contains antiseptic substances. After the procedure, the remaining gel is removed with a napkin, after which the hands are washed in running water and lubricated with a nourishing cream.


Another tool for the cuticle is a product of TM Domix. It differs from other means by the fact that the gel not only copes with keratinized skin areas, but also prevents their appearance in the future. According to consumers, the cuticle growth is noticeably slowed after using the product.


If you do not know how to cut the cuticle yourself, do not experiment. Better use a remover. This is the most popular and common way to get rid of dead skin areas. Its main advantage is simplicity.

How to use the remover:

  1. The hands are pre-cleaned, after which a remover is applied to the area of ​​the lateral rollers and the cuticle. Then we wait for the time indicated in the instructions. Depending on the brand, the exposure time varies from 30 seconds to several minutes.
  2. During the specified time, the cuticle softens, after which it can be easily removed without resorting to circumcision. For work it is necessary to use a pusher or an orange stick. With the help of these tools, the cuticle is pushed back, trying not to disturb the living tissue.
  3. Hands are washed in running water, completely removing the remnants of the product.
  4. After that, a special tool is applied to the lateral rollers and the cuticle, which will soften the skin and slow down the growth of the cuticle.

With a remover, you can make your hands attractive in minutes. Using modern tools, you will forget about how to cut the cuticle with scissors and tweezers.

The effect of gels and removers is almost the same. By the way, sometimes the gel can act as a remover.

Which remover to choose?

The choice of funds on the market is wide enough. Good removers are produced by the trademarks Smart Enamel and Be Natural.

Cuticle Oil

“Uinaya enamel” differs from other means in that it destroys keratinized skin at a molecular level. The quick action of the product is due to the presence of sodium hydroxide in it. Remuver of this brand is good for gentle removal. However, it will not work with a dry and rough cuticle.

Be Natural is a very effective tool that quickly copes even in the most advanced cases. The substance is enough for exposure only 45 seconds. The advantage of the remover is that it does not harm the nails, despite the serious chemical composition. Moreover, the product has nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Types of Removers

In their composition, removers are divided into:

  1. Acidic - break down keratinized areas of the epithelium with the help of fruit, lactic or other acids.
  2. Alkaline - used to treat coarse areas. The exposure time depends on the concentration of active substances.
  3. Mineral - used to maintain previously treated cuticles in good condition. The tool has a delicate effect.
  4. Oil remover - not only softens, but also nourishes and moisturizes the skin, so that your hands look well-groomed.

Removers are not as harmless as they may seem. They contain very aggressive substances. Initially, removers were used to remove acrylic nails and gel polishes. In the process, their emollient properties were discovered. Therefore, cosmetologists began to use them for manicure. So the first removers appeared, which had a more sparing composition for the cuticle. By the way, the consistency of such funds may be different. Manufacturers produce removers in the form of liquids, gels, and even creams.

Dry cuticle

Removers: advantages and disadvantages

Gentle cuticle removal with an orange stick and remover has several advantages:

  1. There is no need to pre-steam the skin.
  2. At minimal cost in a short time, you can make a quality manicure.
  3. There is no risk of skin damage, burr formation, inflammation and infection.

Despite the simplicity of the technique and the convenience, there are also disadvantages. The fact is that removers contain fruit acids that can cause allergies. Therefore, it is necessary to test the product on one area of ​​the skin before starting the procedure. Removers do not always cope with rough skin.

Oils for unedged manicure

Cuticle oil is another effective tool in the arsenal of modern women. With their help, you can easily get rid of the cuticle. The advantages of this product include the fact that it can be used for microcracks and inflammation around the nail. Oils not only nourish, but also protect our hands. When using them, the skin is very easily removed, after which its growth is slowed down. The skin becomes more elastic and resilient, which prevents the appearance of burrs.

Cuticle Processing

What cuticle oil to choose? We offer you to pay attention to the following products:

1. Jess nail Cyticul oil. Oil softens coarsened skin while delivering nutrients to it. With regular use, the skin after a while becomes more tender and well-groomed, and the nail plate - strong. Apply oil with massage movements that increase blood flow. Using such funds more than twice a month is not worth it.

2. ORLY Cuticle oil. Many women leave good money about this product. It contains cherry extract and orange flowers. All this allows you to saturate the skin with useful trace elements and vitamins, as a result of which it becomes soft and soft. The use of such oil eliminates the appearance of burrs and slows down the cuticle growth. In addition, the composition of the product has a beneficial effect on the nail plate, due to which it hardens and grows faster.

3. Inki is another wonderful product that has a natural composition. It contains olive and castor oils, as well as propolis. Due to this, the skin becomes softer, and the cuticle grows much slower. The tool has a positive effect on the nail plate, strengthening it.


Cuticle oil in a pencil is multifunctional. With this tool, you can quickly remove rough skin without using other tools. According to users, there is nothing easier than using cuticle oil in a pencil. The tool must be opened and treated with a shaft of rollers and cuticles. The composition of the substance contains oils and vitamins that slow down skin growth and improve the condition of nails. After some time, using a cap shaped like a pusher, it is necessary to move the cuticle.

Pencils are very convenient to use. They will be appreciated by all those women who want to have well-groomed hands, but at the same time can not spend a lot of time on manicure. The advantage of the product is its delicate processing. The soft composition allows you to remove the cuticle, while caring for the skin in this area, slowing down its growth. Pencils are multifunctional because they are equipped with a pusher. They are very convenient to use, and the risk of injury to the skin is minimized. It is worth noting that the tool has no cons. Among the shortcomings, only a mild effect can be distinguished, which is less pronounced than that of the removers. The pencil is not suitable for owners of rough skin, more precisely, for the treatment of the cuticle in this case, additional funds will be needed.

On the other hand, oil products for hand care should be in the arsenal of any woman. They can be produced in various forms, but as practice has shown, pencils are most convenient. They can be put in a handbag, since they take up very little space. Such products can be used at least every day.

Judging by the reviews of women, a wonderful tool in this category is OPI pencil-oil. Oil is squeezed onto a brush with which the substance is applied to the skin. Pencils are available with different flavors, so you can choose the most suitable option for yourself. The oils included in the composition not only soften the cuticle, but also take care of it. Positive feedback on the pencil indicates its effectiveness. A convenient packaging allows you to use it very economically by squeezing individual portions of the product onto a brush.

Cuticle file

Not so long ago, special cuticle processing files appeared on sale. Using them at home is extremely simple - easier than using pushers and removers.

The nail file must be held parallel to the skin and treated with its side rollers and cuticle with light movements. The movements should not be sharp so as not to damage living tissue. After treatment, wash your hands thoroughly in running water, and then apply special oil.

A nail file has many advantages. It is simple and easy to use. It does not require prior steaming and softening of the skin to treat it. In addition, there is no need to act on the skin with active chemicals.

However, some experts believe that the nail file still has its drawbacks. Without the skills to work with it, you can damage delicate skin. Do not buy cheap nail files. The coating on it must be of high quality, otherwise you can be injured. Quality nail files from trusted brands have a decent price. In general, the choice is yours.


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