Gourmet coffee - a gift for a true gourmet

Coffee is a drink that is popular on all continents. Despite the fact that its production requires special conditions, it is available to all members of society. It is drunk early and early in the morning and late at night, in exquisite bowls and plastic cups, instant and freshly brewed. It all depends on the taste preferences and financial capabilities of the person.

Unusual anniversary gift

I am a manager of a consulting company and our boss is an avid coffee lover. For his approaching anniversary, our team decided to make an unusual gift - to present freshly roasted coffee of his favorite variety. Having crossed over a dozen pages on the Internet, I came across a page www.torrefacto.ru/catalog/roasted/ and was pleasantly surprised. Not only that, from the variety of coffee offered, my eyes run up. It turned out that Torrefacto specialists can deliver coffee not only the right roast, the selected variety, but also the coffee grains will be prepared just a couple of days before the proposed holiday.

The widest selection of coffee varieties, a convenient form of payment, a large selection of delivery, packaging and a list of additional services made me stay for a long time on the pages of the site. Since it is in this online store that they offer the following choice of geographical origin:

  • African continent;
  • Asia;
  • Central America;
  • Latin America;
  • Caribbean archipelago.

As well as three types of frying and the ability to choose the degree of “acidity”.

Having left a preliminary application on the site www.torrefacto.ru, I took up my duties, but after a few minutes the call of the client manager cut me off from them. After talking with him just a few minutes, we agreed on all the details of the delivery, payment and processing of our order. When on day “x” the courier delivered a beautifully designed box at exactly the appointed time, the appearance of which attracted attention, but did not allow anyone to guess what was inside, the whole team froze in anticipation.

Miracle in a small cup

The boss with the box locked himself in his office, but not even ten minutes had passed before the office filled the invigorating, delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The chef’s enthusiasm cannot be described in words, he literally shone with happiness, since he had been searching for this particular variety for a long time, but could not find “that very flavor”.

Since then, not only our boss, but almost the entire team of the company are regular customers of Torrefacto. And I recommend this online store not only to my friends in Moscow, but also to all residents of our country. Since the delivery services Torrefacto works with can deliver the parcel to many cities of the Russian Federation.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/A13348/

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