What foods contain vitamin b?

Everyone knows that a huge role in the health of the human body is played not only by minerals, but also vitamins deficiency or excess can be equally harmful. Vitamin C is responsible for the protective properties of the body, vitamins A and E - for the beauty of the skin, nails, vitamin D for the proper absorption of calcium by the body and the strength of bones. And so on - you can list for a long time.

But what is vitamin B responsible for? And in general - what is this substance? What foods contain vitamin B?

In general, vitamin B is the name of a whole group of vitamins, including riboflavin, pyridoxine, folic acid, thiamine, nicotinic acid, pantothenic, cobalamin, biotin. To overestimate their importance in the body is very difficult.

The listed vitamins take part in all processes in the cells of the body. And without them, certain reactions are simply impossible. B vitamins are important for glucose production, which means that the body receives energy. Doctors also say that if a person becomes depressed or often has a bad mood, it is possible, this is a symptom of a lack of B vitamins. After all, these vitamins are important for the proper functioning of the human nervous system. Plus, along with Ai E vitamins, it is an important component of healthy nails, skin and hair. The lack of B vitamins is a threat to the health of the eyes and liver.

And in order to know how to make up for the deficiency of certain vitamins, you need to know what foods contain vitamin B, D or C and in what quantities. In which foods, vitamin E is certainly also important.

Of course, in our time there are many vitamin complexes, including those with B vitamins. But it is proved that such vitamins are absorbed by the body much worse than natural ones, that is, obtained from food.

Knowing which foods contain vitamin B is crucial in order to keep fit and healthy, as well as to resist disease.

Foods such as liver, nuts, fish, rice, milk, meat, eggs, green vegetables, fruits are richest in this essential substance.

So, to make up for the lack of thiamine, the vitamin responsible for the reaction of energy formation in the body, you need to eat foods such as cereals, red meat, egg yolk, berries, yeast, potatoes, bread and nuts. An excess of this vitamins does not threaten anything, since it is freely excreted from the body through the kidneys. A deficiency threatens fatigue, muscle atrophy, weakness. As a rule, this vitamin is terribly lacking for alcoholics. In healthy people, its deficiency is rare.

What foods contain vitamin B - riboflavin? This element is responsible for the health of the mucous membranes, skin.

Riboflavin is replenished by eating cereals, meat, eggs, cheese, peas and milk.

It is important to know which foods contain vitamin B 6 or pyridoxine.

You should not overdo it with him - it is fraught with damage to nerves.

It is found in fish, oil, cereals, legumes and liver. Pyridoxine is also found in a huge number of products and in rather large quantities, therefore its deficiency is characteristic of those who deliberately "remove" it from the body and disrupt its absorption, for example, abuse alcohol.

What foods contain vitamin B 12? This is a vitamin that is very important for a healthy nervous system. It is not found in food of plant origin, but is synthesized by bacteria. You should look for it in animal products - liver, egg yolks, meat.

Folic acid or in another way - vitamin B9. It is very important for the absorption of iron by the body, and therefore, to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. And, therefore, for the body's resistance. And you also need to know what foods contain vitamin B 9 . And this, as in previous cases, in almost all plant products.

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