Feng Shui in the workplace: arranging furniture competently

Office workers spend much more time at work than at home. That is why every detail is important in the office - the arrangement of furniture, the amount of light, the placement of things on the table. If everything is done according to the rules of Feng Shui, working capacity will increase at the workplace, and the mood will contribute to full impact. Employees will come to the office with pleasure, work will bring satisfaction, and affairs will be resolved easily and without delay.

feng shui in the workplace

Feng Shui in the workplace is the whole science of organizing space in the office. It will ensure career growth, favorable relations with colleagues, as well as the absence of intrigue and gossip in the service. How to make it all work?

  1. Do not place your desktop near the door itself. Because this space is not at all protected: everything negative enters through the opening without difficulty, and positive goes away. Therefore, under any pretext - “uncomfortable”, “comes through”, “I can’t work” - convince your management of the need to change the location of the table. The same thing needs to be done if you are sitting with your back to the door - this is how Feng Shui dictates its rules in the office.
  2. Large open windows will also take energy and interfere with focus on work. To reduce the negative impact, it is necessary to put a large flower pot on the windowsill or hang blinds on the windows. If you follow these Feng Shui rules, the workplace will become more comfortable and safer.
  3. The inability to work for the future and generate new ideas can be caused by the fact that your gaze rests on the wall. If there is no way to fix the position of your table, hang a large picture opposite with a picture of a field or sea.
    feng shui at work
  4. It is also considered extremely unfavorable that you sit face to face with a colleague, even if you are in a very good relationship with him (with her). The solution to this problem will be the construction of a glass partition or rearrangement of desktops.
  5. Light, in Feng Shui, plays a big role at work. It should be a lot, and it is better if it is as natural as possible. If there is not enough light, then you should definitely install a table lamp, which will illuminate the table in a directional manner. It should be located on the side of an inactive hand.
    feng shui in the office
  6. Piles of papers on the table, a mess in the documents are unlikely to contribute to good work. Feng Shui loves when everything is in its place and in perfect order. Every morning, start by looking at the papers on the table and their distribution, then your thoughts will be fresh and your ideas creative. In addition, the cluttered office worsens indoor air and thickens negative energy.
  7. The number of people in the office also affects the overall atmosphere. It is unlikely that the employee will feel comfortable if his desk needs to squeeze through a crowd of employees, and a colleague will breathe in the back of his head. Therefore, space and fresh air are some of the basic rules for good performance.

And it’s worth understanding that if you don’t like your work, you probably won’t fix it with the help of Feng Shui fundamentals. Although it’s still worth a try. Apply the basics of feng shui in the workplace and watch the result.

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