The design of the nails is unusual: the best ideas and photos

Probably every second girl dreams of being different from the rest. In search of a unique image, the fairer sex is experimenting with clothes, makeup and more. However, to make your favorite image unique and memorable, you need to add only a few features to it. One of them is an unusual nail design that can be done even at home, adhering to a clear plan.

Preparatory stage

Regardless of what kind of manicure will be done (with a complex pattern or just plain), it is necessary to pre-treat the nails. To do this, using a special tool, remove the remains of the old varnish from the nail plates (of course, if there is one), use a file to trim the length of the nails and treat the cuticle. The last procedure will take a little longer. Since keratinized skin must first be softened in hot water or by applying cuticle products to it. Then you can act in two ways: remove the cuticle with manicure forceps or move it to the base of the nail with an orange tree stick. The second option does not require some skill. Therefore, in case of inexperience, it is better to stop on it.

unusual nail design
Also, any manicure requires an initial and final layer of a transparent varnish-base. The first is necessary to align the nail plate, and the second is to fix and protect the manicure.

Having finished with the preparation of nails, you can proceed directly to the creation of an unusual design.

"Summer" manicure

Giving your image a touch of summer mood is quite simple. No special tools and fixtures are required for this. All you need to cook is lime varnish and rhinestones.

Varnish is applied to the nail plates in two layers. After complete drying, rhinestones are glued to the surface. At the same time, the pattern of decorative elements can be completely different, and in order for rhinestones to stick better, it is recommended to use a special fixing gel.

Such a bright and brilliant manicure will make any image unique and memorable.

Foil Manicure

This option is perfect for any evening outfit, giving the image a nobility and stateness.

All that is needed to create an unusual manicure is tweezers, foil, a colorless fastener and a plain varnish that will serve as the main background.
First you need to prepare the foil, dividing it into small pieces. Then you can apply the main varnish, and after it dries, cover the nails with a colorless layer. Without waiting for the latter to dry completely, it is necessary to quickly spread the foil over the entire nail plate. At the very end, another layer of colorless varnish is applied on top (for fixing).

This design of nails is unusual, and this manicure is done quite simply. At the same time, it is not necessary to stick the foil on all the nails, some can be left plain.

Nail Design - Unusual French

To create this manicure, you will need to purchase special semicircular stencils, as well as at least two colored varnishes.

unusual nail design
This type of manicure looks like a French. However, in this case, semicircular arcs are obtained not at the tips of the nails, but at their bases. First, the nails are varnished, which decided to highlight the nails at the base. When the layer dries, stencils can be glued to the base. The size of the crescent may be arbitrary. Next, the remaining portion of the nail is covered with a second colored varnish, and the stencil is carefully removed.

Such a manicure can be decorated with rhinestones or make two multi-colored arcs that go one after another. It all depends on the imagination of the girl herself.

Delicate manicure with sequins and rhinestones

This nail design is unusual, it will give the image sophistication and romance. To create a manicure, you will need:

- rhinestones;
- lacquer light shade;
- white sparkles;
- fixer.

First, a layer of colored varnish is applied, and when it dries, a layer of transparent. Using a toothpick or dots, the base of the nails is sprinkled with sequins, while waiting for the transparent layer to dry out is not necessary. Next, in the center of the nail plate, a rhinestone is fixed, and the nails are covered with a layer of fixative.

Transfusion of sparkles and rhinestones will give a good mood and make the image radiant.

Caviar manicure

A very unusual nail design (a photo of it is presented a little below) is suitable for self-confident girls.

unusual nail design photo
To produce a stunning effect with manicure, you will need the following tools:

- special balls for manicure;
- fan-shaped brush;
- small capacity;
- varnish, suitable in color to the shade of the balls.

unusual french design
First of all, the nails are painted with varnish, selected as the background. Without waiting for drying, the plates are sprinkled with balls on top. It is recommended to do this over a small container, because not all balls will stick to the nails. Therefore, they can be removed until next time.

unusual nail design gel
When doing this manicure, it is not necessary to be limited to one tone of balls. The options look very interesting when there are decorative elements of different colors on the nails. The main thing is that all tones harmonize with each other, and then the manicure will be simply amazing. If you are interested in the most unusual nail designs, then you have already found one such option. Indeed, β€œcaviar” manicure is a truly original nail art.

Manicure "Rainbow"

Bright and saturated colors that are used to create this manicure will help any girl to look more joyful and elegant. To recreate such an unusual nail design, you will need to prepare 7 colors of varnish - white, pink or red, yellow, orange, green, blue or blue and purple. You will also need 10 small pieces of sponge (you can use the usual, which wash the dishes).

Two thick layers of varnish are applied to the first: pink and yellow, while the size of the strips can be arbitrary, but it is better to make them not too large.

Sponge varnish is carefully applied to the first nail, it is better to do this with small patting movements. Do not try to grind the varnish on the plate - it will be smeared, and the manicure will deteriorate.

The next nail is covered in the same way, only you need to use a second sponge. Apply it should be yellow and orange. That is, one of the flowers is present on the halves of the nail plates, as if flowing from one finger to another.

the most unusual nail designs
So, it turns out that the middle finger will be colored in orange and green (light green), the ring finger - in light green and blue, and the little finger - in blue and purple.


Of course, you can make an unusual nail design with gel polish or regular varnish. In this case, it all depends on how long you want to save nail art. After all, ordinary varnish lasts only a week (on average), and gel - 14-21 days.


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