Oleg Cricket: interesting facts from the life of the Rufer

Most Internet users have watched at least once a video of how desperate guys or girls conquer city skyscrapers, move without an insurance on the arrow of a construction crane and at the same time perform tricks that make the blood run cold. They all call themselves ruffers. Among domestic extremals there are many famous personalities, but Oleg Cricket is considered the king. This guy became famous for fearlessly performing the most difficult acrobatic elements, probably on all the tallest buildings on the planet. Because of his hobby, the guy lost the opportunity to freely enter some countries, including the UAE.


Oleg Cricket

Real name - Oleg Sherstyachenko. The guy was born on November 3, 1991 in the city of Yekaterinburg. He began to take his first steps in extreme sports at the age of fourteen. His passion was parkour, interest in which appeared after watching the film "Yamakashi". Acrobatic stunts performed by professional stuntmen impressed the guy so much that he decided not only to repeat them, but also to bring mastery to perfection.


Having completely mastered all the elements of parkour, Oleg Cricket decided to move to the capital, where he began to try himself as a ruffer. He made his way to high-rise buildings, in every possible way avoiding meeting with the guards. Once on the roof, standing on the very edge, he repeated everything that he once did while standing on the ground or riding a bicycle.

It was in Moscow that he came up with the idea to create his own channel on the well-known media portal, as well as create a page on Instagram. At the moment, he has more than 700 thousand subscribers who, with bated breath, follow all the tricks of the ruffer.

Rufer Oleg Cricket

Oleg Cricket soon became a local celebrity, which gave him the opportunity to meet Ivan Korchemkin, who is the director of the Bankai Organization show group. In her composition, the guy began to travel around the world and was the main character. This meeting became crucial for Oleg Cricket, because now all the doors to the tallest buildings on the planet have begun to open for him.

Personal life

Despite the fact that Oleg Cricket is constantly in the spotlight, he manages to keep his personal life secret from the public. A lot of rumors go about his alleged soul mate, but none of them found confirmation. Ruffer regularly adds fresh pictures to his pages on social networks, in which he stands with various attractive girls, but has never officially announced which one is his lover.

It is worth noting the fact that photos with beauties can also make millions of people nervous. Once in the network there were photos in which Oleg is standing on the edge of the Dubai skyscraper, holding the famous model Victoria Odintsova with one hand . As soon as these shots became public, most people doubted their authenticity. However, a little later there was a video in which the former girlfriend of Yegor Creed hangs over the abyss, entrusting his life to the daredevil from Yekaterinburg. What pushed the girl to such a desperate step is unknown. Most likely - the desire to collect as many β€œlikes” as possible.

Oleg Sherstyachenko

Do not try to repeat

Oleg gives many people the opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of the Rufer, but he never called for repeating tricks that are extremely dangerous for life. The guy constantly reminds the viewer that he trained for many years, honed every element, which is why he feels so confident, even riding a skateboard along the very edge of the roof of a multi-story building. Despite all the warnings, official statistics show that the mortality rate of adolescents due to accidents associated with falling from a height continues to increase.

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