Dragonfly on the nails: the basic rules and methods of performing a popular design

Every woman wants to always be beautiful, while maintaining attractiveness and a bright personality. This applies not only to clothing, hairstyles and makeup. Particular attention should be paid to hands. And what better can decorate them, if not a good manicure? Recently, it is considered fashionable to unusual design of the nail plate. Dragonfly on nails in 2012 became a real trend of the season. And now, many representatives of the fairer sex like to have the image of this elegant insect on their nails.

Elegant accent

If earlier it was possible to make a manicure more expressive only by choosing the color of the varnish, then in recent years many revolutionary ideas have appeared that can turn the surface of the nail into a real work of art. There are many different options for this. For example, in cold winter, when you want warmth and tenderness, a dragonfly on your nails will look very nice. This bizarre insect has always fascinated people with its lightness and grace. Transferring her image to her hands, you can create a feeling of ease and freedom of flight around you. A dragonfly on nails can be a regular pattern that can easily be made with acrylics.

dragonfly on nails

The following materials will be required for work:

  • colored varnish as a base;
  • brush for applying it;
  • paints of black, blue and white;
  • dots (device for drawing);
  • polish fixer.

As soon as everything you need is ready, you need to alternately perform the following steps:

  1. Use a brush to coat the selected color.
  2. Using dots with black paint, put several points in the form of a small arc. Their size should gradually decrease.
  3. To paint four wings with white paint. It is better to make them in the form of petals.
  4. Blue paint to draw eyes and veins on the wings.
  5. Wait 3 minutes for all layers to dry, then apply a fixative.

The pattern can be single, although small dragonflies will look great on every nail.


Lovers of vivid sensations can go further and choose for themselves bolder decisions. If they like dragonfly on nails, then their favorite insect will be better depicted against a bright sky and succulent leaves. For such a manicure you will need:

  • varnishes: blue, base and fixing agent;
  • colors: black, blue, white, green and yellow;
  • brushes of different widths;
  • a bowl of water, a towel, a palette and corrector.

When everything is ready, you can begin to work:

  1. To begin, cover the nail plate with a transparent fixative.
  2. The surface should be completely treated with blue varnish. It will be a background simulating the sky.
  3. With smooth strokes, using different shades, apply strokes with a brush that will play the role of leaves.
  4. Mix white paint with yellow and make two pairs of symmetrical wings.
  5. In black, the body of a dragonfly is dotted.
  6. Mixing different colors, draw shades for naturalness on the finished parts. A thin brush can also complement the veins on the leaves.
  7. Let the drawing dry for several minutes.
  8. Apply a coat of fixative.

Such an extraordinary manicure will not only delight others, but also serve as an excellent source of good mood for the hostess herself.

3D image

To make the picture look more impressive, it needs to be given volume. For this, the design of Dragonfly nails can be made in 3D using casting technology. This option is more suitable for lovers of luxurious jewelry. After all, it creates the impression that individual details are as if cast from silver or gold.

dragonfly nail design

Make it easy. The main thing is that you must have the following materials and devices for work:

  • varnishes of different colors, as well as the base and fixing agent;
  • brushes of all sizes;
  • special foil.

The image itself is very simple:

  1. First, the nail is covered with a light base.
  2. Then with a thin brush it is necessary to draw the contours of the future pattern. This is best done with black varnish.
  3. Without waiting for drying, apply foil to the nail several times. This should be done with quick movements so as not to damage the picture. The outlines will immediately become silver or golden.
  4. If desired, some details can be varnished with the same thin brush with the same color.
  5. Finally fix the dried-up pattern for strength with a fixative.

The image is convex, and a bright border gives an additional desired effect.

A simple solution

If someone has poorly developed artistic skills, you can use finished products for manicure. Special stickers are sold with the help of which a dragonfly on the nails can appear in a matter of seconds. A photo of such works proves that at the end of the process no one will be able to guess whether the drawing was done independently or made using additional accessories.

dragonfly on nails photo

In order to arrange the nail plate in this way, the following materials are needed:

  • varnishes of all necessary colors;
  • brushes for painting and coating;
  • dragonfly stickers.

Everything is done very simply:

  1. The first is usually applied base. Her color absolutely does not affect the rest of the picture and depends only on the desire of the hostess.
  2. Then with the help of thin brushes it is necessary to draw out most of the nail. It can be an abstract image or ordinary arbitrary lines.
  3. Using a pair of tweezers, place the sticker on the selected area of ​​the nail and press it lightly.
  4. Cover the resulting image with fixative.

Such an option can be performed even by an inexperienced master. This is easy to do even at home. The main thing here is the personal desire and imagination of the performer. And if you want, you can even use ready-made accessories in the form of dragonflies, which will simply stick to the nail.

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