How to disassemble a door lock: step-by-step execution, advice from masters

One of the necessary elements of the hardware is the handle, because if it is missing, it is almost impossible to open and close the door. The apartments use special mechanisms with a latch. The latter works as a locking device. So that the sash fits well to the box, such a mechanism is quite enough. However, if indoors you need to lock the interior doors, you need a real, full-fledged lock. It happens that in the event of a breakdown or the need to replace the mechanism for any other reason, it must be disassembled and removed. How to disassemble a door lock? Let's consider everything in order.

how to disassemble the door lock

Types of locks for interior doors

In private rooms usually do not use complex mechanisms. Usually, there is simply no need to firmly lock the doors from household. Office space often needs better and stronger locks. Since the office door is, in fact, the same interior option, and they use fairly cheap materials, they do not differ in quality and thickness. Therefore, the installation of a complex lock on these doors is simply impossible. In most cases, simple mechanisms are used.

There are two common types of locks:

  • Leverage. This is a large and bulky mechanism, characterized by reliability. The door is closed with the help of levers, and the more of them, the better. They are usually not placed in the interior doors because of the severity, although levers are often used on the front doors.
  • Cylinder locks. How are they arranged? These are locking mechanisms with a core that looks like a cylinder. They consist of six levers. But, despite their sufficient number, the mechanism is not durable. If you install a cylinder lock on the front door instead of the interior, you will have to reinforce it with overlays. Most often, this model is chosen for the door inside the room, since the lock is not complicated in installation, it does not catch the eye and does not have excessive weight.

Types of locking mechanisms

The most popular mechanism is mortise. The device is installed in the door, restricting access to the core. There are several types of locks with various fittings.

Also popular is the invoice mechanism. It requires a more powerful door leaf. Since the interior door is rather weak for him, he is usually not used in this case.

disassemble the door lock of the interior door

Everyone knows padlocks. This is a design that locks with hinges attached to the door. The reliability of such a castle is not very high, since it is in full view and in the case of the use of physical force it can simply be ripped off. Therefore, inside the buildings, a padlock is installed on the doors of pantries or warehouses where things that are not of great value are stored.

How to disassemble a door lock with a handle?

Since this version of the locking device is one of the simplest, they disassemble it without resorting to outside help. How to disassemble the door lock of the interior door in this case? First of all, prepare the working tools. What do you need for work? To disassemble the locking mechanism, you will need a set of screwdrivers (best if there are several tools of different sizes with a flat and cross-shaped end) and something sharp, for example, an awl.

how to disassemble the door lock of the interior door

So, let's get to work. Take a screwdriver and pry off the pad with it. If you are going to ever use this lock, do everything carefully, trying to protect the pad from damage. After that, find the stopper that holds the handle in the correct position. Hold the stopper with a screwdriver and carefully dismantle the handle. How to disassemble a door lock larva? Remove the screws that connect the two parts of the lock. The handle, which is located on the other hand, is now easily removable. Then you can take out the larva.

Round lever mechanism

How to disassemble the door lock of the interior door, if the handle is round? To deal with this model, you need to use the slot for emergency unlocking.

how to disassemble the interior door lock

The front of the round handle should have a slight indentation. If you press there with an object with a sharp end, the latch that stands under the spring will be locked. Then the handle is easily and quickly removed. Next is the line. It must be carefully pried around the entire circumference and removed. Behind the pad there are mounting screws that need to be unscrewed and the larva removed.

how to disassemble a door interior door

It happens that the above manipulations are useless, and the castle does not want to give in. Most often this happens due to secret blocking. How to disassemble the door lock in this case with your own hands? After inserting the key, try to simulate closing the door. Turn it a little in the well. The lock is released, and the core can be removed.

How to disassemble a door lock without a handle with your own hands?

When disassembling such a mechanism, it is necessary to take into account the type of locking device itself (cylinder or lever). There are locks without a handle that are very difficult to change without specialist help.

If the lock is equipped with a lever type of locking mechanism, changing it will be quite simple. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws that secure the device to the end of the door. If there is no blockage, push the core body into the well. As soon as some part of the mechanism appears on the other hand, try to pull out the larva with your hand.

how to disassemble a door lock

In order to dismantle the cylinder type, one must act in exactly the same way. The screw is removed, the inside of the lock is pushed into the well until it can be reached from the other side. If it is not immediately possible to remove the mechanism, insert the key and turn it in the well until the core comes out.


Thus, additional questions in how to disassemble the door lock should not arise. As you can see, almost all types of locking mechanisms can be dismantled with your own hands without the help of specialists. Depending on what type of lock is used in your interior door, use one of the above instructions. If you have a special model, the dismantling of which requires disassembling the door leaf, still the best solution would be to seek professional help. When disassembling a mechanism for the first time, follow the instructions and be extremely careful not to damage it.


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