How to remove the sticky layer from gel polish? Nail care

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are the dream of every woman. In the East, it is believed that this is the sexiest part of the body. And therefore, even in ancient centuries, the fair sex tried to keep them clean. Girls used special oils and baths, regularly did manicures and decorated their pens with a variety of accessories. Today, the world of cosmetology is developing rapidly. A lot of produced nail care products. And a great example of this is gel polish. He quickly gained popularity not only among women, but also among men.

What is gel polish?

Many people think that gel polish is a new salon procedure. But the opinion is wrong. The gel-based varnish was developed ten years ago, but because of great competition they decided not to release it. Many manicurists have long been practicing adding varnishes to modeling gels. The components of gel polish speak about themselves, that is, this gel and the varnish itself, which with the help of chemicals and compounds has become one.

how to remove the sticky layer of gel polish

In fact, gel polish coating includes three components:

  • Base coverage.
  • The main coating of different colors.
  • Top fixing layer.

Applying such a coating requires special skills and technologies. Certain tools and gel polish removers should also be present. It is important to remember that gel polish is applied only to a natural nail. Also, the positive side of such a nail coating is a huge palette of colors. This allows you to choose a manicure for every taste.

Positive aspects of coverage

Gel polish has a number of advantages that ordinary varnish cannot boast of. Also, it is perfect for women who have brittle and exfoliating nails. A thin layer of such a product protects the nail plate, prevents it from being damaged further and lasts about three weeks. It is simply necessary for girls who want to have strong and beautiful nails.

clinser what is it for nails

The positive aspects of coverage include:

  • The nail plate becomes stronger and more elastic.
  • The tool does not cause allergic reactions.
  • A thin layer of the product does not damage the nail.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It quickly becomes hard.
  • A long time retains its original appearance.

Of course, there are disadvantages in such coverage, but there are not many of them. So, the negative sides of the product include:

  • Peeling gel polish and surface weakness.
  • Incorrect application technology damages the nail plate.
  • A gel polish remover may cause an allergic reaction.

The coating procedure generally takes about an hour. Depending on how quickly the nail plate grows, correction can be done every two to three weeks.

Gel Polish Tools

In order to cover the nails, you will need special tools. Without them, the procedure cannot be completed. Using the product is very easy, you can cover your nails at home. But you need to know what is needed for this:

  • A special lamp in which gel polish hardens.
  • Color gel polish. It can be three-phase and single-phase. The latter is easier to work with.
  • Top and base. A quality base will guarantee the strength of the coating;
  • A special tool that cleans the nail plate ;.
  • Gel polish remover.
  • Primer.
  • Napkins.
  • Foil.
  • Orange sticks to help push the cuticle back.
  • Buffer - removes gel polish.
  • Special oils for moisturizing.

gel polish remover

If all the tools are ready, you can proceed to the coating procedure itself.

How to remove the sticky layer from gel polish?

Application of gel polish requires special technology. After everything is done, you should remove the sticky layer from the surface of the nail. Manicurists advise doing this using special tools. But there are women who are wondering how to remove the sticky layer from gel polish at home. And the answers can be varied, since there are additional tools for this procedure.

gel polish is cloudy after removing the sticky layer

But in order to choose a drug for removing the sticky layer, it is very important to consider some factors. And first of all, it is individual tolerance and characteristics of the body. If the woman’s skin is too sensitive, it is worthwhile to conduct a test, as the drugs may include substances that cause allergic reactions. After the test gives negative results, you can safely proceed to the procedure.

Klinser - what is it?

Clinser is often used for nails - this is a drug that removes the sticky layer from gel polish. It refers to professional tools. It includes water, perfume and alcohol. Novice manicure masters often ask the question: "Klinser - what is it?". For nails, this is an indispensable tool, the main function of which is to remove greasy gloss from a natural nail plate and an adhesive layer from gel polish.

It should be remembered that you can only use gel polish and clinser from one company. Since the manufacturers specifically made it so that they ideally fit each other in chemical composition. If it happens that the gel polish becomes cloudy after removing the sticky layer, then you should pay attention to the company. When funds have different manufacturers, this happens very often. All due to the fact that there is no compatibility between clinser and gel polish.

Alternative adhesives

When coating nails at home, many are faced with the problem: how to remove the sticky layer from gel polish. In the case when there is no clinser, you can use other means. First of all, an acetone-free varnish remover can be an alternative. It is only very important that this ingredient is not present in it. Otherwise, the gel polish will become cloudy. Also, acetone will completely remove the entire coating, even if it is diluted.

how to remove the sticky layer of gel polish

Also, the troubling question of how to remove the sticky layer of gel polish, if there is no liquid, can be solved by preparing the clinser yourself. This will require alcohol and water, the ratio should be 70% to 30%. Alcohol can be taken formic, it does not change the properties of gel polish, and also eliminates turbidity.

Nail care

When the question of how to remove the sticky layer from gel polish is resolved. You can begin to care for your nails. To do this, remember that the coated nail plate should not be in boiling water. For manicure and regenerating baths, you need to take warm water. Such tools as:

  • Baths on herbs that make the skin of hands and nails elastic.
  • Hand scrub cleanses and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Emollient cream gives the skin and nail plate strength, protects against drying out.
  • Proper nutrition strengthens nails and prevents delamination.
  • Vitamin A makes the nail plate elastic, strong.
  • Regular manicure helps maintain a well-groomed appearance.

gel polish remover

Along with home-based nail care, there are also salon procedures that help strengthen nails, refresh and rejuvenate your skin.


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