Private transport companies are an excellent choice for cargo transportation.

Transportation of various cargoes is an important component of the work of many companies that conduct their work in various sectors of the economy, whether it is the sale of clothing, products and other goods. Delivery of goods from online stores, forwarding mail and documents - this is only part of what transport companies do. The role of freight transportation can hardly be overestimated, since without them the successful and effective activity of many companies would be in question. In addition, domestic transportation is an important part of the economy of any country.

Companies operating in several countries enjoy international freight traffic. In the past few years, the situation in this area has changed a lot when private transport carriers entered the market. This allowed to significantly β€œdemocratize” this market. In this article, we will try to consider what the situation is in this area in Kazakhstan today and why the services of private transport companies have become so in demand.

Something about freight

First you need to understand that freight transportation is divided into two large categories:

  • inside the country;
  • international.

Services of both the first and second categories are provided transport companies in Astana or any other major city of Kazakhstan. True, the sphere of international cargo transportation is more complicated, since here it is necessary to take into account the legislation of different countries, understand the existing legal subtleties, prepare more documents and so on. In addition, it still depends on the goods. For some goods and within the country you need to have a large number of permits.

In this case, transport companies will be most welcome. With them, the client can simply forget about the papers and permits. It is enough to come to the representative office of the carrier and conclude an agreement. After that, the company staff will take care of all legal issues and problems. In addition, many customers say that working with such companies can significantly increase the speed of delivery. The factors influencing this are mass:

  • type of goods to be transported;
  • type of transport that will be delivered;
  • type of delivery, which the customer selects (urgent, regular);
  • legal preparation of the process of transportation and customs clearance;
  • the time that the goods will be stored in the warehouse until received by the client.

In any case, private companies provide better services than state-owned ones. That is why all customers are in a hurry order delivery in Almaty, Aktobe, Karaganda and other large cities of Kazakhstan, it is at such companies as, for example, SDEK. Indeed, the working conditions with them are much more favorable than with other companies.

Carrier company selection criteria

Choosing a quality carrier is not easy. But if you know some points, then it will be much easier to do:

  • how the pricing policy of the carrier is formed;
  • what conditions of cooperation are offered to them by clients;
  • how customers who have already worked with a company respond to services;
  • guarantees that the client may receive in the event of unforeseen or force majeure circumstances;
  • how long the carrier has been on the market;
  • what technical capabilities in a question of transportation of goods one or another company has.

Knowing this, anyone can easily find an excellent private carrier that will not only satisfy all the needs of the client, but also fulfill his order on time specified in the agreement.


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