Workle: employee feedback on work in the company

Just a few years ago in Russia, one successful person turned his idea into reality by creating a special Internet server on which any user who has reached the age of 18 can register with the goal of becoming an official employee at home. Registered participants have the opportunity to choose the appropriate profession:

  • travel agent,
  • Bank employee,
  • insurer.

We are talking about Workle, the reviews of which you will learn from this article. It is worth saying right away that the opinions of people are different. It all depends not so much on the honesty and competence of the employer, but on the employees themselves working remotely. Therefore, we recommend that you read the full article so that you can understand whether this way of making money is suitable for you or not. The material has been prepared for those who want to work, and for those who want to simply get real feedback.

How to become an employee

Feedback on Workle, as a portal to the Internet, is positive. The fact is that the interface of the site is quite convenient and understandable.

What does the Workle site look like?

To register, you need to click the corresponding icon, or use the more simplified registration with one click using the button of social networks. Only to successfully apply the latter, you need to make sure that you are on your VKontakte, Facebook or Odnoklassniki profile.

Next, you will be asked to fill out personal data, choose a direction of activity. When choosing a profession you must undergo training. The duration is up to you. After studying online presentations, you will need to be tested. Only after that a database of companies with which you can collaborate will open.

Main advantage

Now let's move on to the essence of Workle itself, the reviews of employees about which vary. And here's why: the site presents famous and large travel companies, banks and insurance companies that have long existed in the Russian market. You can opt for one that will benefit both the Workle employee and his client.

Workle prospects for employees

Large travel agencies, banks and insurance companies cooperating with the company represent a wide range of their services. Opposite each service, parameters, conditions are described in detail, preliminary calculations are made at a cost, and you can immediately see your remuneration for the work done.

It is worth mentioning separately about taxes and pension contributions. Workle has the opportunity to work officially if you provide the relevant documents (scanned).

Essence of the work

The main task of the employee is to find a client to offer a specific service (tour, insurance or credit), depending on the chosen profession. Interested people should then suggest options. If a person agrees, you need to draw up a service, send the contract and invoice for payment in the convenient way by mail. After the client takes full advantage of the offer, the employee receives a reward for the work. Reviews Workle in this regard is twofold. The positive ones are written by those who were lucky enough to find customers and do the work, while the negative ones are left by those who are not able to bother familiar or unfamiliar interlocutors once again.


But at the same time, there are also disadvantages, in particular, concerning the represented firms. The fact is that negative reviews about work at Workle are written by those who live in provincial cities, small towns and villages where there is not a single bank, insurance company, travel agency or mobile operator. Indeed, when you draw up documents, resolve disputes and sign the contract, you need to come to the institution selected from the base.

customer and employee dissatisfaction

In addition, another major drawback is the same list of companies, which may be disadvantageous to customers:

  • expensive trips;
  • high interest rate on the loan;
  • insurance in the company that does not suit.

The choice, it turns out, is very small. Therefore, the employee has to limit the circle of customers.

There is another drawback: you need to look for clients yourself among friends, relatives and even strangers. But not everyone agrees to give a large amount of money over the Internet with 100% prepayment, it is not known to whom and where.

Choosing an interesting direction

Each registered user, regardless of skills and education, can choose their favorite field. For example, you have a secondary special education of a primary school teacher, but at the moment you want to try yourself in banking. Feel free to choose this area. You just have to carefully study the course provided, remember important points and pass the test. Remember, despite the fact that you work remotely, you are the same responsible employee as a bank employee working in the office. But, nevertheless, you have much less responsibilities. In case of difficulties, you can always contact a Workle specialist.

communication with clients when working in Workle

Reviews about the works “Tourism” and “Insurance” are mostly positive, as more favorable conditions can be found. Suppose you can choose a one-day tour of the Golden Ring, costing no more than 5,000 rubles, or take out insurance for the same money. You can give them in absentia via the Internet to the company providing the service without fear, especially if the client is familiar with it. There are also areas for the provision of communication services, website development and ordering gifts.

Risks for employee and client

Unfortunately, all three types of work have their risks for both clients and employees. Reviews Workle in this regard is negative. There are times when an employee has to independently understand an unpleasant situation, to eliminate errors. All this happens due to inexperience and ignorance, because Workle offers jobs even to those who have never had any business in the field that he has chosen.

Workle frustration

The client is also at risk, who may be left without a service or without money. Or even be a debtor. But in this case it is very difficult for the employee to prove that he is not a scammer, he was not going to deceive the client.


For a beginner, career growth is possible, but only when he decides to switch from distant work to an enterprise engaged in a similar business. For example, you decide to start working as an insurer in Workle. But after a long time there was an opportunity to get a job in the office. Well, if the employer is enough for the candidate for the position of insurer to understand the basics, to understand simple things and be able to perform various procedures. You can also start a career in tourism. Workle employee reviews are also grateful if you manage to find customers, gain experience in work that later comes in handy for life.

feedback and dreams when working at Workle

Thus, having gained knowledge and skills in Workle, you can try to get a permanent job in an institution, then begin to increase your knowledge and move on the career ladder from a simple employee to a specialist and even a leader.

Negative opinions

Unfortunately, negative reviews prevail. - work at home, requiring full dedication and independent customer search. Not every one of us is ready to scatter our business cards on social networks, “knock” on personal messages to friends and strangers, accept criticism and refusals. Accordingly, if there is no client, then there is no compensation for the work. Many are disappointed and refuse to continue to work with Workle.

There are also those users who believe that this service for remote work is a hoax. But as practice shows successful, in fact, everything is honest on the part of the company: remuneration for the services sold is paid.

How does wage work?

If an employee finds a client, renders a service to him, and he pays, then remuneration after checking by moderators is credited to the balance in your account. You can withdraw money when the amount is equal to or more than 500 rubles.

As a rule, the application is considered for about 5 days, after which the moderator transfers the money to the employee’s personal account in a bank or to a Qiwi wallet. But in order to successfully withdraw money, you should send the moderators scanned TIN and SNILS. These are the rules in Workle. Reviews about these rules on the service are often negative. Not everyone wants to disclose personal data for the sake of earning.

low salary at Workle

Compensation is usually calculated based on the cost of the service sold. For example, creating a site on the UMI platform cost 5,000 rubles. The remuneration with all deductions is 98 rubles. If you take a job that costs 10,000 rubles, respectively, the amount of remuneration will be twice as much.

Cheating or real work?

As mentioned above, not everyone who is registered in the system is ready to look for customers, many have neither the desire nor the vast circle of acquaintances to whom they can offer their services. Therefore, it is not possible to earn money. Only you can safely, for example, book a tour, make a website or arrange insurance.

Often, in order to understand how everything works, whether there will be accruals, remote employees do a service for themselves. Unfortunately, in this case, no reward is charged, but a good discount appears. Only after working with a client can each Workle employee count on payment. Reviews about the work on this occasion indicate the disappointment of those who did not manage to sell the tour, create a website or get a loan, choose a telephone or Internet tariff.

In addition, at the dawn of, experienced managers and company executives launched a series of webinars about their portal, where they explained how to work in the system, where to look for customers. It all came down to the fact that participants had to make ads on their business cards and Workle in general on social networks. In the end, it turned out that even among relatives and acquaintances one could meet the one who also "got a job" to work on this site. Speaking in the language of economics, this can be estimated as a large number of offers and very low demand. Most likely, this is why many consider Workle an unfair way to earn money.

Is it worth it to start?

If you know how to attract customers, create an exclusive business card, and are sure that you can do the job accurately, will not let you down, nor the client, then you should try to start an activity in Workle. Reviews of the few employees who have successfully sold the services are still enthusiastic.

Such an activity is suitable for those who have a lot of free time and livelihoods, at least until they can make good money on the portal. In addition, if you have a very wide circle of relatives, friends, acquaintances, your contacts on social networks exceed more than 500-1000 people, then you can safely start work. But you need to consider that most friends should be interested in what you offer and sell.

As you understand, Workle reviews are diverse. But, nevertheless, the employee is really paid for the work. The only difficulty is finding customers. In addition, be prepared for the fact that various difficulties may arise both in the design of the service and in its implementation by the company that provides it. For example, the cancellation of a flight or the bankruptcy of a bank / insurance company, errors in the preparation of the contract, the liquidation of the selected branch and so on.


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