How to close links from indexing?

On the Internet today there is a huge variety of sites that are used by millions of people around the world. However, how to navigate in such volumes of information? This would not have been possible without some kind of system allowing finding the necessary data, pages and addresses. That is why search engines have appeared that allow you to find the necessary sites in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is type the query you are interested in in the search bar, and after a split second you will be offered tens and hundreds of options, the first ones being the most suitable for you.

How does this happen? Here it is all about indexing - the process that allows the site to appear in the search engine results. And it is precisely about it that will be discussed in this article. More specifically, you will also learn how you can close links from indexing. It turns out, and it is also possible, and many use this feature in order to limit the issuance of sites in search results for certain queries. So how to close links from indexing? What is indexing? How it works? It's time to deal with these issues so that you can learn even better how to create sites and promote them on the network.

What is indexing?

close links from indexing

Naturally, before writing about how to close links from indexing, you need to understand what it generally is. So, indexing is a process that highlights certain elements of information on a site. They are then used to display a site in search results for specific queries. Thus, it is with the help of indexing that the work of search engines becomes possible . They add indexed data about the site to their databases, after which this data is used so that links to the site appear in the search results produced by the search engine. However, this is not all that you should know about such an interesting process as indexing sites for search engines.

What exactly is indexed on the site?

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Now that you know what the indexing process is, you need to understand in more detail what exactly is indexed on sites so that you can competently promote them. After all, the whole point of promotion is to post keywords, articles, images and links on the site so that they are indexed . Thanks to this, your site will appear higher in the search results, and a link to it will be shown when searching for various combinations of words. Thus, the main element that is indexed is the keywords. It is on them that the system pays attention first of all, and it is on them that the search engine focuses. But do not forget that not only text data can be indexed, but also images, videos and other similar materials. This happens for the reason that for them on the sites there is always also hidden meta-information in which the necessary keywords are written that make indexing possible.

This is all the basic information you need to have in order to start talking about how to close links from indexing. This process is not complicated, but at the same time you need to have certain knowledge in order to successfully deal with it. Everyone can close links from indexing, but not everyone can do this as efficiently as possible.

Index Management

close the link from indexing in robots txt

Indexing is managed in a wide variety of ways, and many advanced web programmers operate with impressive combinations to bring efficiency to the highest level . All professionals have their own secrets, but you need to learn at least basic information on how to manage indexing. This article, as mentioned earlier, will mainly talk about how to close links that are located on your site from indexing. The most popular and easiest way is to use certain tags, which will be discussed in more detail below. In addition, you can use some other methods. For example, you can close the link from indexing in robots.txt, a text file in which using the disallow attribute you can ban certain links for use in the indexing process.

However, the main method is precisely the use of tags and attributes directly in the HTML document of the site itself, and this will be discussed later.

Why close links?

how to close the link from indexing rel nofollow

Many people are wondering why you need to close something from indexing. After all, this is the same information that will allow your site to appear in the results of more search queries. However, it is no secret to anyone that quantity is far from always the best than quality. And in this case, you need to concentrate on quality, since it is on this that competent website promotion is built. Dozens of links for indexing can be inserted by anyone who knows nothing about website promotion, but a true professional will be able to achieve three times better results using ten times less indexed links.

Partner Engagement

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But this does not completely answer the question of why do you need to close links from indexing at all. To fully understand this situation, you need to consider all the features of linking to sites. To do this, it is worth explaining what a linking is. Linking is the process of adding links to other pages on your site (internal links), as well as to other sites (external links). And in this case, internal links almost never close, except in special cases. But if we talk about external links, then the situation is completely different.

Internal and external links

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You already know that itโ€™s possible to close internal links from indexing, but you donโ€™t need to, since they all lead to your site, providing indexing and, accordingly , advertising, and specifically for you. But in the case of external links, the situation is slightly different. After all, these links lead to third-party sites, but why do you need to promote them?

Before you learn how to close external links from indexing, and immediately rush to use the acquired knowledge in practice, so as not to promote any third-party site, you should delve into the theory of promotion. The fact is that website promotion is a very complex action, and you should not try to focus only on what is happening on your site. You can always agree to link your site to another site. What does it mean? This means that you post a link to a third-party resource and do not prohibit its indexing, and at the same time, the owner of that resource also puts a link to your site and allows its indexing. As a result, you provide mutual services, and everyone benefits.

Complex process

how to close links from wordpress indexing

As you can see, indexing is a much more complex process that needs to be studied in more depth and detail. But it is better to do this in professional courses or with the help of specialized literature. In the same article, you should learn directly how to close links and other data on your site from indexing, regardless of whether you will use these approaches in a particular case or not.

Close indexing on Google

It's no secret that there are quite a lot of search engines now, but 90% of them are practically not used by anyone. The reason for this is a kind of monopoly. After all, everyone has heard about the existence of a Google search engine, every person uses it every day many times. And that is why even the closure from indexing is mainly aimed specifically at Google, and not at any other search engine. So, the time has come for the most important information on how to close links and other data from indexing on the site.

Important attribute

How to close the link from indexing? Nofollow is an HTML attribute that solves all your problems. It is you who need to use it to prohibit the indexing of a specific link. Given the fact that this is an attribute, you need to figure out how to use it in the document. To use nofollow to close the link from indexing, you will need to use the rel combination. This is the standard set of letters that you need to use to bind this attribute to your link. That's all, now you know how to close the link from indexing. Rel = "nofollow" is what you need to add to the link (or any other element on your site) so that it is no longer indexed. However, one should not forget that this attribute is suitable only to close the site indexing for the Google search engine. And this is not surprising, since Google is the most popular Internet search engine.

But if you take into account the fact that itโ€™s rooting, that is, the Internet in the territory of the Russian Federation, is also huge, you need to consider it.

Search engines in Russia

Naturally, Google is also the most popular search engine in Russia, but do not forget that there is also a search engine in the Russian Federation that is very popular. This is Yandex, which is also used by millions of people across Russia. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time, among the Russian search engines, it is Yandex that is the most popular and widely used. And therefore, there was a real need for a simple indexation close not only for Google, but also for Yandex. Accordingly , this article also needs to consider what needs to be done if you do not want specific links on your site not to be indexed by the most popular search engine in the Russian Federation.

Closing Indexing at Yandex

As you already managed to learn, the attribute that you need to close the link from indexing is nofollow. Noindex is a tag that you should study if you want to prevent the system from indexing a particular piece of site code by Russian search engines such as Yandex and Rambler. The peculiarity of this tag is that it does not exist in standard HTML, so systems like Google do not respond to it. It was introduced specifically to affect only Russian search engines .

How to use it? In fact, everything is quite simple: you just need to enclose in this tag that piece of code that you do not want to index. Accordingly, the link closes in the same way, so you should not have any problems with the use. Accordingly , you can easily close links from indexing. Joomla, Wordpress and other well-known platforms for creating sites have their own tools for closing links and other data from indexing, but tools for preventing indexing by Russian search engines may not always be included in them. Therefore, you should know about the existence of this tag if you want to control this process within the framework of Yandex or Rambler.


Well, of course, you need to figure out how to combine the approaches discussed above. Indeed, in many cases, you will want to cover as many search engines as possible so that the link is not indexed throughout the Internet, and not only in Google and Yandex. It turns out that everything is quite simple, you just need to combine the attribute and the tag to get the perfect result. For a specific link in the a tag, you set the nofollow attribute, and then wrap your link with another noindex tag . And this is where your work ends; the link will not be indexed by most search engines.

Other options

If you are fully comfortable with these tags and attributes, that is, the basic tools for banning indexing, then you can go to a new level. You should, for example, learn how to close links from indexing in Wordpress so as not to overload the code with unnecessary data. Also experienced web programmers can tell you other methods that are more complex and complex. In general, there are many opportunities, and you should understand that a web developer is a profession in which you will have to constantly study. Today we close external links from indexing in joomla, and tomorrow we need to learn something completely new. But you already have basic information, so that you can safely continue training in this direction.


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