How to make a business plan without assistance

Every day, dozens, if not hundreds, of ideas are born in our heads. However, they alone do not carry any meaning, much less good. Surely we all came across a moment when a great way to increase our capital is born in our heads, but then doubts like β€œWill I have the strength, time and patience?”, β€œWhere can I get the missing amount for the implementation of this project?” and even the trivial β€œWhere to start?”.

how to make a business plan

The answer to the last question is very simple, so let's start with it. Any entrepreneurial project should be based on a business plan. Perhaps someone has not come across this concept and does not yet know what it is, so we will explain the meaning of the term and tell you how to make a business plan.

This is a document or step-by-step instruction that describes the goals that the project pursues and the mechanisms necessary to achieve them.

As a rule, a business plan is needed in several cases, and in each of them the writing will be very different. Leadership and management specialists, of course, know how to make a business plan in this or that case, but we remember that there were some doubts about the financial component, so we will not waste money and try to write this manual ourselves .

Business plan for lenders . The main goal we are pursuing here is to prove that the project under development is cost-effective. The description simply must be consistent, competent and understandable. Everything in it should be laid out on shelves, some moments can even be embellished, but do not overdo it.

business plan example

Computer presentation and presentation to investors will not be superfluous.

How to make a business plan for yourself ? In this case, do not strive for beauty, write everything as close to reality as possible. It’s not easy to explain on fingers how to draw up and what a personal business plan is. The example below should clarify the situation.

Suppose you decide to open an international shipping company, and first you need to have 7 trucks. However, you already have 2, but bought in half with a friend who can refuse and not put them into business. Investors do not have to know about your relationship with a friend, so you should not confuse and disorient them. We tell them that, for example, we need 7 million for the purchase of 7 cars, and if a friend agrees, then we simply supplement our fleet with them.

How to make a business plan? No matter who you write it for, in any case a detailed analysis of the situation is necessary. In other words, before proceeding with the description of the sections, collect all the available information together and sort it into the following categories:

  • business plan sample
  • weaknesses;
  • opportunities;
  • risks.

This is necessary for a clear vision of the whole picture. In order to determine the structure, you need to know what sections the classic business plan contains. Sample:

  • introductory part;
  • detailed description of the services provided;
  • market analysis and marketing strategies;
  • production and organizational plans ;
  • budget;
  • prospects.

This simple diagram will help you understand how to make a business plan, and will eliminate the need to look for material that will save time and will soon bring results.


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