How to make a distiller yourself? Detailed description

A water distiller is a special equipment that allows you to clean the liquid with the highest quality. Further it can be used for its intended purpose.

What is the distiller used for?

do-it-yourself distiller
Distilled liquid has a specific feature: it is completely freed from any impurities. That is, there are not even trace elements in the treated water. The purified liquid is used quite widely:

- in medicine (for the preparation of medicines);

- in industry (for the operation of devices that can only work with treated water);

- in car batteries;

- at home. Some people consume such water as food. Although constantly doing this is not recommended.

Advantages of the presented device

do-it-yourself vacuum distiller
The household distiller has certain advantages:

- made of safe materials;

- effectively cleans the liquid from any impurities;

- easy to use;

- does not require a large amount of energy;

- may have additional filters and functions (automatic adjustment of water supply and purification);

- it works almost silently.

Naturally, such devices have certain disadvantages. For example, to operate the simplest device, you need a gas burner that can heat water to an evaporation temperature. Naturally, such an aggregate must be closely monitored. In addition, the device may have large dimensions.

The design of the apparatus and the principle of its action

A do-it-yourself distiller is done very quickly, you just need to understand its design and collect the necessary materials. So, the simplest model consists of a container in which water is boiled, a tube where the steam is cooled, and a receiving vessel where the already treated moisture is collected.

Naturally, there are more complex models that have additional cleaning elements - various filters. In addition, you have the opportunity to automate a homemade device.

How to make a distiller yourself? First of all, you need to understand the principle of its action. So, in the container where the water will boil, a discharge tube is inserted, its second end is attached to the receiving vessel. When the liquid begins to heat up to a high temperature, it turns into steam. Passing through the outlet pipe, it is cooled and converted into drops of water, which are collected in the receiving vessel. That’s all wisdom.

DIY household distiller

What materials and tools are needed to make the product?

Now consider what you can make a simple distiller yourself. You will need:

1. A small diameter tube made of any safe material. It will play the role of a cooler, a steam condenser. For this, brass or copper is best suited.

2. Capacity for boiling water. It must be airtight. In principle, you can use a regular kettle, only the spout will have to be closed. When choosing a container, pay attention to its volume.

3. A vessel for receiving purified water. It can be an ordinary glass jar.

4. Connecting elements: clamps, wire, rubber hose or other clamps.

water distiller

As for tools, you only need pliers. Please note that it is best to use a high quality stainless steel pipe. The fact is that the presented element will often be exposed to the negative effects of high temperature and moisture, so the metal must be protected from corrosion and rust. In addition, this metal will make the device as durable as possible. Moreover, stainless steel does not require periodic cleaning of limescale.

By the way, to make a distiller with your own hands, you can use a faulty pressure cooker instead of a kettle. Its huge advantage is that it closes tightly. The only thing you have to do is make a hole in the lid so that you can insert the tube there.

Features of the manufacture of the apparatus

Now let's see how to build a vacuum distiller with your own hands. All work consists of several stages:

1. First you need to make a coil out of the pipe. To do this, it must be turned into a spiral. If the pipe is plastic, then bending it will not be difficult. Another thing is if the element is made of metal. Here you need to try or purchase a ready-made coil. In this case, the construction of the apparatus does not require much effort, it will not be necessary to use welding or a soldering iron.

2. Now, using the clamp, connect the pipe to the tanks. To do this, you can use a regular rubber hose. And to seal the connections, use an ordinary wire or clamp. Please note that there should be no traffic jams in the system, otherwise the device will simply explode during operation.

That's all. Now you have learned how to make a household distiller yourself. Naturally, the manufacturing process has some features.

household distiller

Useful Tips

When you will make your own household distiller, do not forget about banal safety precautions and compliance with certain rules. For example, during operation, try not to touch the elements of the device, as they will become very hot. Please note that all connections must be well sealed.

Also pay attention to the direction of the steam. It should come from top to bottom, which will contribute to a more efficient operation of the device. The presented unit does not require special care. Naturally, it is desirable to keep it clean. During manufacturing, try to be as accurate as possible in the calculations. Design a distiller according to a previously drawn drawing.

To further cool the tube in which steam condensation will occur, ordinary ice can be used. To do this, put on it and fasten a regular plastic bottle. In this case, the entry and exit openings must also be carefully sealed. To do this, just warm up the plastic. That's all the features of making a distiller. Good luck


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