We draw on the nails. Simple lessons

A lot has been said about beautiful manicure. Every girl knows that nails covered with simple colorless varnish have long gone out of fashion. How to be We draw simple patterns on our nails ourselves or go to the salon for a masterpiece.

draw on the nails

Animal prints on the tip of the nail

Various animal prints do not go out of fashion. A zebra, a leopard, a tiger, a giraffe, a Dalmatian - this is just a minimal list. So, we draw a print on the nails:

  • First, apply the base under the varnish.
  • Then we put the main color (choose a specific pattern, a zebra, for example, white).
  • Following on the dry varnish we apply the drawing itself.
  • Now the turn of the fixer, which is superimposed on dried nails.

You can draw with both varnish and paints. We apply water-based acrylics with a thin brush. For printing animals such as leopards, giraffes and Dalmatians, it is better to use a special tool - dots. This is a thin needle with a small ball at the end. Dots is most convenient for drawing a bitmap. The less paint or varnish on the ball, the smaller the dot in volume. Spots can be either outlined or left without a contour at all.

We draw with gel on nails

You can draw not only on varnish, but also on gel. This applies to nails that are extended or coated with biogel or gel. And you can draw it with the coating itself. There are special gel varnishes for this, as well as color and stained glass gels. For the latter two, special brushes are needed, which are in any nail art store. So, we draw on the nails with gel:

  • Grind the surface of the nail with a buff, removing the gloss.
  • With a thin brush we apply a drawing (in one color).
  • Dry the drawing as much as indicated in the instructions for the material.
  • Apply the next element of the picture (in a different color).
  • Dry again.
  • If required, paint with paint.
  • Apply the finish gel and dry it.

draw gel on the nails
This applies to those drawings where a clear separation of colors is required. If, according to the idea, their mixing is allowed, then you can apply the drawing immediately and dry it once. Sometimes this gives a completely unexpected effect, which cannot always be repeated.

We draw on the nails of an animal house

The pictures of animals on the nails look quite impressive. Not a print, but a full-fledged beast. For example, cats. This can be done at home on your own, pre-trained on paper. So, draw a cat on the nails:

  • Apply a little paint to the prepared surface of the nail.
  • We draw a circle that will be the head of the pussy.
  • Then we draw the body (it depends on the position of the animal).
  • After - the tail, legs and ears.
  • On a dry drawing of a cat we draw eyes, nose, tongue or mouth, mustache.
  • The figure is coated with a protective varnish.

Nail preparation involves degreasing, sawing and applying a base coat. The drawing is applied with thick paint only on a dry surface. It is better to use two brushes - one thin as hair for small elements, the other thicker - for the body and large parts.

It’s even easier to draw a bee:

  • We draw a yellow oval on the nails .
  • Draw the outline and stripes in black.
  • The final touches are the drawing of the wings and the sting.

draw on the nails of the house
The stages of preparation and completion of the procedure are the same for all the drawings: base, foundation and protection. Good luck with your experiments!

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