Do-it-yourself bed for a cat

A cat living with a person in his house needs its own “furniture”, for example, in a house or a couch where she could take refuge for rest. If she has personal space, she feels protected. Following their instincts, pets themselves find their favorite places to relax in human habitation. Sometimes this choice does not suit their owners - not everyone can like it if the pet hides in the closet on the shelves with clothes or sleep on the owner’s pillow.

A lounger for a cat is not a luxury, but a piece of furniture

In order to equip your pet with a place for a comfortable stay, you need a special bed for cats. They are very often so funny that they can even add some zest to the interior of the room. By the way the cat's resting place is equipped, one can judge the owner’s affection for his pet. In a large apartment or house, the cat will have several favorite places, and it is very good if the owner takes care to put there sunbeds or houses with scratching posts. There is more practical benefit for the owners of the animal than material costs, especially if the animal has long hair, because during the molting period the hair will not remain on your sofa and pillow, but in a cat’s bed. You can express love for your purr and realize your creative abilities if you make a bed for a cat with your own hands. In addition, this will bring a unique charm to the interior of your home.

do-it-yourself bed for cats
Types of beds

Even inexperienced craftsmen can easily make an open bed for a cat with their own hands. These animals love round soft beds with small sides. They have an excellent overview, your pet will always be aware of what is happening in the room.

Very good for games and leisure beds in the form of a tunnel. In them, the cat can hide, playing with the owner, sit in ambush, and maybe sleep, hiding from excessive attention. The frame of such a stove bench is solid, and on top and inside it is upholstered with fabric (preferably carpet).

A small sofa bed for a cat will decorate the interior of the room. With your own hands you can make a copy of your sofa for your beloved pet. The base is cut out of wood, foam is laid inside and lined with furniture cloth on top. You no longer need to fight a cat for a place on your sofa, she will have her own where she feels like a mistress.

bed for cats
A cat bed made from an unnecessary suitcase looks very funny. Attach furniture legs to it , put a mattress inside - it will turn out a very original thing. And how comfortable it is for your pet to sleep in him! How much space is there to stretch to the full height, and at the same time is very comfortable.

bed for a cat

If a child has grown up in a family and a small children’s table is left from his furniture, he will make a wonderful bed for a cat. With your own hands, prepare a table, repaint it, turn it upside down with your legs and fix the mattress inside. You can not turn over, but arrange a couch below, between the legs, and from above make a viewing platform with a claw-claw from carpet.

If you made a bed for cats with your own hands, then you can change the upholstery, attach toys, and complete your construction in every way.


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