Is "Shmal" a drug or someone's last name?

In modern speech, ever new terms borrowed from foreign languages, invented by young people, are constantly falling. Among these, the word "shmal" is often found. It is impossible to find its definition in any dictionary, since it is spoken and, in fact, invented.

Definition of the word

In Russian, “shmal” is the slang name for a smoking drug from hemp pollen. You cannot find this definition in the dictionary, because such a word simply does not exist.

Shmal it
As a rule, the term is used among drug users. Why exactly "shmal"? To understand the history of the origin of this word as another colloquial definition of marijuana is quite difficult. In slang, a herbal drug is called: “anasha”, “plan”, “nonsense”, “grass”, “ganja” and in other words, understandable only to segments of the population living in a certain environment.

Possible Roots

If you try to find an explanation why hemp is called that way, you can stumble upon a German dictionary. It really has such a word, it is written as schmal. In Germany, in general, there are many people with such a surname (there is a Soviet scientist Shmal II), there is even a city with a similar name - Schmalkalden.

Shmal drug
The thing is that the foreign word "shmal" is a designation of cramped, poor, narrow or thin, but it has nothing to do with drugs.

If you draw parallels

Why did cigarettes with marijuana at some point come to be called that? Perhaps the German term influenced, because the drug is packed into a cigarette very tightly. The cigarettes themselves are obtained just narrow with vegetation closely packed inside.

You can associate a word from Germany with the modern definition of a drug and other criteria. So, after smoking cigarettes with "shmalm", the drug dramatically reduces sugar in human blood. It is this reaction that provokes an acute and sharp feeling of hunger in marijuana addicts. The body simply requires stabilization of the situation.

Shmal it
If you do not eat after using a herbal narcotic, then the person becomes very pale, irritable and aggressive. His whole appearance indicates the complexity of the situation, which in Germany can be described as schmal.

Another simple explanation is the appearance of notorious drug addicts. Regardless of the type of funds they use, all such contingent looks suppressed. Addicts are almost always thin and pale, they have a retardation of reactions, they completely lose interest in the everyday benefits of mankind. A similar description could also be the forerunner of the slang name for marijuana “shmaly”.


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