zinc in food

For the normal functioning of the whole organism, zinc is of great importance. Zinc is not found everywhere in food, therefore it is so important to know the list of products in which this chemical element is nevertheless.

Experts have calculated the daily requirement for zinc in people. For example, for adult women and men, the daily dose of zinc is approximately 10-15 milligrams. Pregnant women need fifteen milligrams a day, and breastfeeding even more - nineteen milligrams a day.

So which foods contain zinc? Apples, figs, grapefruits, oranges, lemons, meat products, green vegetables and mineral water contain 0.25 milligrams of zinc per kilogram of product. Honey contains a little more - about 0.31 milligrams per kilogram. Products such as raspberries, sea fish, black currants, lean beef, dates, almost all vegetables, milk, asparagus, peeled rice, all types of beets, potatoes, celery, tomatoes, bread, radishes contain from two to eight milligrams of zinc per kilogram of weight product. Yeast, eggs, brown rice, onions and garlic contain from eight to twenty milligrams per kilogram. Oatmeal, molasses, cocoa, egg yolk, nuts, rabbit, peas, green tea, beans, lentils, dried yeast, squid contain from twenty to fifty milligrams per kilogram. Zinc in food is found in large quantities in beef liver, here it is from thirty to eighty-five milligrams. The largest amount of zinc, approximately 130-200 milligrams, is found in sprouted grains, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and in bran from wheat. In addition, oysters, olive oil, parsley, soya lecithin, ginger root, shrimp, turnips, carrots, corn, cauliflower, chickens, seaweed and grape juice should be included in the daily diet. They also contain zinc in foods in sufficient quantities. As you can see, the zinc content in foods is very different, the list itself is quite impressive. Each person from him can choose what will bring him not only benefit, but also pleasure. Particular attention should be paid to this list for people who have signs of zinc deficiency - poor hair growth, loss of appetite, loss of taste, desire to taste metal on the tongue, decreased sex drive, dandruff or dry skin, poor wound healing, frequent infections diseases. Even if these symptoms are absent, this does not mean that you can relax. It must be understood that zinc is simply necessary for bone formation in both children and adults, for the prevention of schizophrenia, for the fight against many viral diseases, and for accelerating wound healing, especially in the postoperative period. In addition, a diet with a high content of zinc has a very beneficial effect on the treatment of diseases of the prostate gland in men and a beneficial effect on the skin and hair in women. The treatment of juvenile acne also lends itself well to treatment with this chemical element. For normal reproductive male and female health, zinc also plays an important role. And of course, zinc is necessary for the growing body of a child and adolescent.

Zinc in food is especially necessary for women who take birth control pills, because these drugs reduce the zinc content in the body. In addition, you need to know that alcohol abuse also has a very bad effect on the amount of zinc in the human body. Vegetarians are also at risk.

I know all this information, it would be very unwise to refuse zinc, because this is fraught with serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary for adults and children to use it.

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