Why did hair fall after childbirth and how to deal with it

Many women after having a baby face a problem such as hair loss. In most cases, such a nuisance occurs after three months from the moment the baby is born. Luxurious ringlets, which during pregnancy were obedient, soft and shiny, began to fall out rapidly. Why is this happening? What to do if hair falls out after childbirth? We will try to give answers to these questions in the article below.

hair loss after childbirth
Why does a woman lose hair after pregnancy

An interesting fact: according to scientists, while waiting for a baby, a woman’s hair grows by 30%, but after the birth of a long-awaited baby, a young mother can say goodbye to about the same amount of her locks. Why hair fell after childbirth, let's try to figure it out. There may be several reasons for this phenomenon:

1. Hormonal restructuring. When a woman has a baby, the hormone progesterone begins to be actively produced in her body. It is he who influences the state of the hair, making it obedient and thick. But the pregnancy passed, and the hair fell out after childbirth, since the content of the hormone responsible for the condition of the curls began to decline rapidly. It is such a leap that is the main culprit in the loss of precious locks.

2. Vitamin starvation after childbirth. During pregnancy, the expectant mother took special vitamin complexes, ate everything that her body required. But then a baby was born, and a caring woman begins to deny herself everything, so that the child does not suddenly have an allergy, depriving herself of the necessary substances. That is why vitamins should be taken not only during pregnancy, but also after it.

3. Stress. With the birth of a child, a mother often forgets about peace and sleep, experiencing constant fatigue, drowsiness, she worries day and night for her child. All this accumulates like a snowball and can result in postpartum depression, which negatively affects the appearance of a woman, in particular, her hair. In this case, the help of relatives and friends is very important, who should take some of the cares on themselves so that the young mother can rest at least a little.

postpartum hair
How to get rid of a problem

How to treat hair loss? Is there any way to influence this process at all? This phenomenon, if it is not associated with any disease, as a rule, gradually disappears, this period can take from 6 to 12 months. At this time, the level of hormones in the body of a woman is normalized, the loss stops. But if you follow some recommendations, you can significantly improve the condition of curls and reduce the number of lost hairs. To do this easily and independently, without going through expensive procedures in beauty salons and without resorting to medical treatment. Hair after childbirth requires special care, following certain rules, you can forget about her loss.

how to treat hair loss
Tap water harms ringlets

Tap water contains elements such as magnesium, chlorine, calcium, as well as various salts, acids and phosphates. This composition negatively affects the structure of the hair, their growth slows down, they become naughty, brittle and lose their shine. To soften such a liquid, it is enough to perform several manipulations: to defend the water that you are going to wash your hair for at least six hours, during which time heavy metals and salts must settle. Before use, add 3-4 drops of ammonia and the juice of half a lemon. Dry wine can also be used to soften water. And, by the way, you should not wash your hair with hot water, its optimum temperature is 36 degrees. The cool one will save the curls from excessive fat and give them shine.

The right shampoo is the key to the health of the hair

So many different additives are added to modern products that they not only clean the hair, but also wash off the protective layer from them, making them brittle. To choose the right shampoo, you should familiarize yourself with its composition upon purchase. It is best if the package contains the following components: TEA Lauryl Sulfate or TEA Laureth Sulfate, they are the safest. It is also good to choose the right balm, as it contains therapeutic additives that strengthen the structure of the hair.

Some more tips

Those who have lost their hair after giving birth will not be amiss to follow some recommendations:

  • Wash the detergent very carefully from the hair.
  • Hair should only be dried with a towel (without using a hair dryer).
  • It is better to use a comb with wooden cloves (for example, hair breaks less).
  • The hair should be combed only after it is completely dry.

If you constantly adhere to these simple rules, you can noticeably reduce the number of hairs that have fallen after pregnancy, as well as improve the structure of the strands and their appearance.

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