Yoga for weight loss at home: exercises for beginners

This article offers everyone to lose weight and correct body shape with the help of yoga for weight loss (for beginners) at home. There are many systems, so why not use the ancient Indian teaching not only for the development of spiritual qualities, but also for more mundane desires?

Yoga for weight loss: myth or reality?

So, let's begin to understand. The zealous followers of this system with the phrase "yoga for weight loss" will immediately skeptically grin and say that this great science is needed to improve the spirit, but not for a temporary physical body. Of course, they are right in their own way, but at the same time they will not refute the fact that all people have different levels of consciousness, and someone wants to achieve nirvana, and someone will be satisfied with a slim and flexible body. For all thirsty for the second there is good news: to lose weight with the help of yoga is possible, and faster than it seems.

How to lose weight with yoga?

Yoga for weight loss at home, as well as outside the walls of the house, is based on five components:

  1. Cleaning techniques, or shatkarmas: without them, success is unlikely, because many people carry in their intestines and subcutaneous tissue more than 10 (!) Kilograms of toxins, which are the cause of excess weight.
  2. Practice asanas, that is, exercise.
  3. Respiratory practices are an important aspect if you want to achieve what you want in a short time.
  4. Following (if not all) moral precepts, including conscious self-restraint (remove unhealthy foods from the diet, for example, or quit smoking), optimism and actions that follow the words. It’s no secret that a girl or woman who wants to lose weight gives up literally three days later, deciding that she is a weak-willed loser.
  5. Ability to relax. Meditation is the best way to do this.

Who is looking for, as you know, finds, and in this article we will examine in more detail several basic yoga exercises for weight loss.

Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga - the best way to lose weight

At the moment, there are several styles in the physical system, or hatha yoga, which actively influence the shape of the body:

  • Bikram Yoga. It is impossible to do at home, because its specificity is a temperature of up to 40 degrees and a humidity of 50%.
  • Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga and her "sister" vinyasa flow yoga, which is a free style, without restrictions.
  • Power yoga, or power yoga. It is also based on ashtanga yoga, but completely denies the spiritual component, therefore it is rather a kind of fitness.
  • Yoga 23. It has a kind of breathing at the expense of the pendulum, so not all beginners will do it, because without an experienced mentor it will be difficult to understand the intricacies.
    yoga exercises for weight loss

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that ashtanga-vinyasa yoga for weight loss is just perfect, as it is a dynamic practice that includes most of the aspects necessary to achieve the goal: simple postures, a large flow of oxygen due to the specific breathing that burns fat and toxins , and a state of meditation.

Surya Namaskar

The first yoga exercise for weight loss for beginners is, of course, greeting the sun, which in itself is a powerful stimulator of weight loss. Surya Namaskar is made ten times in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga and consists of two options that warm the body powerfully, and deep breathing stimulates the burning of toxins in the cells. It is important not to try to do the full number of times at once, but to start with five, adding another set in a day or two. For those who are not able to remember a large number of asanas and are ready to do only this mini-complex, it is recommended to go out with a 24-time repetition of Surya Namaskar for weight loss over time.

A yoga lesson for beginners can be learned from the video presented, without rushing and delving into the essence, so that the practice gives the maximum effect.

Respiratory techniques to cleanse the body

It is wonderful when yoga for weight loss for beginners begins precisely with breathing practices: the body will have the opportunity to develop awareness, which subsequently will significantly help in working with postures. This will also allow already at the initial stage to burn more toxins, remove toxins and stimulate the intestines, which in most people are in poor condition (hence overweight, illness). The most accessible breathing techniques are:

  • Kapalabhati: breathing, in which the emphasis is on a powerful exhalation by moving the diaphragm and abdominal wall of the abdomen (not the chest!). With a strong sharp exhalation, the stomach is retracted, and with a passive inhalation, it relaxes. It is better to start 25 times, gradually bringing the number of repetitions to 108. Three sets are made with the available number of times.
  • Shakti-Vikasaka kick. There are two options for this exercise. The most common is the cleaning of the lungs due to powerful sharp breaths and exhalations, reminiscent of the work of blacksmith furs. But in this case, abdominal breathing resembling kapalabhati is used to stimulate the cleansing of the body, only the emphasis is on inhalation with simultaneous inflation of the abdomen. When inhaling a second in length, inflate the abdomen to the possible limit, and with a passive exhalation, release it and slightly pull it inward.

Beat Shaktivardhak: a powerful tool in the fight against weight

These yoga techniques for losing weight in the abdomen are the most effective and giving quick results, but for their development it is important to study the two previous breathing exercises in order to prepare the body and the cardiovascular system. The shock of shaktivardhak, like all other practices with breathing and working the abdominal region, should be performed on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. Technique: relax the stomach, exhale and make movements with the stomach, alternately inflating and pulling it in for a pause, that is, without inhaling. At the first sign of discomfort, relax your stomach and take a calm breath.

Uddiyana Bandha

This exercise is called the vacuum of the abdomen, and it is also performed on a pause after exhalation.

yoga for beginners to lose weight at home

To do this, step by step follow the explanations:

  1. Feet put a little wider than the pelvis and take a position, as in the photo. Put your hands on your hips so that you lose weight from the torso - your back muscles should be relaxed. Take a steady breath and exhale sharply through your mouth to exhale all in one fell swoop.
  2. Tighten the anus muscles, lower the chin to the neck, pushing the back of the head, and raise the chest upward, slightly rounding the back below. It is important that the body weight falls on the arms and legs.
  3. The higher the rise of the chest, the more emptiness will form in the abdomen, the lower costal arch will clearly appear. You should not try to forcefully pull the stomach inward, it itself “falls through” to the spine, following the correct steps.
  4. To maintain position until the first urge to inhale, then release the cervical lock, then the muscles of the anus, with the breath release the chest and straighten.

This is the explanation of the simplest version of uddiyana bandha, which relieves the body of toxins. Literally after a month of daily exposure, significant changes in the body can be noticed. In total, no more than five sets are made, in no case should you abuse this exercise. Do not forget that each coin has two sides.

Dynamic Weight Loss Sets

The first yoga exercises at home for weight loss should be selected from the dynamic series, that is, without long-term retention of shape. This will provide an opportunity to warm the body deeper and force the muscles to make the maximum available at the moment. For example:

  • Set for legs based on the posture of a warrior: from the “dog face down” position, step forward with the right foot, bend it at the knee, and keep the left straight.
    yoga lessons for weight loss
    Raise the torso vertically above the floor + arms up for inhalation (pose of warrior A). With an exhale, rest your palms on the right thigh and raise the left leg back and up, placing the body parallel to the floor. Next, you should return to the pose of warrior A by inhalation, and with exhalation lower the knee of the left leg to the floor, feeding the pelvis forward, while maintaining the vertical spine and arms.
  • Set on the basis of navasana: from the classical purna of navasana go with an exhalation to ardha navasana, that is, a half-boat pose. To do this, turn the tailbone under you, rounding the lower back - the body will lower its lower back to the floor. In this case, you should keep your legs and shoulder blades in weight, without touching the floor. On inspiration, you should return to the original version of the pose.
    yoga for the stomach

Each set should have at least six to eight repetitions without stopping, the importance of conscious movement with breathing is primary. In total, it is worth doing no more than three sets and then moving on to the next stage, and between them resting in the “dog face down” pose.

Static provisions for burning toxins and toxins

If you look at yoga lessons for weight loss, you can make a single conclusion: the best static exercise is the bar. The praises in her honor are endless, and this is true, because this asana acts on almost all the main muscles of the body. The only condition: the correct execution and fixing of at least one and a half minutes.

Another magical position is khanjanasana, or the wagtail pose: place your feet wider than your pelvis and crouch so that your hips and body are parallel to the floor and to each other, while trying to pinch your shoulders in the popliteal hollows. Although if it’s very difficult, you can simply stretch your arms forward in line with the spine. Remain in position for at least one minute, and then make a compensating position, for example, padahastasana.

The importance of twisting in practice

Yoga for weight loss is unthinkable without twists of the abdominal zone, so in daily practice there should be at least two or three positions with such an effect. It is better to choose them from different planes: standing, sitting and lying - starting with the simplest posture and ending with deeper options.

yoga for weight loss at home
  • Lying down. Jathara parivartanasana is available to everyone, even the most inflexible and weak student. In the pose should remain at least two to three minutes, breathing deeply with diaphragmatic breathing.
yoga slimming home
  • Sitting. A simplified version of Matsyendrasana is also available to everyone without exception. In this position, it is important not to round the spine and not try to do more with the power of the hands than the body is currently ready. The importance of deep, conscious breathing by the stomach here comes first.

Parivritta parshvakonasana

This standing position perfectly works the abdominal region, provided that it is firmly pressed to the hip of the bent leg and is massaged by deep breathing. To do this, you need to put your arm opposite the bent leg, put it behind your thigh and stretch your chest forward. If this succeeds, then, bending the arm at the elbow, you need to connect the hands of both hands under the thigh.

yoga exercises for weight loss

This is not always available for beginners, so they prefer the first two options.

A short set of exercises for beginners

If you collect the knowledge in a single yoga lesson (for weight loss) for beginners, you get an approximate scheme:

  1. Kapalabhati: three cycles
  2. Udar-sakti-vikasaka: five times.
  3. Udar-sakti-wardhak: five times.
  4. Uddiyana bandha: three to five times.
  5. Surya Namaskar from five to 15 repetitions.
  6. Dynamic set for legs.
  7. Rest in the pose “dog face down”, or in paschimottanasana: two minutes.
  8. The dynamic set is based on the base.
  9. Twisting while sitting or lying down.
  10. Pose of a birch (sarvangasana) from one minute, gradually bringing to four minutes.

In the end, you should definitely make a pose for relaxation or a short meditation session, focusing on free breathing. The pose for relaxation (shavasana) is performed lying on your back with your eyes closed for at least ten minutes, and meditation on breathing - sitting with your legs crossed in Turkish or on your heels with a straight spine. Allocate concentration on breathing for at least 15 minutes, while not allowing the mind to be distracted.

The Importance of Yoga Relaxation

For weight loss, it is important not only to play sports, adhere to proper nutrition and daily routine. Particular attention should be paid to mental relaxation, without which no action will be maximally working. At first, it’s difficult to understand how to relax in the bar when the third minute of fixing this pose is in progress. But the secret is simple: relaxation against the background of the mind, not the body, is important. Muscles can work to the limit, and the mind will calmly monitor this state without panicking or trying to cheat and make a more relaxed position, just to not strain. This state does not come immediately, but the key to it is conscious breathing, which should always be controlled, because it is the litmus of correct and safe practice.


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