Stuffed ear: causes and treatment

A person experiences discomfort if his ear is blocked. The causes of this symptom may be different. We will talk about how to eliminate the symptom in this article.

Stuffed ear: physiological causes

stuffy ear causes
Many feel this unpleasant symptom when climbing to a certain height. For example, if they climb mountains, ride in a high-speed elevator or fly by plane. With a sharp descent, including in the subway or when driving on rough roads, a person may also feel that he is laying his ears. The reason is pressure, or rather, a sharp drop in this indicator. This often occurs at high altitude or in depth. The ear simply cannot quickly adapt to changes, as a result of which the eardrum is pressed into the Eustachian tube. Therefore, a person feels that his ear is blocked. The reasons mentioned above cause a β€œnormal” feeling that should not bother you much. But if you notice a similar symptom quite often or if it is accompanied by pain, be sure to consult a doctor and be examined.

If you don’t feel any discomfort with pressure drops, this can also be the norm. Pressure changes by only one atmosphere.

Stuffed ear: causes of pathology

lays ears cause pressure
A similar symptom may indicate the presence of diseases, including Eustachitis (inflammation of the Eustachian tube). If you feel stuffy in your ear with a cold, make sure that inflammation has not developed. If the child constantly lays ears, the cause may lie, surprisingly, in diseases of the nose (sinusitis, curvature of the nasal septum, polyps or overgrown adenoids).

Sometimes a symptom may indicate hearing loss - a hearing loss associated with damage to the auditory nerve. In some cases, congestion is a consequence of otitis media transferred in childhood.

But ears can be blocked even in the presence of hypertension, ischemic brain disease, traumatic brain injuries or heart problems. Take a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of your condition.

constantly laying ears cause

A common cause of congestion is CNS disease, in which the necessary drugs and vitamins are prescribed. B. To detect hearing impairment, a special audio program is assigned, which is analyzed by a specialist.

What to do to quickly eliminate congestion?

There are times when a similar symptom needs to be eliminated quickly. For example, when taking off an airplane or descending in the subway. One of the recommendations is to instill vasoconstrictor drops in the nose. But this can be done extremely rarely. To relieve congestion, you can also open your mouth. If it does not help, close your mouth and nose tightly and hold your breath. Another option is to swallow quickly or drink water in small sips. If such a nuisance occurred while diving, pinch your nose and try to "exhale" through it. This will reduce pain and stabilize pressure. Do not be frivolous about a similar symptom. Perhaps he talks about the presence of a serious illness. As you know, the sooner you start treating an ailment, the more successful and easier the procedures will be. Do not start your illness!


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