Birzhin Andrei Alexandrovich: biography, personal life, professional activity

Birzhin Andrey Alexandrovich - a talented entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Glorax Group. During his activity, he gained extensive experience in implementing various projects. Although the entrepreneur himself believes that this is the success of his entire team of professionals.


Andrei Birzhin, whose biography began, like that of most Soviet boys, was born on April 12, 1981 in the Ivanovo Region, the city of Shuya, but grew up and was brought up in the city of Khotkovo, in the Moscow Region. Andrei's father Alexander Pavlovich Birzhin was sent to the local Electroizolit plant as an equipment engineer and went from a young specialist to the General Director of PJSC Electroizolit. It is not surprising that the son also wanted to reach serious heights and decided to create his own business.

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After school in 1998, Birzhin entered the Lomonosov Moscow State University at the Faculty of Economics and Management. He graduated from the university in 2002. Then he immediately entered a magistracy, combining studies with work, since at that time the interests of the young entrepreneur were already focused on developing their own business.

Carier start

An entrepreneur in Moscow grew up (although the city of Shuya is his homeland), and there he began his career. At first there were small projects being developed for small areas. From 2001 to 2005, Andrei Aleksandrovich worked as CEO of Geostroydesign LLC. Then, until 2009, he held the position of Director General of Zhilstroy LLC.

The hometown of Shuya could not have given such success in the process of climbing the career ladder. In the capital, Birzhin received invaluable experience. Andrey Alekseevich has been improving for ten years in the construction and repair of office buildings, industrial facilities and residential buildings. He did not bypass his attention sports complexes and other urban facilities.

Birzhin Andrei Alexandrovich

All this time Andrei Alexandrovich was very attentive to any details in the work. The entrepreneur is confident that the business cannot be built on quick and rash decisions. On the way to the goal you need attentiveness and scrupulousness. It is these principles that Birzhin is guided by.

Tekta Company

In 2009, Andrei Birzhin founded the Tekta Group, which in a very short time, literally in three years, was included in the list of the largest developers in the Moscow region. Under the leadership of Birzhin, the company increased its investment portfolio by six times. In 2010, Andrei Birzhin acquires the Electroizolit plant, which in the future will become part of the Glorax Group. The entrepreneur invests in the development of the enterprise and in every possible way contributes to its promotion to a leading position in the Russian and international markets of electrical insulating and electric power materials. In 2012, Andrei Birzhin made a deal to purchase Mosavtodor and Partners OJSC, the largest company in the Moscow Region that is engaged in road construction, has a fleet of modern high-performance and economical equipment, and also produces various types of asphalt mixes.

In 2012, Tekta was in fifth place on the list of major developers in the publication Expert. At the same time, the company received the “Company of the Year” award in the RBC rating.

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The company "Gloraks Group"

Andrei Alexandrovich decided to expand his sphere of interests. The businessman sold his stake in Tekte, then founded a new group of companies. Andrey Birzhin (Glorax Capital initially had a private equity fund) focused its efforts on the development of several areas at once. The group of companies was simultaneously engaged in construction, energy, infrastructure management and IT-technologies.

At first, Glorax acquired stakes in enterprises and organizations in these industries. It could be an existing business or startup. Then, solid investments were made in the purchased companies. A clear chain began to be traced from the idea of ​​creating a product to its appearance on the market and the final offer to the consumer. According to the same scheme, “Glorax” is still working.

Birzhin Andrey A. Gloraks Capital

Social work

Birzhin Andrey does not forget about charity and social activities. The Glorax Group company, created by a businessman, is constantly involved in the improvement of urban areas, helps to rebuild cathedrals, and is engaged in social construction. Andrei Aleksandrovich actively supports children's sports and many other social movements. To create individual projects and support existing ones, Glorax Life was created as a separate area in the activities of the Civil Code.

"Glorax Development"

The Glorax group of companies is engaged in various areas that are not related to development. Nevertheless, real estate remains a priority. Birzhin Andrey established a subsidiary company, Glorax Development, in 2014. Her specialization is the construction of residential complexes, social infrastructure and commercial real estate.

Currently, the Glorax Development project portfolio is over 2 million square meters. This territory includes St. Petersburg, the Moscow region and the capital of Russia itself. The main objectives of the company are to create high-quality housing, commercial real estate and social facilities that are in demand on the market. In 2016, the company entered the top ten St. Petersburg developers.

birzhin andrey biography


In business, Birzhin Andrey considers the greatest value of people, especially professionals. For an entrepreneur, a team is not just hired workers. The businessman highly appreciates in people creativity and professionalism, ambitiousness and competence. Birzhin believes that only a team with these qualities can achieve great success and excellent results. Andrei Alexandrovich loves high-speed and expensive cars. He is fond of racing and extreme sports.

An entrepreneur often participates in various expeditions. It contains a team of racers, but they act only on the “Ferrari” and under the Swiss flag. Birzhin believes that not only extreme racing, but also working issues need to be carefully prepared. Where perseverance is justified, it must be demonstrated, and where risk is inappropriate, restraint should be shown.

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Personal life

An entrepreneur does not advertise his personal life in public, so there is little information about his spouse and children. The wife of Andrei Birzhin is Sofia. It is known that Sofia Birzhina gave birth to two children and devotes all their free time to their upbringing. Sofia pays great attention to projects in the field of social responsibility, education and charity.


Andrei Alexandrovich is not only a successful businessman. He is the owner of many prizes and awards. In the nomination “Innovations in business” received the title “Person of the Year”. Birzhin was awarded the Order of Sergius of Radonezh, second degree. According to the rating of the Association of Managers of the Russian Federation and the publication "Kommersant", Andrei Alexandrovich entered the list of the best leaders in the construction industry.


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