Clogged toilet - what to do?

It is necessary to monitor and take care of the plumbing in the apartment, otherwise sooner or later the moment will come when you will be faced with the question: "the toilet is clogged, what should I do?" This situation is rather unpleasant, because neither the ambulance, nor the police, nor the gas service will come to your aid. There will be no possibility to leave it as it is, because soon you will need a toilet, and you will bitterly regret that you thoughtlessly flushed there all the waste that you do not need, whether it be a peel from potatoes, leftover food or fish heads.

Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with the problem of clogged toilet. Let's look at them.

Is the toilet clogged? The first way is a hand

Naturally, no one wants to get into the clogged toilet bowl with his bare hand, but if the thing that you dropped is the cause of the blockage, you just need to get it. Believe me, it will be much better than trying to push this item further down the pipe.

There are other options for blockage and, accordingly, other methods of getting rid of it.

The second way - plunger

clogged toilet

A plunger is a brilliant invention, with which you can get rid of blockage in the toilet. Its construction is simple - a rubber tip and a wooden handle. How to use it? All you need to do is close the toilet drain with the rubber part of the plunger and thoroughly handle it with a pen. As a result of your actions, a pressure drop is formed, which will break through the clogged place.

If the toilet clogged too much, the plunger may not be able to cope with the task. The third way may help here.

The third way - cleaning agent "Mole"

This is a special cleaning agent that was created specifically for cases such as severe blockage. It will cope even when it is impossible to eliminate the blockage by hand or plunger. Is the toilet clogged? Use the mole. No effort is required. You just need to study the instructions, and then pour the right amount of funds into the toilet. In a few hours it will be possible to test the health of the toilet. There may be such an option that the blockage is not completely removed, then you will have to do this procedure again. In addition, this is not the only option for an effective fluid; there are others.

The fourth method is a vacuum cleaner

If the toilet is clogged, some even use a vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner to eliminate clogging is a pretty controversial way. It is far from always effective, but when many methods have been tried, and there is still no result, why not try a vacuum cleaner? The essence of this method is to blow the blockage with the help of air pressure. The vacuum hose must be connected to the place from where the air is blown. Put the hose as deep as possible to the blockage, and then turn on the vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to consider several nuances. It is imperative to observe safety precautions - the fact is that if water gets into the hose, the vacuum cleaner is likely to deteriorate. And one more detail that needs to be taken into account - if you do not push the hose very deeply, then the water will simply spray you.

The fifth and perhaps the most reliable way is a hose

if the toilet is clogged

The only thing you should pay attention to is that you need the help of a specialist. Using a metal hose, the master will remove any blockage. This method is the most reliable and most effective when it comes to blocking the toilet. Nevertheless, the above means can be alternated to increase efficiency, for example, arm-plunger-means-vacuum cleaner-cable. All these methods are also suitable in cases where the toilet clogged with paper.

clogged toilet paper

Of course, it will be better for you if you can do without the help of your hand.

Keep the toilet clean, and then you don’t have to look for ways to eliminate the blockage.


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