Why do I need a kindergarten teacher essay for a portfolio?

Some time ago, new standards were adopted for the certification of employees of preschool educational institutions (DOE). In addition to documents confirming the professional compliance of the position, it is also necessary to prepare an essay for the kindergarten teacher. For the portfolio, this is one of the most significant investments, reflecting the portrait of the teacher not only for their colleagues, but also for the parents of young pupils who attend this kindergarten. After reading the essay, parents should get a holistic impression of the person who decided to devote himself to the upbringing and education of the smallest members of society.

kindergarten teacher essay for portfolio

The legislative framework

When compiling a portfolio, including an essay by a tutor of a preschool educational institution according to the Federal State Educational Standard, it is necessary to adhere to the specified design rules that were developed by the Russian Ministry of Education. On the basis of this document and available methodological recommendations of the department, each preschool educational institution forms its own position, in accordance with which all educators must create their own portfolio. The head of the kindergarten and the methodologist advise: what documents may be needed and how to best arrange the portfolio so that it meets the requirements of both the institution and the new educational standards.

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What is included in the portfolio

Each employee should regularly add additional data to their portfolio. This information will reflect professional growth, work results and marks of significant achievements. It is also possible to attach scanned copies of documents confirming education, achievements, certificates and diplomas of continuing education courses and so on.

In the portfolio, it is necessary to mention the regular study of professional pedagogical literature and periodicals, the passage of continuing education courses. The candidate must be clearly aware that this is a very responsible profession. The kindergarten teacher is responsible not only for the physical, but also for the moral health of his pupils.

To certify an employee, it is also necessary to have a well-composed essay by a kindergarten teacher (for a portfolio), according to which points will be put up for approval of a candidate or for promotion.

Essay for the Dow Educator

How to write an essay

Despite the fact that this work is written in free form, there are several aspects of the design and content of the essay of the kindergarten teacher for the portfolio, which should be followed. It will be very good if the teacher tells about what prompted him to choose this particular profession, what he or she wants to achieve in it, what prospects he sees. In the essay, it can be noted which methods the author considers relevant, what changes are necessary in the field of preschool education. The teacher can also analyze his own activities and successes.

As an example, you can focus on the essays of the kindergarten teacher for the portfolio, prepared by other colleagues, and based on them create your own document.

In the framework of an essay by a senior educator in a preschool educational institution, the teacher also reflects his thoughts and pedagogical values, talks about what inspires him in his work, what goals are set, what has already been achieved, and what else needs to be worked on and what needs to be developed, according to the author. In the introduction, many educators write about themselves why and when they began to work in kindergarten. Further in the main part they write about their pedagogical principles and work models, about the possibility of applying new paradigms in the education and upbringing of kids.

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How can an essay help in the work of a teacher

Parents of young children are well aware that the profession of " kindergarten teacher" requires a lot of work and preparation from a person. Every day, children come to the garden, and each of them needs to find an individual approach so that the child feels comfortable and confident in the new environment. Naturally, parents, understanding the importance of the person with whom the child will spend most of the day, try to learn as much as possible about her in advance. This is what contributes to the essay of the educator. A large amount of information is being prepared for the portfolio in the kindergarten on all aspects of the work of each employee, so that parents can form their own idea of ​​the institution as a whole.

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