Do-it-yourself newspaper flowers. Master class "How to make a paper rose"

Creating decorative elements, gifts and other useful things with your own hands allows you to show your imagination and craft a unique thing. You can make something interesting out of any material, paper, cardboard, beads, fabric are simple, affordable and popular. And also newspapers, which sometimes are uselessly piling up in large bundles, although one can make something really beautiful or even useful from them.

DIY flowers from newspapers are an easy way not only to find application for a read magazine or newspaper, but also to make a unique and interesting home decoration or gift on your own.

How beautiful it is!

Rose from the newspaper

There are several ways to create beautiful flowers from a newspaper with your own hands. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the master class, which will tell you in detail how you can make a rose that looks as real as possible out of several sheets of paper.

To create flowers from a newspaper with your own hands, you will need:

  • newspapers
  • large beads
  • glue,
  • strong wire to the size of the bead hole,
  • pliers,
  • scissors and pencil.

The bead in the product plays the role of the core. Take as many beads as you plan to weave flowers. In addition, prepare a ribbon to decorate the bouquet, if necessary - acrylic paints, gouache or spray paint.

Sweet rose


So, how to make a flower from a newspaper with your own hands? First, cut the petals. For one rose you will need 5 segments of different widths. The first is 3 cm, each subsequent 1 cm more.

Fold the paper cuts from the newspaper with your own accordion, getting a small square. On it, draw a neat, even petal with a pencil and cut it out. Set the finished petals aside.

So do with each segment, spread the petals of different sizes into different piles.

Proceed to create a rose. To do this, cut a wire 25-30 cm long. Put a bead on the wire and bring it to the center. Bend in half and make 5-6 turns at the bead, twisting the wire together and fixing it in the center.

Bouquet of magazines

The smallest petals stick first. Bend the bead, fixing the newspaper with glue. To be sure, you can use hot glue or β€œMoment” quick-drying glue.

Start to bend the next stack of petals to the side or twist a little on a pencil. So the rose will look more magnificent. Otherwise, the bud will not look very natural or closed.

Attach all the petals in such a way, fixing them with glue at the base. When the petals are over, you can begin to form the stalk and decor.

What an interesting rose

Rose stem

For a flower from a newspaper with your own hands, of course, you need a stem. It is very simple to make. To do this, cut a long strip from the newspaper. You can use white fields, then the element will not merge with beautiful petals.

Coat the strip with glue and, having glued the tip to the base of the bud on the wire, start wrapping it tightly and firmly, in several layers, leading the segment lower and lower.

Add a few leaves to the rose to add realism. Firmly fasten the strip to the end.

Like real ones!

Flower decor

DIY flowers from newspapers and magazines can be slightly decorated. Firstly, the flowers can be bandaged with a ribbon and placed in a vase. Flowers from magazines and from black and white newspapers look stylish. You can paint the products: the stems of roses - green acrylic, and the petals - at your discretion. Paper roses painted with gold paint look very interesting. Some craftswomen at the same time sprinkle the product with sparkles.

You can decorate paper flowers as you like, exclusively to your taste and color.

Roses from a music notebook - what a beauty!

As you can see, creating flowers from newspapers is not such a difficult task. Paper is a malleable material, it’s easy to work with it, it bends and curls as you like, but it keeps its shape perfectly. You can use paper flowers as a separate decor, putting them in a vase, or add other compositions to them.


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