How to wake up without an alarm at the right time for a child. Adult help

The alarm clock can cause stress from the sudden interruption of a certain phase of sleep. After such an awakening, drowsiness during the day, a feeling of lack of sleep is possible. The level of performance can be significantly reduced, and productivity may decline. If you learn to wake up yourself, without using special devices, you can avoid these and other negative consequences. How to wake up without an alarm at the right time for children under 18? Let's think ...

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It is vital for both a child and an adult. This is an opportunity to have a good rest, to regain strength. Depending on age and temperament, children need to sleep from nine to ten hours a day. Before a child is eight to nine years old, most may need a daytime sleep.

How to wake up without an alarm at the right time? This is difficult for children, so parents and educators strive to invent their own ways of awakening.

The quality of sleep of a small person depends on his daily regimen. Parents, creating a daily affairs schedule for the child, must take into account the balance of physical activity, mental activity and so on. When identifying negative manifestations in a state of health or behavior, it is first of all worth reviewing the daily regimen.

Before going to bed, the child should engage in quiet games, being in a state of balance and emotional peace. The most optimal solution is a walk in the fresh air with adults, accompanied by a calm conversation. But in view of the parents' busyness (after all, most adults carry over household chores just in the evening), you can try to fulfill these responsibilities together, which disciplines and reassures.

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How to wake up without an alarm at the right time? Awakening must be positive. What can be done for this? First, leave a minimum of affairs in the morning. In the evening, prepare everything you need to the maximum: a school backpack, clothes, and more. You should create somewhere in the field of view of the child a small object of visualization, which will contain the stages of preparation for school and morning training. For example, the following description or pictures of the necessary actions: opened his eyes, stretched, washed, dressed and had breakfast!

How to wake up without an alarm at the right time? Awakening in a good mood will help fresh air in the room, the sounds of an awakening city, favorite music. And of course, morning for the child should come at the same time of the day. From this, it is worth starting attempts to teach the child to independently raise himself.

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Sleep diary

How to wake up without an alarm at the right time? You decided that it would be better for your child to get up in the morning without an alarm clock. This must be prepared in advance. It is advisable to start doing this on vacation. So you will be less nervous and worry.

Keep a baby's sleep diary. Enter the basic information there:

  • Bedtime.
  • Time to fall asleep.
  • Awakening Time.

And write down the comments. In what mood, say on a 20-point scale, I woke up. How long I got up. Experiment with stacking time. An hour earlier, an hour later. The fact is that sleep is cyclical, and its phases change every two hours. Sometimes it is more important in what phase the awakening occurs, than how many overslept. Perhaps this time will vary by half an hour, but for the body it is optimal.

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Ritual and rules

Daily falling asleep should be a real ritual. You better know what exactly suits your child: reading, quiet music, dim light or complete darkness, a glass of warm milk or mint tea and so on.

The ritual involves a certain order of actions and means, periodically repeated. Therefore, think about how each of your late nights will go with your child. Remember, any habit, as acquired, and disappears with a twentyfold repetition. Our body itself produces a hormone that determines its transition from sleep to wakefulness, and vice versa. Therefore, habitual behavior can help the body in receiving a signal about the production of the necessary substances.

If a son or daughter protests against your rules, calmly explain what his idols do just that. Talking about health benefits is futile. For most children, this is not motivation. But the desire to be, like a beloved hero, can act in eighty percent of cases. This is a pattern of developmental psychology.


The last meal the child should be an hour and a half before bedtime. This is the advice of endocrinologists. Cortisol, the hormone of "morning vivacity," is produced with low blood sugar levels. So a person should wake up hungry.

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How to wake up without an alarm at the right time? Methods

To son or daughter woke up themselves, without additional devices and gadgets, you need, oddly enough, an alarm clock. Yes, the first task is to achieve self-discipline and self-control in the child. At a certain time, with the same signal, the sleepyhead should wake up and get up.

Training should take place patiently, without nerves, with enviable constancy. When a son or daughter gets used to self-awakening on a signal, try to move on: do not turn on the alarm. Perhaps the body is already used to waking up at the same time. But you should still praise the child.

How to wake up without an alarm at the right time, a method for scouts and very disciplined people. The child must have serious motivation. Easier such tasks are solved by children who are seriously engaged in or are fond of something. These are athletes, actors and so on.


Healthy sleep of a child is a guarantee of physical and mental health, good emotional state, normal performance. The adult's task is to help Sonya adjust the regime of the day, the process of going to bed and make the moment of awakening positive.


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