Obligatory element of female and pair figure skating. Varieties and Features

Many fans of this elegant sport tried to look into its history.
Although shoes for ice skating (made presumably from bones) were repeatedly found on the Bug coast, Holland is considered to be the historical homeland of figure skating. Some researchers are convinced that it was here that the first iron skates were born. Since that time, this wonderful winter entertainment began to develop as a full-fledged sport.

Varieties of ice skating

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, men were mainly engaged in figure skating . These were solo performances, which were more like running than skating. Surprisingly, women's individual performances began to appear much later. However, most viewers agreed that the performance of the girls gliding on ice is much more elegant. So why not bring athletes together? And so the pair figure skating was born.

Supports - an indispensable element of women's and pairs figure skating. And to this day, this kind of wonderful sport has three main types:

  • female
  • male
  • pair skating.

Obligatory element of female and pair figure skating
Today it is one of the most beautiful and challenging sports. Even all professionals are unable to fulfill some of its elements. However, there is a compulsory program for all skaters. The level of competition determines how difficult these or other elements will be.

Each element of female and pair figure skating is special

For example, the โ€œspiralโ€ is an indispensable element of female and pair figure skating. This trick is not the most difficult, but still requires training, including exercises without skates. All necessary steps, jumps and rotations are also necessary components of riding.

figure skating support (elements)
Using the first, the skater moves on ice and connects two or more elements. Spirals are performed as follows: one leg is on ice, and the other is in the air. Depending on the position and positions of the legs, several varieties of this element are distinguished. It is noteworthy that in order for the trick to count, you must be in the position for at least 7 seconds.

โ€œSpinsโ€ is another obligatory element of womenโ€™s and pairs figure skating (the most diverse technique). They can be performed in a standing position, sitting, and even in the air. The swallow is also a convenient position for rotation. Jumping in this sport is divided into two types, depending on the performance: sock and costal. The mandatory program of some difficult competitions includes Axel, Lutz, Flip, Tulup, Salkhov. "Rittberger" is also an indispensable element of female and pair figure skating. The name tricks often get in honor of the famous skaters or coaches who came up with this element. They also support in figure skating (elements and tricks).

Some features and benefits

Of course, these tricks can only be performed by well-trained professional skaters. But even a person who has never stood on ice can understand the technology and mechanics of any element. The laws of physics are the main key to understanding all the complexities of figure skating.

Obligatory element of female and pair figure skating (name)
It is noteworthy that ice skating has a strong aesthetic side from ice skating. It is not only beautiful to look at it from the side, this or that obligatory element of female and pair figure skating emphasizes certain muscle groups, as a result of which the athlete's figure becomes beautiful and fit. This sport requires perfect posture and, moreover, musical ear, as ice skating is often accompanied by music.

Figure skating for those who love work and perseverance

Most who decide to take up this sophisticated sport have no regrets about it. But it is worth confessing that you can achieve any results only thanks to iron willpower and constant perseverance. Those who still decided to connect their lives with sharp blades of skates should say that inventory plays a significant role on the path to success. Of course, at first not everyone can buy professional skating shoes, but over time this still needs to be done.

Obligatory element of female and pair figure skating (technique)
This is a wonderful sport that gives a lot of positive emotions and a huge charge of vivacity. Those successes that lie ahead are worth any effort spent on training.

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