Denis Burmistrov: biography, training and nutrition athlete

Denis Burmistrov devoted bodybuilding most of his life, and now he is his main profession, earning. Although at first Denis did not like people who actively attend the gym, and he did not plan to devote himself to sports.

Now he is known to millions of people from different countries and continents, and all this thanks to the high awards that he was able to receive. Denis Burmistrov is the champion of Russia and Europe, the former world champion and the world champion among couples in fitness and bodybuilding.

early years

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Denis is a hereditary Muscovite. He was born on August 21, 1978. In his early years, he did not think about doing bodybuilding, powerlifting, or other power sports.

In his youth, the future champion went to martial arts, like most of his friends. He repeatedly participated in hand-to-hand combat competitions and even won prizes.

Later, the attention of all the young guys was attracted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Based on his biography, films and numerous articles began to be filmed. Denis Burmistrov, at the age of 18, wanted to show off with his pumped up arms and a stately torso in front of other people. Therefore, he enrolled in the gym and began to work hard.

In a new hobby, the young bodybuilder was very lucky. In the hall were athletes who shared with him tips on training and nutrition. The growth of Denis Burmistrov and his good genetics influenced. All this helped him become an athlete with impressive forms.

The assistance provided to Denis was limited to some advice. In the future, he had to find all the necessary information on training on his own.

For example, he was able to discover for himself that in order to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to follow a clearly worked out nutrition plan with the required number of calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It was also necessary to take into account that it is impossible to obtain lean muscle mass and a certain amount of excess weight is always accumulated, therefore, it is necessary to periodically “dry” the body.

At the very beginning, Denis Burmistrov ate chaotically and did not always eat the products necessary for mass gain. He was new to basic exercises and the essence of using sports nutrition. It was necessary to engage in the gym on our own and on our own to look for information on bodybuilding in any available sources.


Denis Burmistrov bodybuilding

At the moment, Denis is one of the most famous trainers in Russia and a graduate of the Physical Culture Faculty of the Moscow State Pharmacopoeia. But in his youth he was prophesied the work of a cook, and he even graduated from college in this specialty. Although the athlete loves to cook, his connection with the specialty is limited only by this.

Denis's views on bodybuilding changed dramatically after the start of training. At first, he didn’t really like the look of pumped up guys visiting the gym, but later he began to engage in similar exercises himself.

Athlete Nutrition

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According to Burmistrov, all training and proper nutrition are given to him very easily. He also does not have problems with preparing for competitions. Denis shared his author’s nutrition plan, which is described below. But you should always understand that the training and nutritional schemes of popular personalities may not always be right for you.

  • 9.00 - boil ten eggs and remove half the yolks;
  • 11.00 - cook porridge from Hercules weighing 150 g and add a banana along with 50 g of protein;
  • 14.00 - cook buckwheat porridge weighing 100 g together with 200 g of beef and eat one apple or pear;
  • 17.00 - fifteen proteins, one banana and 80 g of powdered carbohydrates;
  • 22.00 - boiled chicken breast weighing 200 g with rice or pasta weighing 100 g. Also eat 1 apple;
  • 24.00 - oatmeal porridge (100 g), 300 g of cottage cheese, one banana and 30 g of casein.

For specialized sports nutrition, Denis Burmistrov is a bit unusual. In preparation for performances, the bodybuilder adds a protein isolate without lactose and amino acids to the main diet. Denis also likes to drink protein shakes up to eight times a day.

After all the tournaments have been completed, the athlete allows himself to relax a bit and move away from the usual diet. For a couple of days, he will be able to treat himself to dumplings, fried potatoes and pork, but later re-adheres to familiar foods.

Competitions and preparation for them

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As a rule, Denis takes part in at least seven tournaments in one year. At the moment, he has been conducting his coaching career for 15 years.

During performances, its weight is within 118 kilograms. For the rest, Denis’s training time is not so intense. During the week he conducts four workouts and in each of them he is engaged in the study of one specific muscle group. 4 exercises in training load large muscles, and 2 occupy the arms.

Author's training plan

Denis Burmistrov extremely rarely gives interviews, but when this happens, he shares tips with novice athletes. In one of these, he talked about how he conducts his training.

Since Denis Burmistrov began to succeed in bodybuilding, he has developed a clear training technique for himself to prepare for competitions and in the offseason:

  • 1 day - legs;
  • 2 day - pectoral muscles;
  • 3 day - back;
  • 4 day - hip biceps;
  • 5 day - shoulders;
  • 6 day - hands.

Awards and Achievements

Denis Burmistrov biography

As a result of his daily training in the gym, the athlete received significant achievements. The biography of Denis Burmistrov has many memorable moments. Here is an incomplete list of his titles and awards:

  • Five-time and absolute champion of the Russian Federation.
  • The absolute champion of Moscow and the Moscow, Ryazan, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, and also Lipetsk regions.
  • Two-time champion in Eastern European tournaments.

In addition, there are other achievements in smaller tournaments.


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