Guessing the feelings of a loved one on the Tarot

Rapidly beating heart and hazy dreams create in the mind of a man in love feelings about reciprocal feelings. Getting the answer to this question seems to be the most important thing in life. Pick up the tarot cards. A faithful and voluminous analysis of the relationship is carried out with them. Consider fortune telling - how to conduct and decipher.

fortune telling

Preparatory stage

It should be understood that tarot cards are not simple cards. They are capricious and finicky. Something you don’t like in your attitude to them - they will lie, they will not take expensively. And they can punish especially harmful interrogators. If you are interested in guessing feelings, try to please them. However, this is not difficult. We list the basic rules for communicating with Tarot cards:

  • ask a clear, simple, and meaningful question;
  • never put pictures on the bare surface of the table, you need to spread an elegant tablecloth or towel;
  • store the deck in a red bag and get it only on business, for fortune telling.

The process should begin with a consideration of the situation. It’s a lot of work to formulate the question when you divine on the feelings of a loved one. It is necessary to indicate his name, introduce a person, remember the smile and look. Other thoughts temporarily remove from the head. Let nothing interfere with the discoveries that remain to be done.

fortune telling

Features of Tarot Cards

You know, the most difficult and incomprehensible thing for beginners is the fact that the position of the card largely determines its value. Guessing for feelings, for example, is based on time and personality. That is, a certain position in the alignment is responsible for the events, thoughts, emotions of the participant in the relationship. It turns out such versatility, which should be reduced to a single picture.

You can, of course, conduct a simple fortune-telling on the feelings of a loved one. But it will be less informational, as it will show only a part of reality. In fact, it is recommended to make a alignment and analyze it from all possible sides, taking into account the meaning of the dropped characters and their position.

fortune-telling on the feelings of a loved one

The card combination factor may be even more important for a loving heart. Not all sources reveal it. Here you need to rely on your own intuition or ask for advice from an experienced specialist. Gypsies, for whom the Tarot is a long-standing instrument of magic, say that it is necessary to be born with a talent for seeing the alignment.

What are the layouts

There are many options for performing layouts. In fact, each fortuneteller develops his own. Some are inherited. We will not touch on tangled, multiple positions. Thick books are written for their analysis. Yes, and they have to be disassembled for hours, because they contain information about the past and future of all participants in the event, even those about whom the questioner does not suspect. Guessing the feelings of a loved one is one of the simplest. Therefore, it is proposed to consider the following situations:

  • simple answer;
  • three cards;
  • way.

These are simple combinations that allow you to determine the current state of affairs, affecting the relationship of the figure, to open the curtain of the future.

"Simple answer"

This divination of the feelings of a loved one is performed with one card. Shuffle the deck and remove it from an arbitrary place. The inverted position of the picture should alert. Regardless of the value of the lost lasso, this fact is negative. The process went towards attenuation. That is, relationships can be interrupted, a person will soon cease to be interested in you.

Bad if a Broken Heart or Tower falls out. The meaning of these arcana is parting through pain. That is, treason is likely. Arkan Death, on the contrary, speaks of changes for the better. Also good are the World, Empress, Papess, two cups (lovers). These lassos portend a harmonious relationship and mutual love. Arkan Lovers demonstrates that a person faces a choice. That is, his feelings concern several people.

"Three cards"

This layout is more complicated. Here, fortune-telling on the feelings of a man answers several questions. The first position speaks about the source of the situation, the second - about the current situation, the third draws probable prospects. You also need to look at the number of flipped cards. If there are most of them (2-3), the prognosis is negative for any lasso. Also, the above-mentioned arcana of Broken Heart and the Tower retain a negative value. The combination of the moon with any of the sevens speaks of deception. In what sphere it is happening, it is clear by the suit of the minor lasso. In any case, you should think about treason.

fortune telling

The layout of the "Way"

Here you need to draw seven cards. Spread them like this: one in the center, three in a column (bottom to top) on the right and left. This divination of feelings describes both participants in a relationship. It is necessary to make a guess on which side each of the partners will be. Moreover, each card is responsible for a certain area of ​​human perception. They are as follows (bottom to top):

  • what a person shows to another;
  • what he thinks but hides;
  • that which conceals the subconscious (the most important position).

The middle map crowns the layout and sums it up. Guessing the Tarot on feelings in this way demonstrates the dynamics and prospects of relationships at different levels from the ordinary to the karmic. It is only necessary to decrypt correctly. It is recommended to remember or save the layout, returning to it as you comprehend the previous portion of information. Repeatedly carry out it only when circumstances change dramatically.

fortune telling

Remember the main thing

Fortune telling should not be repeated every day. Cards will lie. You should be well prepared for it, focusing on only one issue. The result, no matter how negative it may be, needs to be considered from different angles. Tarot cards differ from other magic tools in that they always give advice on correcting the situation. He must be found. As a rule, he is in the position of "probable outcome", but not necessarily. Speaking about dropped symbols, do not forget about their multifaceted nature. For example, a typical mistake is the opinion that Tarot is characterized only by visible events. They reveal much deeper worldview and karmic aspects of relationships. Which more fully reveals the picture to someone who is interested in fortune-telling on the feelings of a loved one.


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