CND gel polish for nails: reviews

A beautiful manicure that does not cause trouble for a long period is the dream of almost every modern girl. It is also necessary that the manicure remains bright for a very long time. CND gel polish is a wonderful tool that fully meets these requirements.

Why do women choose shellac?

How much trouble does a manicure done using ordinary varnishes. After all, these funds very quickly lose their luster, brightness, so the coating ceases to look fresh. And if the situation is aggravated by several chips, then this suggests that it is time to wash the varnish. Of course, it is very a pity to quickly say goodbye to a neatly applied pattern, especially if it was done by a master.

In order to have a fresh look for a long time, the beauty industry offers a solution like CND gel polish. It is such a manicure that will look for a long time as if its owner had just painted her nails. Hands at the same time look neat and tidy.

Who prefers varnish?

The Shellac color palette has 250 shades. They are all characterized by brightness and saturation. It is not surprising that young people first of all pay attention to such colors. But in fact, absolutely any woman in such a rich assortment is able to choose the most suitable shades for herself.

gel polish cnd

For example, CND gel polish for nails of a saturated pink color or a pleasant pale green hue looks rather restrained. Unless it is necessary to consider that it is not respectable for a serious lady to create in her image a strong contrast between articles of clothing and manicure. This will indicate frivolity, lack of taste or disrespect for others. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that the color scheme of clothing for 2 weeks should match the tone of the selected varnish.

Shellac coating properties

To create a really good manicure, you need to use high-quality products. Gel Polish CND allows you to give your nails a truly spectacular appearance. It is simply applied, but the color of the manicure turns out to be bright and saturated. The composition, which combines varnish and gel, has the positive qualities of both agents.

Shellac is the first hybrid varnish, the quality of which has been confirmed by special testing, as well as scientifically. The tool is quite popular in Ukraine, so it can be purchased in many stores.

Properties of a good varnish: ease of application, giving the nails shine, as well as a rich color. Features of the gel: strength, stability, lack of extraneous odors. When modeling, correcting and building nails, using CND gel polish is very convenient. With this tool you can create the perfect manicure without resorting to the use of nail extension techniques.

cnd gel polish reviews

The benefits of nail polish

Now many ladies make sure that the products they use are not only safe for health, but also benefit. Such girls give preference to the use of Shellac gel polishes. After all, the tool is created on the basis of harmless components. Also, fashionistas acquire varnish-gels, guided by their qualities:

  1. Lack of smell.
  2. Ease of application (lack of strips, streaks, lubrication).
  3. Lack of feeling of heaviness on the nails after creating a manicure.
  4. The ability to dry in a few minutes.
  5. The nails look even, shiny and bright, if you use CND (gel polish).
  6. Reviews mainly confirm that the coating remains on the nails for 2 weeks. No erasure or chipping is observed.
  7. Easy to remove.
  8. The absence of allergies.
  9. Contributing to the strengthening of the nail plates.

gel polish cnd for nails

How long is the novelty of manicure?

Many girls want their nails not to fade when exposed to sunlight, so they use CND - gel polish. Reviews confirm that the product does not chip when washing hands. And if you need to carry out home cleaning, then also do not worry about the safety of manicure. Although in any case, you need to have rubber gloves on hand , which will help keep the skin young and beautiful.

The varnish contains vitamins and minerals designed to strengthen the nail plate. Therefore, those girls who dream of growing their own nails can turn to the use of the product. A pass with a coating is obtained on average 2 weeks, as evidenced by reviews. Some lucky ones manage to keep a manicure for 3 weeks. After that, the nails grow back, and in any case, Shellac must be washed off.

gel varnish cnd shellac

Easy varnish application

Do you want your nails to look beautiful and well-groomed, while there is no way, means or time to regularly visit the master? In this case, it is best to purchase a varnish that lays well and stays on the nails for a long time. And so that drying is successful and as fast as possible, it is best to stock up with an ultraviolet or LED lamp.

The product has an elastic texture. In addition, each package is equipped with a very convenient brush. That is, the application procedure is very simple. Any fashionista is able to cope with the creation of manicure. Using Shellac CND gel polish , each girl can paint her nails on her own. In this case, the manicure turns out as if the master was engaged in its creation.

gel polish shellac cnd

Gel polish helps to grow nails

Girls are often upset by a problem such as delamination. A durable gel polish layer on the nail plate will keep it intact for 2 weeks. This is also due to the fact that the tool has a strengthening effect. Thus, it becomes possible to grow nails to a fairly decent length. Do not forget that at night you need to smear your hands with a cream that promotes the growth and strengthening of nails. It will act regardless of the presence on the nails of the coating.

Rinse off the varnish quickly and accurately. After removing the coating, it is necessary to treat the nails with a firming agent. In no case should you use a nail file. In this case, together with the varnish, the upper protective layer of the nail plate will be erased. The nail polish remover should be such that it removes the old coating in the shortest possible time and is guaranteed.

That is, beautiful manicure is now not a problem. Even in the absence of the opportunity to regularly visit masters with a tool such as CND Shellac gel polish, it is very simple to achieve the desired result at home. Now you can do it yourself with a beautiful manicure that constantly maintains a fresh look.


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