Nail polish "Evelyn": composition, application, durability, reviews

The famous brand of decorative cosmetics Eveline, in addition to cosmetics for the face, produces products for nails. With its help, quality care for the nail plates is performed. Cuticle care products for nail polish removal and strengthening are also available. Nail polish "Evelyn" is one of the most sought after. About him is described in the article.

Brand history

Eveline was opened in Poland in 1983. Now the range of the brand is more than 700 products in demand around the world. Products are in great demand in more than 45 countries. Cosmetics have excellent quality, new safe technologies are used in its manufacture. Now the company's products are sold in many countries, it is popular in Russia. Moreover, medical and decorative products are in demand.

nail polish evelyn

Particularly noteworthy are the Evelyn nail polishes, which, according to reviews, are popular with many women. In most of these products there are no harmful components. The company produces products with a therapeutic effect on nails. Therefore, most varnishes do not cause allergies. There are funds with formaldehyde that should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.


The most popular is Evelyn 8 in 1 nail polish. It restores the nail plate after gel or acrylic extension. The tool allows you to maintain the nails in order for those who have them weak by nature. According to the manufacturers, the Evelyn 8 in 1 nail polish is capable of:

  • prevent delamination;
  • make the plate solid;
  • relieve brittleness;
  • align the nail bone;
  • cure weak nails;
  • make nails matte;
  • eliminate dullness;
  • make it thicker.

In addition to these properties, varnish accelerates the growth of nails. The structure includes the innovative Strong Nail โ„ข complex. With its help, there is a restoration of water balance and the appearance of nails. It forms a nail plate and accelerates its growth.

evelyn 8 in 1 nail polish

Evelyn nail polish consists of:

  • butyl acetate;
  • ethyl acetate;
  • polymer;
  • plasticizer;
  • diamond powder;
  • formaldehyde.

There is much debate about the last component. According to European standards, this substance should not be more than 0.2%, but in this varnish it is slightly more. This component does not have a positive effect on everyone. After 2 weeks of use, the nails will be well-groomed, shiny.

Application features

Evelyn nail polish is applied very simply. It has a comfortable brush and a pleasant texture that is easily distributed over the nail plate. But to achieve a bright color, it is necessary to cover in 2 layers. The first dries quickly - in 5 minutes, and the second - 10 minutes. Keep it within 2-3 days.

nail polish evelyn reviews

The company produces acetone-free nail polish remover, which, due to the presence of vitamins, nourishes, strengthens, improves the growth of the nail plate. It must be used in the same way as conventional means of this type.

Application Rules

First, preparing the nails. Hands should be washed with detergent, wipe with a lint-free cloth. For degreasing, the nails are wiped with a cleaning fluid without acetone, but preferably with alcohol or alcohol tincture. After drying, a transparent base is applied, which makes the nails smooth and even. Instead of a base, a transparent top is allowed.

After some time, the plates are covered with the main layer. It is important that the varnish is not thick, because it does not lie flat. But it should not be liquid either, otherwise it will spread. Therefore, you need a high-quality oily product with an average consistency, which dries quickly and lasts a long time.

The bottle should be held in the hand for warming, shake it. It is necessary to start work from the little finger of the right hand, holding the hand at an angle. Do not take a lot on the brush. Start coating from the middle, stepping back from the cuticle 5 cm. Stretch the drop to the cuticle, and then paint over the center of the nail. After returning, the brush must be removed to the side surface. The same is done with the other side. Painting the end of the nail and drying this layer is required. After drying, a thin layer is covered. Fixer is allowed.

To apply the varnish evenly, 2-3 thin coats are required. Drying is performed in air or a hairdryer. Cleansing is performed with a corrector or cleanser without acetone.

Sometimes the use of varnish leads to a burning sensation. This appears due to an overdose of the drug. It should be wiped off the nails and after a while proceed to apply one layer. Subject to this recommendation, no adverse reactions appear.


According to reviews, the Evelyn nail polish is convenient to use. Even after prolonged use, it does not cause negative consequences. The positive properties of the product include:

  • a variety of colors and decorative effects;
  • safe composition;
  • drying speed;
  • ease of application;
  • easy removal.
medical nail polishes evelyn

A few minutes should be allowed to remove nail polish. It is enough to use a simple tool for removing material.


Due to the advantages, this product remains in demand. But varnishes also have disadvantages:

  1. Low coating resistance. After 2-3 days, an update is required.
  2. Although products are considered safe, formaldehyde is present in some species. Therefore, you need to read the composition.

Therapeutic types

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the medical Evelyn nail polishes. They have a restorative effect. But they have a lot of formaldehyde. Therefore, it is undesirable to use for allergies. There is a nail polish โ€œEvelynโ€ with a therapeutic effect. It is suitable for regular use.

nail polish evelyn

Before use, a check is required for the body's response. If there is no pain, the drug can be used. The company has released several formulations:

  1. 8 in 1. This tool restores, strengthens, accelerates the growth of thin nails. It fixes 8 common problems. Nail polish โ€œEvelynโ€ makes them matte, dense, evens out.
  2. 3 in 1. The product fixes the varnish and enhances the shine. It dries the surface of the plate, gives a glossy shine and enhances the color, performs care of the cuticle.
  3. SOS. Used for soft, brittle, brittle nails. In the varnish there is a complex of valuable components: collagen, calcium, essential vitamins.

Other drugs include tools for fixing the varnish, restoration and strengthening. In stock there are compounds for strengthening with diamond dust, nourishing oil for nail care, cuticle.

Decorative means

In addition to medicinal, there are decorative varnishes. The best of them include:

  • MiniMAX quick dry & long lasting. Thanks to a special formula and ultrahard ceramic particles, gloss and color intensity are maintained. A rich palette will allow you to choose a tool for every taste.
  • Magical Gel. A two-step tool that creates the effect of a gel manicure. It dries thanks to natural light. The nails will be shiny, smooth, and resistant to abrasion.
  • French manicure super duet. The set is designed for French manicure. There are delicate and pleasant shades.
  • Nail polish "Evelyn Holographic". Thanks to innovative technology, it reflects light, which is why plate defects are invisible. It is also called the Evelyn Minimax nail polish. Many soft and bright colors are offered.
  • Color instant. This is a quick-drying varnish with more than 20 colors. With it you get a bright manicure.
evelyn minimax nail polish

Still there is a vinyl nail polish "Evelyn", which combines 2 properties: varnish and hardener. The tool holds as a hybrid option, but does not spoil the nail plate. The effect can last a week, while the coating does not lose its luster and density.

Color matching

The choice of varnish occurs according to fashion. But everyone has different tastes. You should take into account skin tone and season. In addition, the color in the bottle is one, and when applied it is different. Manicure should be suitable for clothes, makeup, hair. The condition of the nails should also be taken into account, since dark tones emphasize all defects.

For tanned skin, yellow tones and pastel colors are used. If the skin is pale, it is better to choose pink and gray tones. Even when choosing a color, the length of the nails is taken into account. On shorts, shiny dark tones look great. For medium ones, it is better to choose glitter, holographic and sand varnishes.

For everyday life, discreet complex colors are suitable, best of all - classic French manicure. For the evening, choose dark and bright shades. In summer it is advisable to paint in bright colors, and in winter - light and classic. With difficulties in choosing, you should give preference to red and pink colors, which are always relevant.

During pregnancy

There are many prohibitions for pregnant women. But you should not run your nails during this period. In many women, they deteriorate from a lack of calcium. You can use varnishes, you just need to follow the simple rules:

  • Painting should be carried out in ventilated rooms.
  • Use nail polish remover where there is no acetone.

These are all the rules of procedure. It is only necessary to carefully apply the varnish on the nails, observing the rules for performing manicure.

Extension of durability

In order for the result to remain for a long time, it is necessary to observe simple rules of care:

  • Avoid lamination. For this, the free edges must be cut and sawed beforehand. Sawing procedures are performed on a dry plate.
  • Every day, petroleum jelly should be used to nourish the skin of hands and nails. After that, you need to wear gloves and walk for 4 hours. It is advisable to do such work at night.
  • Be sure to use rubber gloves that protect the skin from household products. They must be worn when washing floors and utensils, as well as other homework.
  • It is important to wash your hands regularly with soap, otherwise a positive soil is created for the development of bacteria. Usually, the fungus appears on the nails and thin skin of the hands.
  • Do not bite your nails.
  • It is important to adjust the diet. Strengthening nails requires more protein. Ideal are dairy products, lean meat and cereals.
  • It is necessary to use biogel. It is colored and colorless, has a therapeutic effect.
  • Nutrition is important. To strengthen the nails, in the offseason you need to use medical varnish. He is in the pharmacy.
  • You need to use paraffin. It is melted in a water bath. After cooling, the hands are lowered alternately. It is required to wait for the hardening of the first layer, and then apply a second, third.
  • Under the varnish must be applied base. The same goes for the finish, which protects against cracking.
  • Nails darken from smoking and other negative factors. To bleach them make baths with soda and salt. You can treat the plate with a pulp of lime or lemon. Then glycerin is applied.
  • Hands should be protected from the cold, so warm gloves or mittens should be worn. This protects the skin from cracking and peeling. 15 minutes before going out, you need to treat the skin with anti-frost cream.

Where could I buy?

You can buy varnish in a cosmetic store, large network branches. Its price is 120 rubles. In online stores, products are cheaper.

holographic nail polish evelyn

Thus, the presented varnishes allow you to create a beautiful manicure. And the therapeutic effect of some drugs makes them even more popular. A variety of products will allow you to choose the one that is needed.


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