Development companies in Moscow and the Moscow region: list and reviews

Development companies in Moscow are constantly competing with each other, because there are so many of them. And it’s not always possible to find a really good developer from this set, from whom you will not have to wait for a dirty trick. This article will give a rating of the best companies and tell the story of their creation so that the reader has an idea of ​​them. But first, it is worth mentioning what are the companies involved in this activity.

Development companies

The occupation of these organizations follows from the first word (development - development). Development companies are engaged in the development of real estate, construction projects and structures. Such a company can act as both the customer and the contractor. It is recognized as a customer if it creates only a project, and gives its implementation to another structure. It is considered the contractor when it implements the project. The company can also buy out old structures and upgrade them, raising the real price in their favor.

So, we can conclude that development companies are engaged in the creation of a construction plan and its implementation.

Development companies in Moscow: Morton

This company was created back in 1994, and its opening just happened in the not the best period of our country's life, but this did not affect its prestige in the least. Now the corporation is among the top three developers with the largest volumes of housing construction. The company is respected in the government: from 2008 to 2009, the government signed contracts with the company for the construction of public housing: you must admit that not all development companies in Moscow could have hit such a jackpot.

Last year, the corporation was sold to another brand, which gave chances for its even greater promotion on the market.

development companies in Moscow

In the early 2000s, the construction of residential complexes was carried out mainly in the suburbs, especially in the eastern part. Now the company is expanding its geography and about half of Morton’s orders are already in Moscow.


The company has established itself as a time-tested, experienced customer. Most often, objects are rented ahead of schedule, only a couple of times there were cases when the deadline had to be postponed for a short time.

"Morton" creates housing for the middle class at affordable prices, like not many development companies in Moscow involved in construction.

rating of development companies in Moscow

Now the company has about 30 new buildings, where you can still buy housing.


This is not one company, but a whole network, united under the direction of one person. Incidentally, Morton is also part of this group.

The group grew out of one small company established in 1994, and a little later the company was given the status of AO. The first shares were acquired by company management.

Ongoing activities

At the moment, PIK GP is not only the largest development companies in Moscow (more precisely, a group of companies), but also a key Russian developer. About one million square meters of real estate is built annually thanks to the efforts of this corporation.

Construction is carried out not only in Moscow and the region, but also throughout the country. Housing belongs to the category of economy and comfort.

development companies in Moscow and the Moscow region

Typically, a new building from this group looks like this: several high-rise apartment buildings forming an entire area, bright facades decorating the walls of high-rises, and various types of layouts.

This company takes care of its name, therefore, cases with the transfer of the reception number of an object are very rare. But buyers often complain about the underdeveloped infrastructure of the created areas and the quality of high-rises.

Now the project has about 30 districts in Old and New Moscow.

“Aircraft Development”

It cannot be said that all development companies in Moscow and the Moscow Region were created long ago. This is confirmed by this company, created in 2012. After 2 years, “Airplane Development” began to build its first facilities. And now, after several years, the company is on a par with more experienced developers and takes 15th place in the ranking in terms of the volume of housing to be built per year.

Activity of the company

The company is building not only Moscow, but also the Moscow region. In the region, mainly economy class housing is being built. Apartments do not differ from each other in layout: they all have a small area and practically do not have extra partitions. Along with residential complexes, infrastructure is being built, but it is also of the same type, which distinguishes all development companies in Moscow.

List of development companies in Moscow

This developer is known for erecting housing in a very short time, but many complain about the quality of the complexes being built.

Now the company has in stock about 8 new buildings, the average cost per 1 square meter is about 80,000 rubles.

Urban Group

This developer almost closes the list of large companies in Moscow. It is worth mentioning that it is the second largest built-up territory in Moscow and the Moscow region. This group creates not just separate houses, but entire neighborhoods, using various building materials for this. According to the results of the company's work, about 2 million square meters of built housing were counted.

construction companies in Moscow

Company advantages

The level of houses being built in the mentioned group of companies is slightly higher than the previous ones. Firstly, each project is developed individually: the architect is personally involved in every detail of the building.

And, secondly, housing is created in the comfort class. Not all developers, even those included in the rating of development companies in Moscow, can afford this.

Each district is diverse, but all houses are maintained in a single European style, based on classicism.

Much attention is also paid to the ecological situation of the region, the level of pollution. Therefore, during the development of districts, the company constantly carries out work to improve the territory.

But the cost of housing of the company is relatively low, since almost all projects are implemented in remote areas of the Moscow Region or New Moscow. On average, the price per square meter in a new building varies up to 80 thousand rubles.

Thus, the article gave a list of development companies in Moscow. Using the pros and cons given here, you can choose the best developer and decide where to invest your money and who better to stay away from.


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