Little table from the engine: necessary tools and materials, photo

Sometimes ordinary repair in an apartment is not enough. Many owners are trying to give the interior some special feature. Some people buy expensive furniture, while others turn to designers for advice. But there is one idea that will make the interior of any room unique. This is a coffee table from the engine block. This furniture looks very original. But how to get such a coffee table from the engine? You can buy ready-made, but it costs fabulous money. The way out is to make such a design with your own hands.

from engine block

What to take as a basis?

So, the most basic detail that we will need to create a table from the engine (a photo of examples of work is in this article) is the cylinder block. Which block to take does not matter, since only aesthetics are important to us, you can even use a non-working mechanism. It will be cheaper, and it will not be displayed on the design. The motor can be anything. If the budget is limited, you can take a block of ordinary domestic cars. A more expensive solution is the use of V-shaped blocks from jeeps or a business class car. But the most extraordinary option is a table from the engine block of a truck. It can be an eight- or twelve-cylinder engine. But this craft is already several times more expensive. You can make a table of various types. It can be bar or magazine. The latter option is more popular and simple, so we will consider it first.

coffee table

What needs to be prepared?

For the operation, we should prepare:

  • Protective glasses.
  • Gauntlets.
  • Gloves.
  • Detergent.
  • A lot of clean rags.
  • Sandblasting machine.
  • Metal brush.
  • Rust converter.
  • Pulverizer.
  • Car enamel.
  • Solvent.
  • Primer for metal.
  • Drill.
  • Taps M8 and M12.
  • Die M12.
  • Saw for metal.
  • Welding machine.
  • Epoxy adhesive.

You will also need glass for the table. It should be transparent, with processed edges. It is recommended to use glass about one centimeter thick for a coffee table.

What more is needed?

In addition to the items listed above, we should also purchase:

  • The cylinder block itself (in-line or V-shaped).
  • Furniture castors. It is important that they are designed for the mass of the selected block.
  • Metal legs for installing the unit.
  • Chrome pipe with a diameter of 12 millimeters. The length of the pipe is about 40 centimeters.
  • Threaded washers with a diameter of 12 millimeters.
  • Fasteners. These are bolts for furniture wheels, hex bolts and nuts.
  • LED pendant with power supply.
  • Cord and plug.
engine coffee table

Getting to work

If the work is performed for the first time, you can take as a basis a simple 4-cylinder block from the VAZ-2101-07 engine. Pistons and connecting rods should be removed from it, if any. That part of the motor where the cylinders used to be will be the top of the table. She will be seen through the clear glass.

We put on chain clothing, gloves and mittens. We need to put the block in order. Usually it contains residual oil and gasoline. You will need a large amount of rags and solvent. We wipe all the places on the block and even the insides. At the end of the cleaning work, it is advisable to rinse it again with detergent, and then rinse everything with water.

Often there is rust on old VAZ units. Here we need a converter and a brush for metal. The converter contains acid that corrodes corrosion. But not all sites will be perfect. Therefore, having cleaned all corrosion spots, the unit should be sandblasted.

Note! It is necessary to work with a rust converter with rubber gloves. The composition is very toxic and corrodes the skin.

Next, the block is degreased with a solvent. After you can start priming. The primer will ensure good adhesion of the paint to the metal block. It is advisable to choose a composition for the color of the paint. It can be applied from a spray can or from a spray bottle.

We wait until the primer dries. Next, apply the paint. It is advisable to choose an enamel with imitation of chrome or silver. And the holes for the cylinders can be treated with golden paint. Enamel is applied in two to three layers. Each previous one must dry beforehand. The first layer should be developing. That is, you need to apply paint from a long distance. Typically, a spray bottle or spray can first be kept at a distance of thirty centimeters.

After painting, proceed to the installation of auxiliary elements. With M8 bolts we fix the legs of stainless steel. Using a drill with a drill of 7.5 mm, drill a hole in the block for fixing the legs. Cut the thread with an M8 tap. Attach the leg to at least two bolts. Furniture wheels are attached to the end of the products. The latter should not be saved. They must withstand the entire load - the block, glass and parts that will be on the table.

Now you need to do LED backlighting. Do not be lazy to install it - it gives the design an even more unique look. Mount the tape so that inside the holes for the cylinders are illuminated. A tape of cold tones will look especially impressive - blue or purple. We also need a power supply, a cord and an electric plug. We feed the tape from the network 220 volts, and then 12 volts will go through the converter. Fasten the tape inside the case with epoxy glue. Next, a cord with a plug to the network is displayed.

At the next stage, using a metal saw, we cut off the bolt heads under the M12 hexagon and weld the M6 ​​connecting nuts with a welding machine. We twist the bolts with nuts vertically into the technological holes of the cylinder block. Next, they need to wear pieces of chrome pipe. We cut the last into four parts (each ten centimeters long). We cover the upper part of our holders with washers with a diameter of 12 millimeters. They must be fixed with the same epoxy glue.

Finish stage

Now we need to attach the glass to the holders. You will need epoxy glue again. By the way, the upper part of the glass can be decorated by applying any pattern using a sandblasting machine. Everything, on this our design is ready.

engine block table

A simplified version of the table from the engine

If you do not want to bother, you can just make a table with comfortable legs, without wheels. But in this case, the design will not work so mobile. And it will be difficult to move it, since the glass can be damaged. Therefore, under it you need to install additional holders.


How to make a table of this type out of the engine? To do this, you must have:

  • Cylinder block.
  • Glass a millimeter thick.
  • Metal rods with a length of 50 centimeters. Diameter - 12 millimeters, quantity - 8 pieces.
  • Furniture castors and bolts for them (16 pieces).
  • 8 nuts M6.
  • Rubber washers in the amount of 8 pieces. The diameter, as in the past case, is 12 millimeters.
engine block

For this type of table you need to take a V-shaped engine - other options will not work. Only in this way will we manage to hide bottles with drinks in the cylinders. Ideally, the V-6 block is suitable for a table from the engine. In this case, backlighting is not necessary, because the emphasis will be placed on alcohol.

Please note that furniture wheels are not suitable for heavy blocks with 8 or 12 cylinders. In such a situation, it is better to use stationary legs.

We prepare the block according to the same scheme:

  1. Wash off the oil.
  2. We remove the rust.
  3. We are grounded.
  4. We paint.

Colors can be chosen the same - silver or chrome. Next, we mount the furniture wheels on the lower part of the block. If there are no technological holes in it, we drill them with a drill and cut the threads with an M12 die. We position the rod at an angle to the vertical axis of the block. The upper part for installing glass is cut off at the right angle. To fix the rods, we also drill holes and cut the thread with an M12 tap. Nuts are welded to the upper ends of the rods. The latter must lie in the same plane to get the glass installed further.

engine block coffee table

12 mm washers are mounted on top of the nuts. The latter are fixed with epoxy glue. Using glue, glass is also fixed to the washers. On this work can be considered finished.


Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a used understaffed engine than the unit itself. In addition, you can then sell unnecessary parts. This is a crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, rings and other mechanisms.

block coffee table


So, we looked at how to make a coffee table from the engine. The photos presented above in the article show that with this element you can significantly transform the room. Such furniture can not be found in ordinary stores, but because the table from the block will be a real highlight in the interior. But for the manufacture of such a design will have to significantly work. To create a product you will need to allocate a full daylight hours.


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