We sew curtains with our own hands

There is a sense of beauty within each of us. Therefore, we are trying to turn our home into a kind of corner of peace and comfort. We make it not like the rest of the house and decorate it in every possible way. One of the suitable options for transforming the house - do-it-yourself curtains.

Making a variety of decor can be your hobby. Just try once to get a taste. With the help of this fascinating activity, you will not only transform your home, but also get rid of many unnecessary things, giving them a second life. Let's look at how to sew the curtains in the kitchen with your own hands.

First you need to decide on a suitable model and decide what exactly you want to see on the window. It should be remembered that the made curtains with their own hands must necessarily be combined with the rest of the kitchen decor. Therefore, you need to think through the basic idea of ​​design. The ideal option for the room, in which the hostess spends most of her time, will be air and light kitchen curtains.

You can buy a ready-made version. A wide selection of curtains is offered in any textile store, but it is more interesting to sew curtains with your own hands. Measure the size of the window. We will need them to calculate the required amount of material and the correct construction of the pattern.

Curtains sewn on the principle of domino look beautiful on the window. Any flowing material is suitable for their manufacture, but we will sew them from colored chiffon. We will need two cuts of fabric, the size of the kitchen window is one and a half times wide and 30 centimeters long. So that the curtain is combined with other elements of the kitchen, we take cuts of different colors. In addition to the fabric, we will need a special curtain tape and a slanting inlay of sufficient length to process two cuts on three sides. Colors combine well: yellow and blue, green and white, red and yellow, but you can choose any suitable combination.

Making the curtains with our own hands, we begin by treating the edges with an oblique trim on three sides. Without finishing, there remains the edge to which the curtain tape will be sewn. After processing the edges, we lay the pieces of fabric on top of each other, equalizing the open edges and stabbing them with needles along the open cut. Fold the fabric and curtain tape with the front sides and sew. We turn the tape inside out and, attaching it with needles, sew the open edge to the fabric, hiding the raw cut inside. We collect the curtain, pulling the twine in the ribbon to the size of our window, and get beautiful folds. We hang the curtain on the curtain.

Now you need to fix each canvas on different sides of the window opening with the help of tacks and you can admire the finished work. Passing through the sun's rays, the curtain will cast multicolored glare on the kitchen utensils, and create a joyful mood.

If in your house many bands of chiffon or organza have accumulated, then you can make a unique curtain for the kitchen. It is enough to cut strips of the same length, slightly more than the height of the window and sew them into one canvas, processing the slices with an overlock or slanting inlay. The upper edge should be sewn onto the curtain tape, and the lower cut should be processed in any way you like. To decorate the curtains, you can use everything that is at hand. It can be multi-colored beads, beautiful buttons, organza flowers.

Having at its disposal only one canvas of transparent fabric and pieces of a multi-colored satin ribbon with beads, you can sew a simple but beautiful curtain for the kitchen. To begin, we process the edges of the fabric cut. You can just file it. On each tape we string beads in random order, fixing knots on both sides. We lay out our prepared tapes on the fabric, equalizing them along the raw top edge, and sew on. After that, we sharpen the curtain tape and hang the finished curtain. Ribbons with beads should hang down freely against the background of a plain fabric.

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