How to paint beautiful nails at home? 4 secrets

It is difficult to imagine the image of a modern woman without a perfect manicure. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to visit the salon every day for procedures. How to be? Do it yourself and at home. It is difficult only at first. How to paint beautiful nails at home? There are a few secrets.

how beautifully make up nails at home

Secret number 1

On which hand do you usually do manicure in the first place? According to statistics, 90% of women begin the procedure with the left hand (left-handed with the right). Why? It is more comfortable. This is where the first secret lies. It’s better to do manicures and paint nails with your weak hand on the lead. First, enough of the fuse for the whole process. Secondly, the hands do not get so tired. Thirdly, it turns out more accurately. How to paint your nails most beautifully? If you are right-handed, feel free to start painting them on your right hand.

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Secret number 2

Have you paid attention to how you do yourself a manicure? What finger do you start with? In a chaotic manner or without thinking? The second secret is that you need to start with the little fingers. What a manicure, what a nail polish. Why with the little finger? Starting such a simple process is easier from small to large, from simple to complex, gradually. The nail plate of the little finger is smaller, the working surface is small. How to beautifully paint nails at home quickly? Feel free to apply the varnish on the little finger and beyond. Leave your thumb alone. On both hands. These nails are generally painted last, first on the leading hand, then on the weak. So it will be difficult to lubricate or accidentally hurt.

Secret number 3

To make your fingers sparkle longer with an impeccable coating, you need to do a little preliminary work. Firstly, the nails need to be filed. Secondly, push back the cuticle. Thirdly, remove the gloss from the nail plate. This can be done with a soft buff for natural nails, and then treated with a degreaser. And only then you can apply the base for a manicure. You can’t do without it, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling your nails with color pigments from varnish. The cuticle can be lubricated with oil after all the beauty has been induced and dried. How to beautifully paint nails at home faster? Use a special dryer for varnish. It can be a liquid product, an LED lamp or a manicure lamp with a small LED. Not a hairdryer! This will dry the varnish, and it will crack faster.

how to make beautiful nails

Secret number 4

How many layers of varnish do you usually apply? In order for the manicure to last longer, there should be no more than three layers. One of them is basic. If the varnish is thick, it is best to apply it with a thin layer several times, for saturation. Before you paint your nails beautifully - photos with examples can be found in the magazine - choose a few basic colors. From them, then select the most successful option for you. To varnish shine on the nails, it can be painted with a protective coating with ultra-gloss. This will not only help protect your manicure, but also give it a special game in the light.

So, how to paint beautiful nails at home? To process nails, prepare them for coating, apply varnish. Squeeze a brush on the edge of the bottle to remove excess. If you accidentally smeared the varnish or got on the cuticle or side roller, then simply remove the excess with a manicure pencil or cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.


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