Motor ship "Sunny City": description, routes, service, reviews

The cruise ship "Sunny City" is a comfortable boarding house ship. On it you can not only make a fascinating journey, but also spend time with health benefits. For this, all conditions have been created on the ship: a morning cup of phyto tea or oxygen cocktail, balanced nutrition, sports simulators, the help of a professional instructor in yoga and Pilates, leisure activities for children and adults.

"Sunny city" ship

Turning pages of history ...

"Sunny City" belongs to "Infoflot". Assigned to Rostov-on-Don. Winters near Nizhny Novgorod. Makes river cruises from Moscow . But it was not always so. Not immediately came to the ship and a sunny, warm name, which gives a feeling of celebration and carefree relaxation.

A short biography of the "Solar City" looks like this:

  1. Built by order of the Volga Shipping Company in 1956, launched in the GDR. The original name is Karl Liebknecht.
  2. Acquired by Voyage (Rostov-on-Don) in 2001. After a major overhaul and modernization in 2003, it became known as “Yuri Nikulin”.
  3. He moved to the Infoflot department: in 2007, it was chartered and modernized, in 2013 it was bought out and modernized again, in 2014 it was renamed.

During the last modernization, public premises (deck halls, lounges, a playroom for children, a restaurant) acquired a special flavor. Cabin furniture was replaced, the interior was updated. This led to the creation of increased comfort conditions for passengers.

River cruises from Moscow

Boat tour

“Sunny City” is a three-deck river ship with a unique color. After the modernization carried out in 2013, the Infoflot branded patterns adorned the side of the vessel. Two years later, the ship received a rainbow color, which creates a sense of celebration. Thanks to the multi-colored appearance, the ship became easily recognizable and noticeable. Meeting him on the river is like meeting an old acquaintance.

A positive summer look is given to the ship-sanatorium by additional touches: an artificial lawn covers the deck; in the "Green Bar" - a kind of greenhouse from indoor plants.

Technical characteristics of the vessel :

  • length - 95.8 m with a width of 14.3 m;
  • draft - 2.4 m;
  • number of engines - 3;
  • displacement - 1470 tons;
  • speed - 24 km / h;
  • modern navigation equipment.

The ship is able to accommodate 200 passengers. The crew and staff - 70 people. The captain of the ship "Sunny City " - Menshikov Dmitry Gennadevich (replaced at this post Andrei Alexandrovich Simachev).

The leisure of passengers is organized by a creative team led by Natalya Semyanova, director of the cruise.

Cruise route

Where do the passengers live?

Motor ship "Sunny City" cabins offers its guests on the lower or middle decks. They are presented in several categories.

Deluxe and junior suites offer increased comfort. All amenities are located in the cabin. The windows are large, designed specifically for viewing. Double bed, TV, corner sofa. Slippers, bathrobes, dining and tea utensils, a travel kettle provide additional amenities.

Luxury cabins have 2 rooms, access to the deck is separate.

Single and double berth cabins on the boat can have all the amenities directly in the cabin or the amenities may be partial. In this case, only the washbasin is located in the cabin, and the shower and toilet are shared and located on the deck.

2-berth cabins are able to accommodate 4 people, as they are equipped with additional seats on an increased area.

Each cabin (regardless of category) has a radio broadcasting system, a refrigerator, a hairdryer, and a comfortable microclimate allows you to create a centralized air conditioning system.

“Ah, a white ship, green water, you take me away, tell me where?”

Annually goes on exciting cruises with passengers on board the ship "Solar City". Navigation starts in May and ends in September. Usually, a holiday cruise opens the navigation, and then a series of flights lasts from 3 to 22 days. Family cruises and weekend tours are especially popular.

Starting his journey from the Moscow River, the ship leaves further along the Volga, Kama, Don, Volga-Don Canal. Modern navigation equipment allows you to navigate not only along rivers, but also along lakes (Ladoga and Onega), making unique cruises to the Solovetsky Islands, Valaam and Kizhi.

The route options are varied. For 3-4 days the ship leaves for Tver, Dubna, Myshkin, Nizhny Novgorod. Weekly cruises are made to Plyos, Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Kazan. The ship leaves for Kizhi and Belomorsk for two weeks. Cruises are made to St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don.

Cruise route and duration may vary. One thing remains unchanged - river cruises from Moscow are made and end in the capital. Only the latter, in the second half of September, ends in Nizhny Novgorod. Here the "Sunny City" remains to winter.

Nutrition for passengers

A special power system has been formed on the ship:

  • breakfast - buffet;
  • lunch and dinner - order (3 options of the first and second courses, salad, dessert).

Purchasing a ticket, passengers independently choose the type of food: 3 or 2 meals a day (breakfast or lunch in combination with dinner). The menu is planned for 20 days - this eliminates the repetition of dishes throughout the cruise.

The presence of 2 restaurants allows you to organize single-shift meals. The restaurant where meals will be served throughout the route, and the table number are indicated on the boarding pass. During lunch and dinner, for an additional fee, you can order products from the bar: alcoholic drinks, cocktails, juices.

If necessary, lunch and dinner can be delivered to the cabin.

At dinner, passengers are offered herbal tea.

Each flight hosts a captain’s dinner with glasses of champagne.

River cruises, price

Ship bars

The bars offer passengers refreshments and alcoholic drinks, cocktails, ice cream, coffee and desserts. In addition, the bars offer the opportunity to order breakfast (in the morning) and hot dishes (until midnight). Ordered products are delivered to the cabin for free, and during the daytime drinks and light snacks can be purchased on deck from the bartenders. So "Sunny City" (ship ) takes care of creating additional comfort for its guests.

During the daily “Cocktail of the Day” promotion, you can buy cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at a special price at the bar.

Guests of the Green Bar are offered lemonade, freshly squeezed juice, an oxygen cocktail, phyto tea:

  • fortifying;
  • tonic;
  • anti-stress;
  • improves digestion;
  • enhancing immunity.

The Green Bar invariably arouses special interest among passengers. Thanks to evergreens and flowers, a real garden has been created here, where a special microclimate is formed, a peculiar atmosphere of wildlife. At the Green Bar, during cruises (except weekend cruises), passengers waking up at dawn can get a cup of fragrant tea or invigorating coffee, cookies and fresh pastries for free. The action has a symbolic name: “Good Morning Cup”.

Service on board

Ship registration begins 1.5 hours before departure. If the passenger arrives much earlier than the appointed time, he can leave things for storage on board the ship. Large tourist groups, passengers with disabilities, as well as travelers with children are registered without waiting in line.

Before the start of the voyage, a safety training is held, passengers are introduced to the ship's crew, the schedule for passage of locks and port parking lots.

Excursion service is carried out according to the purchased package. It should be noted that the cost of individual excursions paid directly on the ship is higher than when buying a tour package with a full package of excursion services. Separate routes include sightseeing tours included in the price of the permit. For foreign tourists, excursion escort of an English-speaking guide is possible.

“Sunny City” (motor ship ) publishes an on-board daily newspaper with the symbolic name “City News”. Fresh newspaper issues are delivered to the cabins, which provide detailed information about the next day, the schedule of excursion trips, and even the weather forecast.

Passengers can get any information at the information desk, from the cruise administration.

Ship stalls sell souvenirs and camping items containing the symbolism of the ship.

The boat has access to free Wi - Fi .

Cruise ship "Sunny City"

Leisure activities

“Sunny City” is a motor ship that allows not only to see the beauty of nature and coastal cities, to enjoy the fresh air of rivers and lakes, but also to spend time excitingly, in comfortable conditions, with health benefits.

Guests expect:

  • cozy halls and outdoor walkways;
  • restaurants
  • bars (disco and "Green Bar");
  • solarium located on the upper deck;
  • a library where not only books are offered, but also fresh printed materials;
  • m lounging salon.

Travelers are greeted with bread and salt, and before the departure of the ship there is a mini-concert.

Every day, guests become participants in competitive programs, thematic discos and parties, quizzes and concerts, intellectual games. Entertaining events, accompanied by fervent animators and a professional art team, invariably evoke positive emotions and cheer up. For those who wish, they teach dance classes and master classes in vocals.

The ship has its own mascot symbol - a sunny chicken named Tsypa, who daily meets his guests on board the ship in the early morning.

For sports, passengers are offered simulators, step platforms, yoga karems, dumbbells, rubber-eights, and other sports equipment.

Chess and checkers, backgammon, badminton rackets, volleyball and soccer balls are provided free of charge.

You can admire the sunsets and cool sunrises by comfortably wrapping yourself in warm rugs.

Photo and video shooting, binocular rental, laundry services, taxi call are paid separately.

Cabin on the boat

Sunny childhood

“Sunny City” is a motor ship where the most comfortable conditions are created, both for adults and for children. For young tourists, the presence of children's furniture is provided: in the cabin - a cot, in the restaurant - highchairs.

On the main deck there is a room with equipment for children's games and activities. During the water trip, young tourists get acquainted with the nature and history of Russian cities.

A full-fledged vacation is combined with the development and knowledge of the new, as the animator organizes master classes, educational and cognitive games, and entertainment programs. Children not only play, but also engage in creativity: they draw, put into practice the possibilities of decorative and applied art (dry felting, glass painting, decoupage), and study soap making. Adults, along with small passengers, can take part in master classes, while receiving not only new skills, but also real pleasure.

In moments of quiet relaxation, young guests can play board games, watch cartoons and fairy tales. In the evenings, radio plays-tales are broadcast.

A special children's menu has been prepared for children's nutrition, in which dishes are presented not only wholesome, but also originally decorated.

Cruise cost

Infoflot adheres to a flexible pricing policy. Going on a water trip, a tourist chooses the cost of a trip on his own. For river cruises, the price consists of the type of food (2 or 3 times), living conditions in the cabin, the volume of excursions.

The price includes:

  • residence;
  • nutrition;
  • sleeping accessories;
  • program on the route;
  • sightseeing tours when visiting the Solovetsky Islands, Kizhi, Valaam.

Separately paid:

  • bar products;
  • individual excursions if a full package is not purchased.

The company offers a flexible system of discounts that vary depending on the season and the holding of promotions.

Three-deck river ship

"Sunny City": reviews of tourists

The policy of variable pricing, a wide range of services, a creative approach to organizing leisure of passengers during the cruise, caring for guests of the ship - all these factors, combined, form a special atmosphere of the holiday surrounding the ship "Sunny City". Reviews of tourists speak for themselves:

  • the cost of the cruise is lower than on ships of other companies due to the choice of food options;
  • you can purchase only part of a multi-day cruise;
  • the system of organization of ship vacations is family oriented;
  • the atmosphere on the boat is warm and welcoming;
  • decent food;
  • the ship is neat and clean;
  • the staff works harmoniously, honestly, trying to make the rest comfortable;
  • thanks to the creative team and animators, the rest is filled with special content, leaves a pleasant impression, is remembered for a long time.

Sunny city ” is a cozy ship with a nice name . The ship you want to return to .


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