Consequences of Smoking Hashish

In recent years, hashish holds the second place in the list of addictions after alcohol. Smoking herbs (hemp) and hash smoking, in terms of exposure, is essentially the same, only the content of THC (psychoactive component) in the latter is much higher. By the way, the word "hash" is translated from Arabic as "grass". In our country, this is pollen collected during the flowering of hemp.

When you smoke grass for several days, you begin to light up, get used to it, like cigarettes. "Coming" is becoming weaker, which means that in order to return the effect, the dose, of course, increases. These are the first consequences of hashish smoking : switching to a stronger drug, since this has ceased to suit.
What is it? Dependence? Definitely. Only, rather, not physical, but psychological. Till. These are also the effects of smoking hashish. The first two links in the chain. Having felt a pleasant state once, a person wants to return to this state again, again ... But the previous "product" no longer suits him, because it is simply impossible to constantly increase the dose. Therefore, he is looking for another drug identical in action, but only stronger. And then even stronger ... Still ... The consequences of using hash are simply unpredictable.

Physical dependence on smoking grass will develop in a day or two in a day. Some have done it before. And of course there will be changes. With violations, primarily in the nervous system. Otherwise, nothing ... Well, if it was so good so many times, maybe it would be time to pay off? The effects of smoking hash produce results ...

The smoker pays with his heart. In the direct sense. Rising pressure puts a serious strain on the heart. Anyone who has tried to smoke at least once understands what it is about. The state changes immediately. Moreover, some also โ€œcatch upโ€ with alcohol, thereby exacerbating the already done harm. Do you know why the addict has red eyes? These are nothing but bursting capillaries. And the reason is pressure.

The effects of smoking hash leaves an imprint on the lungs. Like smoking cigarettes, only more harmful. A lot. Anyone who smoked hash knows the reaction to vigorous puffs: coughing to tears. Not casual after all ... So I want to quote the phrase of the late Yura Klinsky, said through an explosive cough: "Boys, do not smoke ..."

It is also scary that the smoker cannot really assess his condition. The body can be on the limit, and it will seem to the smoker that everything is wonderful! This is how the heart stops, committing suicide from an unhappy love for the ever-changing TsNR. Excuse me, gentlemen, for black humor.

Few? Move on. The consequences of smoking hashish - a change in psyche. Smoking causes intoxication. Disturbed attention, memory, thinking, coordination. An avid Rastaman for serious mental work is simply not capable.

It is possible that one of you asks yourself the question: "And if you do not smoke often?"

Do I need to smoke at all? Even if it is only "once a month"? First, then two, then all the time. This is really addictive. The brain, storing information, asks for repetition. And gain. And the curve went ... And she usually displays near the "fool", a prison, or a morgue.

But the worst thing about this addiction is not even a poisoned organism, a heart not worn out already in youth, not affected internal organs, not a loss of a family ... The worst thing is that a smoker becomes a degenerate, unable to assess the situation, make decisions. Lost your "I", personality, brightness, individuality. There is a transformation into an animal with innate instincts. Such people cause sting and a sense of disgust. Isn't this the worst thing?

Is it worth trying if you have not smoked? Smoking hashish, the consequences of this smoking, as you see, are predictable. Follow the advice: "Boys, do not smoke ..."


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