Art list of nails and its varieties

Beautiful manicure is not just a dream of every girl. A lady must have well-groomed fingers. Especially when her responsibilities include communication with clients. Any woman who wants individuality in all the details of her image wants to give the nail an original design .

Art painting of nails
There are quite a few ways to turn a regular manicure into a real work of art. The most popular is art painting of nails.

It is a kind of flat design. This is its main advantage. Indeed, not always voluminous decor using massive jewelry is convenient at home and at work. In addition, modeling and large rhinestones tend to lose their original appearance over time. Art painting on the nails will not fade and will not be erased even with the most active manual work. It is enough to cover it from time to time with a new layer of protective shine. She will serve you for a very long time until she gets bored.

To depict on the nails flowers, fruits, animals, various patterns and even the most real pictures (provided a large area of ​​the plate) can only be a master who has sufficient practical experience.

Art painting on nails
For this, most girls turn to specialized salons. However, art painting of nails is also available to “mere mortals” who did not take a course in this art. Of course, some complex compositions you may not get right away, but over time, the skill will come. But something simpler to draw will be able to not only a professional. It is enough to train a little and get different-sized brushes for nail art. They are sold in any specialized store where usually all nail art designers are usually purchased.
Art list of nails photo

Drawings are made with acrylic paints. But art painting of nails can be done with ordinary colored varnishes. However, in this case, the result will not be so bright and impressive. But it’s more convenient and practical to train on varnishes. They are not as expensive as special paints.

In addition to brushes, you will also need sticks. With their help, it will be possible to conveniently place small rhinestones on the nails, correct the unevenness of the picture, place dry petals and other decorations. Remember that all of them should be as flat as possible so that after applying the protective coating the decor does not protrude on the surface. Colored pollen, sparkles, feathers and lace - all this is an art painting of nails. Photos posted by masters on the Internet confirm the fact that paints alone will not be enough to create a masterpiece. The main thing is the presence of imagination and dexterity.

On a separate step is an art painting of nails in a Chinese style. It has a lot of technical features. Recently, Chinese painting has become the most popular among clients. She very often appears at professional exhibitions of already experienced and well-known masters in her circles.

You should not limit yourself to the examples already available on the Internet. Unleash your imagination, create completely new trends in art painting. This is precisely how the most famous motifs arose, which today have already gained deserved popularity.


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