Correctional Palmistry by Boris Akimov

The palms of each of us are unique, and the lines drawn on them, according to palmists, can fully tell about the fate of their master. However, not everyone is destined for a happy life, and many would like for themselves a better life.

Guessing in the palm of your hand for a long time

Therefore, such a science as corrective palm reading appeared, which is focused on directing the fate of a particular person in the right direction. From the point of view of logic, this seems impossible, however, in order to understand what's what, you need to get acquainted with this method as close as possible. The article will describe not only the basic principles, but also provide a brief overview of the book by Boris Akimov, “Correctional Palmistry,” which will help answer all questions on this topic.

What did our distant ancestors do?

Palmistry, like medicine, did not appear simultaneously in a wide variety of cultures. The thought that fate can be read by looking at strange lines on the palms came to the minds of mystics from different times. However, the birthplace of this science can be safely called Egypt. After all, temple priests possessed magical knowledge more than 5000 years ago.

Palmistry later appeared in China, but was somewhat different from the Egyptian one. The main difference was that the Chinese looked more at the patterns that are located on the fingers. However, attempts to change fate originated in the territory of Ancient India, because it was there that people drew patterns on their palms to conduct some magic rituals. And in some African tribes, Aborigines applied special symbolism to their skin, and this was akin to modern attempts to correct the course of their own destiny.


Corrective palm reading is a deliberate correction (drawing) of significant lines and figures streaking the back of the hand. It aims to change important events that are of crucial importance and are able to help fulfill our desires. Palmists believe that the lines on the palms change depending on the thoughts and actions of a person, as well as the events leading to them.

Each of us is able to change the course of our destiny, but sometimes it may take many years. In such cases, the corrective palm reading method provokes a faster transformation of the intended from above and prevents many possible problems. Therefore, science provides an opportunity, using a conventional ballpoint pen or marker, to draw those lines that are not clearly drawn and therefore do not carry the most favorable value.

Modern technique and its origin

Example of successful correction

Boris Akimov became the founding father of corrective palmistry ten years ago. In 2008, he came up with an interesting idea about the need to bring to mind the various techniques that have recently helped mankind to direct life in the right direction. Therefore, a professional palmist (formerly a doctor) came up with such an interesting way to solve various problems.

Once, a woman came to Boris Akimov who complained that during her life she was haunted by evil rock. Taking her palm in her hands, the palmist saw that the line of life was poorly drawn and often interrupted, which indicated constant health problems and even the possibility of premature death. Then he understood the causes of all her difficulties, and, making a prediction to the very woman, he was imbued with compassion for her. Which, in fact, prompted him to the idea that you can try to draw an unstable line with a pen. From that moment, he began to ponder his idea and weigh the pros and cons.

Five years later, Boris Akimov’s book Correctional Palmistry. Draw your fate. ” It contains the basic concepts of this method, its principles and how to use it correctly. After reading the book, you can, on the instructions of the author, trace the palm of your hand with the necessary lines without leaving your home. The main thing is that in this case there is a clear goal and necessary thoughts in the head.

How it works?

The principles of corrective palmistry by Boris Akimov are based primarily on the fact that the palm contains many biologically active points, with the correct effect on which you can activate their strength and send the necessary information to higher forces. This will help to repay a good man according to his merits, because good deeds should be appreciated. Before you start life from scratch, you should review your attitude to it and its priorities, as well as recognize all past mistakes. And then it will not be possible to compromise with oneself, otherwise fate will not change.

Without your help, not even the most experienced palmist can help you with anything. It all depends on the person himself and his desire to change for the better. If he stubbornly continues his previous life, then the consequences may be dire. In fairness, it is worth noting that corrective palm reading does not guarantee an instant correction of fate with one hundred percent probability. The lines cannot be completely changed, but you can correct them where they are too thin and broken. This will help a person unlucky in life to finally feel happy. Correction does not occur immediately, and its success directly depends on the mood of the person himself, his way of thinking and desires. The more positive his mood, the greater the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Feedback biofeedback

Hands are able to see

This type of interaction is the main principle of controlling the psychophysical state of a person. All his actions are like a boomerang returning to him with the same biological energy that he invested in them. When a person cultivates himself in order to find happiness in the future, and painstakingly works on it, some time later, positive energy comes back and nourishes all his thoughts again.

Feedback through the palm of the hand is the most fruitful method of this principle. After all, hands are the main tool for interacting with the environment, and on the back of each there is a huge number of receptors and points associated with various organs of the body. Therefore, each line drawn, most likely, will let the higher powers know about your sincere desires and will be considered.

What a hello - such an answer

The laws of karma in the entire history of the existence of our civilization have repeatedly received scientific confirmation. After all, it is inherent in each of us to think at the moment of happiness that this is the highest reward for good deeds. However, if any bad event occurs, we immediately begin to recall: “Where have I sinned so? Why did this happen to me? ” And such thoughts are logical, because sooner or later everyone gets what they deserve.

The laws of karma really leave a mark on later life, based on our own actions. If you think about the good, and drive the bad into the far corner of consciousness, there is a real chance to correct mistakes and get what you want. But negative thoughts can attract even more significant adversity and even a serious illness. Correctional Palmistry by Boris Akimov explains how the karmic law works when correcting lines on the back of the hand. And here the main condition is the desire and confidence in a favorable outcome.


On the hands of a lot of patterns

Correction of lines can be of two types, however, before choosing one of them, the palmist examines the palm and identifies the places where they need to be corrected. In addition, the professional conducts a conversation with the patient, during which he learns the information necessary for work. In addition, he always works on the internal state of the ward and explains to him everything about karma and how to send signals for help to the Universe correctly. Drawing is a key step in the work of a palmist, and the lines are usually drawn with a red felt-tip pen (or marker). This color blends well with the original, and after the session, just wash your hands to make the picture disappear.

Types of correction:

  • Protection. Work is carried out with the main line or signs. If it is intermittent, then they finish it, making it whole and clear. In addition, a palmist can apply special protective signs (circles, triangles or squares).
  • Success. Work is carried out with fateful lines, which are also the main ones. They are leveled and lengthened, and in the place of ruptures they are joined. A palmist can also draw important lines that for some reason are not on the patient’s hand (love, success or money). He will also add other important signs to reinforce the expected result.

Akimov’s corrective palm reading is an innovative method, therefore it requires scientific confirmation and time-tested. Specialists will improve it more than once and check its effectiveness. However, to date, the creator of the book has a lot of evidence that the technique really works. The main thing is to remember that this is not a game, and to approach this issue with all seriousness.


Review of the book “Correctional Palmistry. Draw your fate "

Correctional palmistry of Boris Akimov is a very extraordinary method of “correcting” fate, and the book describes in detail all the advantages. A popular palmist also talks about how, looking at a person’s palm, one can see his past, future or present. Moreover, the innovative technique of corrective palm reading allows you to change your fate (based on the best thoughts of a person) and avoid troubles on your life path.

Akimov’s book

Such a scheme is unique in the first place because it uses a serious approach to the true causes of what is happening. Boris Akimov found a way to bring happiness, good luck, material well-being, and also improve the health of his patient to a particular person.

The author himself says that today a palmist can not only read human destinies, but also help people to improve their lives. Now he is not just an outside observer, but also a professional who is able to do something truly worthwhile.

The main idea and conclusion

Hands are an important tool

Boris Akimov took five long years to develop a new method, during which he was committed to testing it on his unlucky patients and on himself. The palmist was waiting for the corrective palm reading to bear fruit, so he was aware of the patients' private lives. However, he did not sit idly by and continued to improve the methodology and work on errors. Now he is sure that the correction really works, and once it was only entertainment for him.

Reviews of Corrective Palmistry

People who actively studied this fascinating science, bought books by Boris Akimov and were satisfied. They became closely acquainted with the basics of corrective palm reading and soon tried it on themselves. The result was not long in coming - life has changed for the better, success came, it would seem, from nowhere. Now they are actively using this technique and recommend it to all their friends. They are very grateful to the author for the invention of corrective palm reading.

However, without faith and a clearly defined goal, life is unlikely to change, but if you really want something, then you will find the strength to overcome all obstacles.


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