List of Commemorative Coins of Russia

Issue of commemorative coins of Russia began in 1992, after the collapse of the USSR. The activities for their manufacture and distribution within the country and abroad are carried out by the Bank of the Russian Federation. They are cast from noble and base metals. For circulation in foreign countries there is a separate category of coins from precious metals - investment. Let us consider in more detail the features and purpose of these elements.

commemorative coins of Russia

General information

The historical and sports series are the most popular in the issue of commemorative coins of Russia. They are reflected in various long-term programs dedicated to:

  • outstanding personalities of the state;
  • monuments of architecture;
  • UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage;
  • The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;
  • Red Book
  • extraordinary events and persons.

The year 1996 was marked for the Russians by the appearance of new investment coins in the domestic market. They were made in the form of a gold piece of gold from 1975-1982. a simple quality and a silver coin from 1995 on which a sable was depicted. These two types of coins are legal tender in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as coins of a new type issued since 01/01/1998.

In 2006, a gold coin was added to this category, on which George the Victorious was depicted, and in 2009 the same interpretation was issued, but made of silver.

Production and distribution

Production of commemorative and jubilee coins of Russia - This is the diocese of Moscow and St. Petersburg mints. They provide a high degree of artistic form and, of course, high-quality coinage, which leads to recognition and steady demand within the country and abroad. For this, they were also repeatedly awarded prizes by specialized foreign numismatic publications and organizations based on surveys.

commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia banks

In the domestic market, distributors of commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia are banks (commercial), credit organizations of the Russian Federation, and Gosznak. The parent bank distributes the coins of each category first to credit organizations that have an extensive branch network in the regions of the Russian Federation, and then to Gosznak.

The most valuable coins

Since 1992, 5 large commemorative coins of Russia from precious metals have been issued:

  1. Amur Tiger (1996, face value - 10 thousand rubles). This coin presented the series “Save our world” and was made of gold (999 fineness). Weighed 1 kg of gold, a total of 100 units were issued.
  2. "275th anniversary of the St. Petersburg Mint" (1999, face value - 200 rubles). 150 such samples were made of silver (900 samples), each weighing 3.342 kg. Later there was another issue of similar coins in a total of 500 pieces.
  3. "The 190th anniversary of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise" Gosznak "(2008, face value - 25 thousand rubles). 50 coins were issued, the weight of one coin was 3 kg of pure gold.
  4. "150th anniversary of the Bank of Russia" (2010, face value - 50 thousand rubles). Today it is the largest Russian gold coin with a weight of 5 kg of 999 gold.
  5. Silver commemorative coin for the 200th anniversary of the victory of Russia in the Patriotic War of 1812 (2012, face value - 500 rubles). It remains the largest Russian silver coin and weighs 5 kg of silver with a circulation of only 50 copies.

commemorative and jubilee coins of Russia

Base metal commemorative coins

This category is issued by the Bank of Russia in five denominations: one, two, five, ten and twenty five rubles. For the manufacture of copper-nickel and copper-zinc alloys are used. Their issue is dedicated to individual events, but also reflects various aspects of today's life.

Diverse subjects

The subject of minting commemorative coins of Russia is extremely diverse and includes thirty-four series. Consider the most voluminous.

  1. "The Great Patriotic War". In this series, 8 commemorative coins were issued, 5 of which are dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War: the 50th, 55th, 60th, 65th and 70th. Coins dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the defeat of fascist troops near Stalingrad, the liberation of Europe from fascism and the milestones of the Second World War were also minted.
  2. "Outstanding personalities of Russia." In this category, famous Russian figures of various fields were immortalized on metal: Nakhimov, Derzhavin, Mayakovsky, Repin, Kovalevskaya, Dal, Orlova, Sholokhov, Antonov, Mendeleev, Bekhterev, Stolypin, Tchaikovsky and many others.
  3. The sports series “Sport” and “Outstanding Athletes” preserved on memory the memory of the Olympic Games of different years, the world championships in many sports and eminent athletes who glorified Russia.
  4. “Historical Series” - includes 36 coins with significant events for Russia. It is from this series that the coin dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the Victory of A. Nevsky on Lake Peipsi became the first in the history of their coinage in general.
  5. The Red Book and Save Our World series have captured over 60 species of endangered animals on coins, including the Amur tiger, the Himalayan bear, the bison, the sable, the lynx, the snow leopard, the flamingo, the black crane, the muskrat, the Ussuri spotted deer, the kulan , loaf, manul, red kite and others.
  6. In the series “Architectural Monuments of Russia” more than 150 famous architectural structures of the country are noted.
  7. The coins of the "Geographical Series" reflect the memory of the 1st and 2nd Kamchatka expeditions, the exploration of the Russian Arctic, the development of Siberia, the first Antarctic expedition and the first Russian round-the-world trip.
  8. Since 2011, commemorative coins have been issued in the category “Cities of Military Glory”, each year there are eight different cities.
  9. In the Art series, coins were minted for the 100th anniversary of the Russian Museum, the 150th anniversary of the New Hermitage, the 150th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery, the 225th anniversary of the Bolshoi Theater and the 250th anniversary of the Art Academy.
  10. Commemorative coins were created in the “Russian Federation” section, marking Moscow, 20 regions, 15 republics, 3 territories, as well as the Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts and the Jewish Autonomous Region.

commemorative coins of Russia 2017

Commemorative Coins of Russia - 2017

This year 59 commemorative coins were issued in various editions. Of them:

  • Two gold investment coins dedicated to the 2018 world soccer championship.
  • 42 silver coins dedicated to outstanding personalities of Russia, architectural monuments, the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the diamond fund of Russia and others.
  • 15 coins from simple metals of various subjects.

list of commemorative coins of Russia

A complete list of commemorative coins of Russia, starting in 1992, can be found in the database of the same name of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


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