Step aerobics for beginners: general information

Step aerobics classes are very popular today. The fact is that this area of ​​fitness is considered very useful for the body as a whole. First of all, it perfectly affects health, improves mood, strengthens tread strength, and also helps to keep the body in shape. And this is communication with like-minded people and the opportunity to make new friends.

aerobics classes
The presented sports equipment can be dealt even by children and elderly people. All exercises are conducted to rhythmic music. Almost every step requires a special platform stand. Step aerobics for beginners is a kind of sport combined with dancing. Step height is determined by the level of physical fitness of the person. If you first attended such a lesson, then your step will be minimal.

For an untrained beginner, the duration of the complex of exercises should not be more than 20 minutes. After some time, classes increase to an hour. The standard lesson for a person who first came to the gym consists of several exercises with different intensities. In this case, the power load should be replaced by a cardiological one.

step aerobics for beginners
Step aerobics for beginners is an excellent method for eliminating extra pounds, strengthening the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, accelerating metabolism. However, it is undesirable for people with angina pectoris, arthritis of the joints of the legs, diseases of the spine, hypertension, varicose veins.

It should be noted that this type of fitness uses only natural human movements. Therefore, you can do step aerobics even on home steps. For higher training efficiency, you can use additional shells, namely dumbbells. Basic step aerobics for beginners allows you to learn the basic movements that will help you move on to more difficult combinations of exercises.

Step aerobics lessons for beginners
If you have never practiced such a sport, then you need to start in the gym with an instructor. Naturally, you should go there only with the permission of the doctor. You can do it separately with a trainer or in a special group. Step aerobics for beginners is carried out several times a week. The maximum duration of one lesson does not exceed 45 minutes in the first stage. For physically stronger people, classes can be held up to 5 times a week.

It should be noted that step aerobics lessons for beginners can be easily repeated even at home. To do this, you just need to visit several master classes and remember the basic movements. Periodically, you will be able to add new exercises. However, this should be done only after you have learned the previous movements well. At home, you can use ordinary steps, a bench, or even a small, sturdy drawer. However, for more serious exercises, it is better to purchase a step platform that can change height and is designed specifically for fitness.

That's all the main points of this technique. Now it only remains to enroll in a gym and enjoy attending aerobics classes.


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