Andrei Nikitin: photo, biography of Nikitin Andrei Sergeevich

Andrey Nikitin - General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and LLC Ruskompozit Management Company. This is a famous politician. He has worked in many senior positions at Steklonit.


Nikitin Andrei Sergeevich, whose biography is described in this article, was born on November 26, 1979 in Moscow. But until the age of sixteen he lived not in the capital, but in the Chelyabinsk region, in the city of Miass. His father worked for UralAz as the deputy head of the press and body shop. Now he is engaged in the purchase of used equipment, its repair and subsequent sale. Andrei Sergeyevich’s grandfather (on the mother’s side) lives in the suburbs of Moscow, at his dacha.

Andrei Nikitin


After school, he entered the State University of Management (GUU). He graduated in 2001. Then he immediately entered graduate school. In 2006, he defended his Ph.D. and became a candidate of economic sciences. In 2007, he graduated from Stockholm School of Economics, taking advanced training courses and receiving an EMBA degree.


Andrei Nikitin began his career, while still studying at GUU. Engaged in his own business. And from 2000 to 2001. was deputy director of Block Black LLC. Then he began to work as deputy director general for development at Teremok-Russian pancakes LLC. But in 2002, he transferred to Neftegazinvest CJSC as a director of the development department.

In 2002, Andrey Nikitin acquired OAO Steklonit. The company has been manufacturing fiberglass. At this time, the board of directors of CJSC Neftegazinvest headed Fakhretdinov. Until 2003, Nikitin worked as the general director of the Trading House of JSC Steklonita. After a short time, he temporarily left his post, moving to KSI LLC. He worked there until 2004. Then he returned to TD Steklonit OJSC to his previously occupied position.

Nikitin Andrey Sergeevich

From 2007 to 2009 He was the CEO of Glasson Management. In 2008 - General Director of Tverstekloplastik. In 2009, he moved to the same position at Ruscomposite. Then the company was sold to a Cyprus company. And she has a stake in Steklonit.

It was noted that Ruskompozit has good relations with Gazprom, Lukoil, Russian Railways and a number of other companies. Profitability of the companies in which Andrey Nikitin worked, has significantly increased.


In 2011, a new autonomous non-profit organization ASI appeared. Its goal is to support new medium-sized business projects. Applications for the deputy director of the organization filed 2400 people. But according to the results, only 25 were selected. The contestants complained that many were “VIP rooms”.

At the end of the summer, a deputy leader was announced. It turned out to be Andrei Sergeevich Nikitin. According to media reports, Delovaya Rossiya lobbied for this position.

Andrey Nikitin Director General, Agency for Strategic Initiatives

These data were also confirmed by ASI President B. Titov. A. Nikitin’s deputies were A. Avetisyan, D. Peskov and the heads of the educational institution V. Yablonsky. After receiving a new position on Ruskompozit, Andrei Nikitin spoke of the past stage. Nevertheless, he continued to work in this company.

The new leadership of ASI said that the organization, acting as a “piggy bank”, does not have real money for the state budget. Nikitin, on the sources of financing, presented information that these would be funds from big business. The existing development institutions were supposed to give money.

It was planned that ASI would be paid one hundred million rubles as gratuitous assistance from VTB. And then the agency will live on sponsorship funds, which, presumably, should be received approximately two hundred million rubles each year. In 2012, data appeared in the media that five hundred million rubles would be allocated from the state budget for ASI.

Andrey Nikitin photo

The down payment was to be the building in which ASI will be housed. But the Federal Property Management Agency offered options that did not suit the agency. Therefore, the allocated money partially went to rent the building. And part of the funds was supposed to go to support educational and social programs.

Social work

Andrei Nikitin, whose photo is in this article, is a member of Business Russia. He was the head of the committees for the manufacture of composite materials and youth entrepreneurship. He coordinated the project “Quality of Russian Roads”.

In 2011, he signed an agreement with Rosmolodezh, headed by V. Yakemenko. By agreement, the company was supposed to support young professionals. Andrey Sergeyevich’s company also became a partner of the Seliger-2011 forum. Nikitin is a member of:

  • Presidium of the Council engaged in the modernization of the economy and innovative development of the Russian Federation.
  • The Commission under the President of Russia on the reserve of managers and public service.
  • Presidium of the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects.
  • Supervisory Board of the Development Funds of Single-industry towns and industry.

Andrei Nikitin wrote and published 6 scientific papers. Constantly participates in various conferences, seminars and round tables. He is an assistant professor at the Institute of RANEPA. I received thanks from the President of the Russian Federation. He was awarded the medal "For Merit to the Fatherland" of the second degree.

Nikitin Andrey Sergeevich biography

Personal life

Nikitin Andrey Sergeevich is married. They live with their spouse in a two-room apartment. My wife owns a BMW car. She works as an obstetrician-gynecologist at a state hospital. Periodically on duty in the emergency room. Nikitins have no children yet.


Andrei Sergeevich often gives his work a weekend. But sometimes she goes to the cinema and meets with friends. Occasionally, when work allows you to finally take a real day off, likes to go to his grandfather to the country. There he walks through the woods. And sometimes she just relaxes while lying in a hammock.

Andrei Sergeyevich traveled to Australia with his wife on New Year's. In winter, the married couple prefers to travel to distant countries, developing their horizons, although vacation is rarely obtained. Nikitin loves to eat deliciously, says to himself that he is a real gourmet. He is very interested in history, especially likes to read literature about Ancient Rome and Byzantium. He also reads journalistic and scientific literature.


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