How can I make wooden gates with my own hands?

If the theater begins with a hanger, then a country estate begins with a wicket. This door in the fence attracts attention first of all, and by its appearance a person has the impression of what may be hidden behind it. Today, most owners of cottages outside the city prefer to make gates with their own hands. Fortunately, the construction market offers a wide range of materials for their manufacture and decoration.

do-it-yourself gates

Before you make a gate with your own hands, you should choose the material from which it will be made, develop a drawing and stock up with the necessary tools. These small doors can be of several types:

  • Solid - have a completely closed surface, without cracks and gaps. They are great as a continuation of a solid, blank fence.
  • Open - such gates with their own hands are most often made from a picket fence connected by a support diagonally.
  • Forged - made of metal. Equally suitable for both access to the garden and external entrance to the courtyard.
  • Trellised. They consist of diamond-shaped cells and are used for decoration in a country style.
  • To exit to the garden often make wicker gates. They are ideally suited to fences like "matting".

how to make a do-it-yourself wicket

The most popular among our compatriots are similar wood products. Many believe that this is the easiest option for making a door in the fence. Let's take a closer look at how you can make wooden gates with your own hands.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of such a door, you need to carefully process the tree and soak it with special moisture-protective agents. Then you need to assemble the frame. To do this, with the help of brass planks, you need to connect the boards, for rigidity you should nail a metal plate at the corners of the joints. Then fasten the hinges to the support bar. The next step in creating a gate with your own hands will be the manufacture of a strut, which should also be fixed on a metal plate. On the finished frame, you should fill the boards, corner ones need to be fixed using self-tapping screws. It is important when installing the boards to carefully check the level to prevent roll of the product. The final step will be the installation of a valve and a wicket handle. By the way, the door lock can be built by attaching a metal corner to the support pillar.

Determine the dimensions of the future gate and think through its project before making a fence with your own hands. As you can see, it is not difficult to make such a door, it remains only to decorate it a little. For example, nearby you can plant beautiful climbing plants: clematis, wild grapes , etc. For this, you need to pull a fishing line or thread along which to shoot young shoots. Entwined with flowering plants, your gate will perfectly fit into the rustic style of the site.

how to make a fence do it yourself

Doors with weathercocks and spiers mounted on them look very nice. Figures can be cut with a jigsaw and decorated with carvings or painted with acrylic paints.

You can decorate the gate with the original pen or curly heck: these elements can easily be matched in retro style.

There are many ways to decorate a fence and a wicket. Everything will depend only on your imagination.


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