HR specialist (Human Resource): features of the profession and the necessary qualities

Today, such an employee as an HR specialist will be presented to your attention. This person plays an important role in the employment of any citizen. And, most likely, you did not suspect that you had ever communicated with him. What is a hiring manager? What qualities should he have? Does his profession have features, and if so, which ones? About all this - further.

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Recruitment is an important point in employment. Without it, you can’t "screen out" inappropriate candidates. So, the managers who are involved in this business are really extremely important.

An HR specialist is the person who will interview you. He works in recruiting agencies that help to select suitable job seekers for particular companies. That is, we can say that we are dealing with an employee who is looking for and accepting others for work. In principle, it may seem that this lesson does not have any features. Moreover, if you are interested in HR (work), then you can easily do this business.

In fact, this is not entirely true. After all, the profession of our today has many tasks, goals and features. About them remains to be learned further. A special role is played by the personal qualities of the employee.

What does

But first, what does this employee do? A recruiting agency, as already mentioned, selects employees for further employment. So, the corresponding manager will carry out the same activities. In what sense?

Nowadays, it is the responsibility of an HR specialist to place advertisements for finding new employees in an organization. This applies to both the Internet and paper publications. So, having settled here, you should be ready to write and publish announcements.

staff recruitment

Recruitment also includes communication with potential applicants. You will play the role of a guide that explains the features of work in a particular organization. Something like a manager consultant.

Conducting and appointing interviews is another feature that a specialist in personnel services must observe. In some cases, you simply make an appointment, and the conversation is carried out by another person, but most often the same person does it.

The motivation of employees to work, as well as the development of an employee development system, also falls on the shoulders of an HR specialist. It turns out that everything that can only concern the staff, their work, as well as the "screening" of unsuitable candidates - all this is the concern of a specialist in the personnel service.

Who to study for

What does it take to get a job as a given employee? Higher education. Although, as practice shows, lately it’s enough to have some list of personal qualities to be accepted. You can do without higher education, but its presence will give you a huge advantage over competitors.

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Who and where can I go? Honestly, any direction related to the public, as well as management and tourism, is suitable. Some universities have a specialty - an HR specialist. She is called that. Most often, you should pay attention to the direction of "Public Relations".

Thus, for your superiors, in fact, the chosen specialty does not play a role if it is at least somehow connected with society or management. In any case, the necessary knowledge will be provided to you. A recruiting agency (any) pays more attention to the personal qualities that our current employee should possess. What is it about?


The first and most important feature on our list is sociability. The head of the HR department, and any employee who is engaged in the selection of personnel, should not be a misanthrope. Only a sociable and open person can predispose the applicant to a dialogue, convey important information to him and not frighten him.

In principle, friendliness can also be included here. If at the interview a potential applicant sees a manager who is constantly tense, sits with a stone face, and even communicates concisely and rudely, then the general impression of the corporation spoils. Sometimes even too much. Only an open, communicative and friendly person can achieve success in HR. Personnel selected by such a citizen, as a rule, really meet the requirements of the employer.

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Stress resistance

Next is resistance to stress, restraint. Without this trait, you are unlikely to succeed in the field of recruitment. Why? Communicating with people is good. Only when it is constant, and even with different personalities, will stress be noticeable immediately. It’s not nice to talk to everyone, not everyone has it.

In addition, the choice of employees for the corporation is a responsible occupation. And it, of course, also affects the nervous system. The bottom line is stress to deal with. After all, an HR specialist must always be open, friendly and restrained. High responsibility also plays a role here - in fact, you decide who will work in the corporation and who will not. This is not an easy decision!

People subject to mild excitability and nervous breakdowns will never succeed here. Firstly, communication with applicants will begin to strain, and secondly, finding the right candidates each time will be more and more difficult. It will affect your career.


Do not forget that the HR specialist must be not only responsive and restrained, but also inventive, active. Ideally, the recruitment manager is a zinger in the company. He always develops some kind of motivational concept, manages to correctly select new applicants to the company, and also conducts competent training of personnel.

hr staff

Lack of creativity, in principle, is not so scary. Over time, if you have other qualities, learn everything. The main thing is to have motivation for this. Then and only then will it be possible to achieve a certain result.

Business Communication and Psychology

Often, ordinary friendliness is not enough to build a competent dialogue. Therefore, very often an HR specialist should have business communication skills. And, of course, to have some kind of knowledge in the field of psychology.

Such employees select staff very well. They are the ones who achieve success and career advancement in the shortest possible time. Often you have to somehow lure applicants, embellish reality. This should be done taking into account the psychology of man, so that he does not guess about deception. Otherwise, you will lose all job seekers.

Psychology and business communication skills come to the rescue. With them, work in the field of personnel selection will seem to you a complete pleasure. Especially if you like to manipulate people. By the way, sociology also does not hurt to know. The more you know about people and the structure of their nervous and psycho-emotional system, the better.

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The last thing that an HR specialist requires is the ability to work in a team. Not a panacea, but special attention is paid to this moment. In particular, in those cases when your responsibilities include not only arranging interviews and developing training, but also directly supporting the probationary period for applicants.

In principle, if you do not like to work in a team - it does not matter. In practice, an HR specialist manages all his duties independently. And he is in contact with society often, but in proportion. Usually during interviews and during training. Or with some motivational programs.

HR specialist

But if you are nervous and do not know how to process a lot of information in a short time - this is a disaster. Then you should not work as an HR specialist. As you can see, this profession is available to everyone and everyone. And basically the requirements for candidates are formed only in relation to personal qualities. The activities also have a lot of features, but they seem to us so familiar! Recruiting is a job for purposeful, positive and active people!


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