BitTorrent Protocol. How to increase torrent speed?

Many Internet users know that downloading various files, especially large volumes, sometimes presents certain difficulties - low speed, cliffs, lack of the possibility of resuming (in free mode on file hosting), etc.

Fortunately, technology does not stand still and today various methods of file sharing are developed, implemented and widely used all over the world, characterized by stability, good speed, and independence from the stability of the Internet channel. One of the best solutions in this aspect is downloading via torrent - a very common way to get the right content on the Global Network today . Below, an attempt will be made to understand what a torrent is, and it will also be described how to increase the download speed of a torrent and how to increase the upload speed of a torrent.

So, the word torrent - comes from the name of the protocol through which the file is exchanged - BitTórrent, which is a peer-to-peer network protocol designed for cooperative data exchange through the global network.

A feature of the torrent protocol is the fact that files are transferred in parts, that is, each torrent client, upon receipt (download) of these parts, simultaneously transfers them (uploads) to other clients. This allows you to reduce the load, as well as dependence on a particular client source. In addition, data redundancy is provided.

The protocol was created by Bram Cohen, who was the first to write a torrent client in Python 4 - “BitTorrent”. This happened in April 2001, and on July 2 of the same year, the first version of the application was launched.

During the existence of the protocol, many other client applications were created for exchanging data via the BitTorrent protocol, which today successfully operate in millions of PCs.

Many users who use torrent clients would like to know how to increase the speed of the torrent, that is, make the files download and upload faster. Why is this needed? Well, with the download everything is clear - the faster the desired file is received, the better, but with the return? Many do not understand why to give, and even try to ensure that the information goes away as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the impact in the operation of the torrent protocol is no less important than the download, because only because the principle of "downloaded-gave" the functioning of torrent trackers is generally possible. I think it is clear that the more people distribute a file, and the faster this happens, the easier it is to download it to everyone. Many torrent trackers even set a restriction for users, which is based on the so-called ratio - the ratio of the amount of downloaded information to the amount of information sent. The more ratios, the better, and if this indicator drops below a certain mark, the user is limited in the download speed, or the ability to receive files is disabled completely until the required ratio is restored. That is why, knowing how to increase the speed of a torrent is extremely important.

In fact, there are not so many answers to the question of how to increase the speed of a torrent, you should only take into account the following aspects:

  1. It should be remembered that the download speed directly depends on the speed of the tariff plan, according to which access to the Global Network is carried out. How to increase torrent speed? Just switch to a tariff plan that provides a higher speed than at the moment. Do not forget that the provider indicates the speed in kilobits, while downloading from a torrent is characterized by a speed in kilobytes - 8 times less in quantitative terms. In order to find out the maximum possible download speed, it is necessary to divide the speed declared by the provider by 8.
  1. The second important point in terms of download speed is the number of users who distribute files (seeds) and the number of users who download (peers). It is clear that the more seeds and the fewer peers, the faster the peers download the file and become sids.
  2. The third important point for the download speed is the application client settings. To increase the speed, you can check the settings, and specifically, is there a limit on the speed of distribution and loading. You can learn more about this in the help system of the torrent client. Basically, these settings are entered in the "Client Settings", as well as "Speed ​​Settings" sections.

We hope that the above helped you understand how to increase the speed of a torrent.


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