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Now bloggers are experiencing a surge in popularity. Interest in television cools down due to strict censorship and restrictions, but people still have a desire to watch videos. The YouTube beauty segment, along with the humorous one of the most popular. Those who watch YouTube channels on this topic are unlikely to have even heard a glimpse of Irene Vladi. Who is she and how did she distinguish herself as a person and a blogger?

Izotova Irina

Irene Vladi is a pseudonym. Her real name is Irina Vladimirovna Izotova. She really loved her father, whose name was Vladimir. The abbreviation on his behalf or her middle name is part of her pseudonym - Vlad. Well, the name Irina was transformed into Irene for harmony.

irene possess

Irina was born on February 18, 1979 in Uralsk, but today lives in Moscow. By education, a psychologist, but by profession has not been working for a long time. From 2008 to 2015, she worked on the O2TV channel, in the video editing department. Now, most likely, she has completely devoted herself to blogging.

Channel History

The channel, which is called "Secrets of Irene Vladi," she has been leading since 2011. At the end of 2017, it had a little more than 250 thousand subscribers. This, in principle, is a lot, but this is not the best result in its field. For example, top beauty bloggers such as Lizaonair, Koffkathecat, and Elena864 each have 500,000 followers. And the Estonianna beauty blogger is 750 thousand subscribers at all.

She decided to start her blog on YouTube for one simple reason: working on television, she was very afraid of the camera. Standing face to face with her fear, she defeated him and now she is standing in front of the camera easily and naturally. But now, judging by how much time he devotes to his blog, this has also become her main way of earning. Oddly enough this sounds, but having so many subscribers you can quite comfortably exist even in the capital's realities.

Channel concept

Her channel is dedicated to the preservation of beauty and youth by natural means. On it, she leads the promotion of natural care and cosmetics, which is not tested on animals. She purchases or takes a look at various cosmetic or detergents and gives them detailed reviews. Irene Vladi is categorically against anti-aging injections and claims that her appearance is the result of natural care and professional facial massage.

irene vladi reviews

If she has a unique experience in a slightly different field, Irene will definitely share it with subscribers. For a time, she becomes a travel blogger and reviews hotels and tourist spots. If faced with losing weight in your life, then be sure to share secrets. Often topics about repairing and purchasing goods for homes slip through the video. The theme of home comfort is also close to Irene. Gives advice on gender relations and the role of women in the family.

Irene Vladi is especially fond of oils. It was with this topic that she began her videos, and she knows the most about oils. Irene believes that with the help of properly selected oil, you can improve your mood, cure diseases, maintain youth and beauty.

Irene Vladi about youth

Since she is far beyond 30, all her self-care is aimed at preserving youth. She advises which creams to use, how to apply them. Talks a lot about facial massage, but against face-fitness, now popular. Facial massage Irene considers a full-fledged alternative to popular beauty injections. She herself has not used them yet and, as she says, does not plan. On the video, Irina can be given about 30 years old, which is actually not much less than her real age. But her girlish figure and grooming are striking.

Iren Own Nasiki

Recently, she began to hold paid seminars and webinars called "PRO youth", where she shares all the secrets of how to prolong youth.


The special pride of Irene Vladi is hair. A few years ago, she set out to grow healthy, thick ringlets along her lower back, and she succeeded. According to her, she followed the following principles:

  • combed only with natural wood combs;
  • did not use shampoos with silicones;
  • made oil-based masks;
  • combed about once a week with combs, the rest of the time with fingers;
  • cut the minimum of the tips, twisting them into flagella;
  • did not affect the hair with any thermal devices.

about iren possess

She considers coconut oil for moisturizing and Bay essential oil for hair growth to be the most effective means. Actually, bay oil is laurel oil, but of a special kind. The recipe itself is very simple, the most difficult is to find the bay oil itself . A couple of hours before washing, apply the following mixture to dirty hair:

  • 2-3 drops of bay oil;
  • 30 ml of base oil.

After application, wrap the hair in a film, and wrap a towel on top. According to her, soon a new "undercoat" will begin to grow. Many who have tried this mask, note a positive effect, but focus on the fact that not everyone can tolerate the pungent smell of oil without nausea.

Beauty Boxes

Irina's tips are popular, and so she decided to launch her boxed service. Similar services came to Russia relatively recently. The essence of such a service is that the buyer acquires an already assembled set of cosmetics and accessories. In such boxes you can find both full-size versions and trial ones. Iren usually puts the following items in his boxes:

  • cosmetic bags;
  • creams;
  • honey;
  • accessories for aromatic procedures;
  • combs;
  • hair care products;
  • aroma oils.

New boxes are produced once a season. For example, in December you can buy winter. It itself is made in winter design, and inside it there are funds that are useful in winter. There are thematic boxes, such as lavender or coffee. Some boxed services retain the intrigue of what is inside, but Irene Vladi has no intrigue, and the contents can be found immediately on the site. You can do this, as well as purchase a box in her Prokrasivosti online store, in the Beautybox section. In addition to beauty boxes, you can buy natural cosmetics there.


On his channel, Irene Vladi does not accept any criticism or discussion of her personal life. Any comment that she does not like immediately entails its removal, or even blocking the user who left him. Therefore, on the YouTube channel Irene Vladi, it is impossible to discuss her as a person, point out flaws in the video or express a point of view that is opposite to her views.

anti irene hold

It was with the aim of discussing the above topics, but about another well-known blogger - Valeria Lukyanova, the forum was created. Valeria called herself a goddess, hence the name of the forum. When Lukyanova found out about this forum, she was furious and called all the participants “insects” (spelling preserved). The forum participants were so amused by this mistake that they began to call themselves “insects,” or abbreviated as “insurgents,” the topic devoted to the subject under discussion was the “chamber,” and the subjects themselves were called “patients.” Now the forum has more than a hundred discussed in this vein bloggers.

There is a topic on it dedicated to Irene Vladi, and it is one of the most active. She annoys so many. The main claims of the "nasiks" to Irene Vladi:

  1. The channel is too commercial, and the advertising is veiled.
  2. Hypocrisy, behind a sweet smile hides a man who hates criticism of himself in any manifestation.
  3. Lies a lot. Regarding her husband, apartment, advertising, etc.
  4. Inconsistent in advice and contradicts itself.
  5. Exploits the image of a cute girl, although this is neither externally nor internally.
  6. Vocabulary.
  7. The love of naturalness is just an image. When she is not removed at presentations, she takes any makeup, even with silicones, she says to her relatives.

Those who watched her channel carefully will agree that most of the claims are justified. But whether they are an occasion to hate and condemn a person, everyone decides for himself.

Some kind of forum are VKontakte groups, the so-called antics. A similar group is also dedicated to Ira, and it is called "Anti Irene Vladi". Irina herself speaks very harshly about these groups, believing that such activity is disgusting and illegal.

Blog show

For a while, namely from May 2013 to December 2014, Irene was the host of her own program called “Blog Show”. Issues were broadcast on her native channel O2TV, after which they were uploaded to the YouTube channel BlogShowIrenVladi. The concept of the show was this: Irene invites beauty bloggers and conducts a conversation with them in the studio on the topic of beauty. The following top bloggers visited the show:

  • MissBeautyrella.
  • Lizaonair.
  • Elena864.
  • Estonianna.
  • Naffy9999.
  • Karina Barbie.
  • Tanya Rybakova.
  • Kate Clapp.
  • Koffkathecat.

In addition to them, YouTube bloggers of a smaller scale also visited, such as Lipka1000, KateLi0n, Niveaaaaa1, Katerina Kazak, GaleineBlogPost, NionilaBronstein, TheKrasavishna.

irene hold oil

Irene managed to cover almost all the beauty bloggers that were popular at the time of the show, which, as the organizer and presenter, puts her in a very favorable light.

Suddenly, the release of new issues without explanation for any reason stopped. All questions about the show remain unanswered. Apparently, all topics were discussed, and the transfer has become obsolete, or funding has stopped due to a low rating.

Personal life

In her videos, Irene Vladi never showed her man or relatives, but she often mentions mom and husband. But many doubt the existence of a husband. There is a version that her husband was never and he was invented so that she would not be tormented by questions, why at 38 she was not married yet.

irene vladi about youth

But there is another version that the husband was, but they have not lived together for quite some time. The alleged spouse's name is Alexander Gennadievich Morozov. He is 6 years older than Irina, and they met back in 1997, while working at the bank. He was chairman of the board of directors and general director of O2TV television channel. This view is reinforced by the fact that in one of her videos dedicated to the review of her room, a photograph flashed, similar to the photo of the spouses, her and a certain man. Curious viewers, having enlarged the freeze frame, identified in it the aforementioned Alexander Morozov. Ira herself did not make official statements about her husband’s personality, she simply put the audience before the fact: there is a husband, but I won’t show him in the video.


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