Lump chocolate: varieties, selection and application

Chocolate is a favorite treat of many. It is so different that everyone can choose something according to their individual taste, for example, milk chocolate for sweet tooth, and bitter - for true connoisseurs. Much of the taste of chocolate depends on its composition, the integrity of the manufacturer, price. We all know tiled chocolate, which we see daily on store shelves, but there is also lump chocolate. What is the difference?

Chocolate bar composition

In fact, the difference is huge. As a rule, the composition is radically different, because in the production of real chocolate, unnecessary additives such as lecithin, emulsifiers, herbal additives and substitutes are not used. Thus, the predominant component of chocolate is cocoa butter, sugar and grated cocoa. Further, manufacturers add ingredients depending on what kind of product they want to get at the output.

ground chocolate

So, milk is added to milk chocolate, natural colors are added to colored chocolate, sometimes various types of cocoa beans are used, which gives the treat a special taste. And while chocolate by weight is more expensive than tiled, this price is justified - its quality is always at its best.


Like regular bar chocolate, weight chocolate can be different. The classic is considered milk, dark and bitter - they are found everywhere. Further, each manufacturer can come up with his own unique recipe, which will be in demand and attract buyers. There are a great many amazing tastes, ranging from fruit and color to any extravagant tastes, so to speak, "for everybody." Therefore, absolutely anyone can find real chocolate to their taste.

varieties of weight chocolate

It may differ in the form in which it is sold. You can buy chocolate in a large block, the mass of which can reach several kilograms. Sell ​​it and in pieces, according to the name. There are packages of chocolate biscuits that are convenient to use for melting and decoration. Also, any candy store will certainly have unusual chocolate figures that catch the eye of customers.

How to choose

Unfortunately, in Russia the production of bulk chocolate has not yet been established, and European confectionery factories are rightfully considered the best on the market. Inexperienced customers who first come to a specialty store often have their eyes flashed. I want to buy literally everything at once! But even if the chocolate is branded, and the store is proven, do not rush, because fakes, alas, are not uncommon. In addition, even in the production of high-quality chocolate, some manufacturers may not be shy and still violate the integrity of the composition of some harmful additive. The first thing you should immediately pay attention to is appearance. The tile or piece should be a little shiny and smooth, but in the cut - perfectly matte, with irregularities.

chocolate bar

It is worth noting the absence of white plaque, which appears during the careless storage of bulk chocolate. In the store you can learn something about the composition. To do this, it is necessary to break off a piece from the block that you liked by type (of course, if the store allows this). The sonorous crunch speaks of the use of natural cocoa butter, but the "plasticine" consistency suggests the opposite. Also a bad sign is crumbling chocolate. The most effective way to say about the quality of a treat is to try it. A quality product really melts in your mouth, its taste and texture instantly tell you about the composition.


Like any other product, chocolate has individual storage conditions. First you need to pay attention to the shelf life. Usually the minimums are indicated on the package. As a rule, lump chocolate is not stored for more than a year, the terms depend on the additives and the amount of cocoa: the smaller it is, the shorter the shelf life. But with proper storage, a small delay will not be harmful to health. Chocolate should be stored in some packaging or foil, kept in a dark place away from sources of strong odors, such as spices. The optimum temperature is 17-20 degrees. Confectionery is not recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, as this contributes to the appearance of white plaque.


Of course, first of all, lump chocolate is used directly as a treat. But this is not all that it is designed for. It is used in chocolate fountains, decorating homemade cakes. Chocolate makes the most diverse amazing figures, flat and voluminous, up to whole statues! The main thing is simply to give scope for imagination, a way to use this amazing delicacy will certainly be found.

chocolate application


As already mentioned, the best chocolate is considered to be the production of European confectionery factories. Among them, the Belgian-French company Barry Callebaut holds an honorable first place.

barry callabout

Initially, the company specialized only in the production of dark chocolate, but over time it began to introduce new tastes and recipes, spreading them around the world. At the moment, their range is very wide. Conveniently, the Barry Callebout chocolate company can be bought both in small quantities and in whole blocks weighing several kilograms. Another Belgian company, Carma, competes with them, which also provides an assortment of different weight categories. No less famous concern "Cacao Barry" (Cacao Barry). He is distinguished by a creative approach to creating products, because chocolate is produced under geographical names, which depend on the variety of cocoa beans used.

Thus, lumpy chocolate is a godsend for discerning customers and just big chocolate lovers. In addition, its natural composition makes it healthy. But even in the case of such an amazing delicacy, like chocolate, it is important not to overdo it! It is really useful, but in moderation.


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