Developer "Urban Group": reviews. "Urban Group": myths and reality

Real estate is one of the most progressive markets not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Take a look around - how many new buildings are being built every year in your city! For the capital, this is generally a real problem associated with the lack of free space and the constant construction going around.

This indicates that housing in such facilities is in demand, people buy apartments in these houses, and the business of developers is booming. This can be confirmed by numerous reviews.

Urban Group is a company engaged in the construction and commissioning of real estate near Moscow. She will be devoted to today's article, in which we will tell not only about the activities of the group itself, but also about work in the company, based on feedback from employees.

general information

reviews of "Urban Group"

To begin with, we will generally characterize this company, talk about its activities and the results that it managed to achieve. On the market "Urban Group" (reviews confirm this, there are people working here from its very foundation) has been present for about 7 years. During this time, the company managed to completely deliver on time four residential complexes consisting of several apartment buildings.

Several types of business function in the group at once, thus, the entire process of housing sales is vertically integrated. The company independently produces building materials, performs design work, has its own fleet of equipment necessary for the construction.

Also on the official website in the “Reviews” section, “Urban Group” indicates some of its partners. First of all, these are the largest Russian banks VTB24 and Sberbank, which credit the construction process. Here you can also see information about a number of international awards, which were awarded to the company's construction facilities.

Ready complexes

As part of the writing of this article, it was interesting to see reviews about already-sold housing. "Urban Group" has already passed 4 residential complexes, at the moment work is underway on the construction of two more. People who live in their apartments built by this developer write completely different comments. Some residents, of course, are delighted with their new apartments and are simply happy to live here. There are people who complain that they tried to deceive them, lured extra money for an allegedly increased area of ​​the apartment or for some other issues. There are even such reviews, “Urban Group” in which it is presented as a fraudulent company that creates the appearance of construction. In fact, its activities, according to them, are aimed at “laundering” money and “divorcing” clients. This was the reason for several scandals around this developer.

Complex "Opaliha"

"Urban Group" reviews

One of the pride, if you believe the "portfolio" of the company, is the residential complex "Opaliha O2." These are beautiful apartment buildings, which are partially commissioned. On the Internet there is a forum of residents of this complex, which highlights information about every detail, ranging from the areas of apartments and the location of houses to niches for air conditioning and the quality of decoration of window slopes. So, many residents complain about the work of the company "Urban Group". Reviews indicate that many engineering points promised earlier were not respected. For example, this is the thickness of the walls (instead of 200 mm it is only 130-140); quality of finish of slopes; niches for air conditioning systems; a line of fences around the house (which simply do not exist); problems with water supply and heating system.

All these points, if not key, then greatly spoil the reputation of the developer, since they significantly affect the life of the buyer of such real estate. As a result, there are already a number of groups on the Internet in social networks and on various sites dedicated to “exposing” the company. Negative reviews about the Urban Group company in large numbers are also posted here.

Group work

However, we managed to find some information about the work of the company as a whole. Yes, UG homes do give up, many on time. But there are a number of nuances that can spoil the picture of the activities of the builder as a whole. We will not dwell on them anymore, but move on to the issue of employment.

reviews about the company "Urban Group"

The developer "Urban Group", the reviews of which we are interested, is a large company - more than 2 thousand people work in it. Of course, this means that there are a lot of open vacancies that applicants can apply for.

You can find them on various sites with ads.


Having opened the category of specialties in which the company is interested, one can be somewhat surprised: there are not so many job vacancies as a plasterer painter, crane operator or construction equipment driver. It seems that people are being recruited to serve an advertising agency, and not a development group. It requires lawyers, marketers, PR specialists , managers, call center operators, accountants and other people who organize the sales chain. Obviously, this shows us the importance of marketing in how to present the product of the company’s work - residential complexes and apartment buildings.

On the other hand, it is surprising enough that a construction company is recruiting so many people to work in the office.

developer "Urban Group" reviews

Working conditions

The work in the Urban Group, the reviews we are looking for, is, as you see, not only in the maintenance of construction equipment and in the field. The lion's share of the work is performed by employees sitting in the central office and serving documentation, answering phone calls and creating production plans.

The description of the vacancies that we managed to find on the site contains information that people are required to work full time, mainly with experience in this field (at least 3-5 years, depending on the degree of responsibility of the employee) with higher education and skills in office programs MS Windows. The conditions, however, are not so bad, given that they pay here at the level of 40-50 thousand to junior staff (judging by the description of the vacancies on the site) with official employment and a full social package.

"Urban Group" employer reviews

Recommendations of employees of "Urban Group"

The reviews we found about the employer confirm that the working conditions here are not bad (in general). The company regularly pays salaries, the administration may make concessions to staff. There are some individual recommendations, which refer to the rudeness of the bosses and drunkenness of colleagues (we are talking about working at a construction site). There were also several reviews that many former prisoners work directly at the facilities, they say, there is no selection of personnel for the construction. However, most recommendations are still positive.

work in "Urban Group" reviews


The company "Urban Group", which was devoted to this article, is a major developer, leading its activities far from the first year. Several thousand people work in the ranks of the group - believe me, if the conditions here were really terrible, they would not have stayed for long.

Therefore, only a few shortcomings of the company that relate to construction can be noted negatively. If we talk about employment here, then the conditions are good, and the dynamics of the development of UG allows us to think about career growth and career advancement.


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